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    Nuno could be the answer

    I think most of us have questioned the effectiveness of having Lloris as captain. Other than when we're defending corners and free kick situations, he is not involved around the ball. Now that it looks like Hugo will be on his way at some point in the near future (guessing next summer at the latest), it will give Nuno the chance to appoint a more "Involved" player as captain. I've always believed that a defensive / holding midfielder to be the ideal position....Hojbjerg could very well be the ideal person.
  2. Sorry - I was just trying to help SCIFIN17YID who asked the question. I mean, at least he didn't have to scroll all the way to the top of the thread
  3. 3-1 to Spurs. Son, Dele (captain) and Moura with the goals. Whiteman between the sticks, conceded a penalty which he then saved.
  4. Defence looked dodgy as usual!
  5. Apparently they'll be showing the game against MK Dons next week on the main site for free aswell
  6. The official site https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/colchesterspurs210721/?utm_campaign=1870877_Pre-Season Colchester 210721&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Dotdigital&utm_term=Pre-Season&dm_i=444I,143KT,6CAY7P,52XB0,1
  7. Dier has been poor - missed 3 decent chances from corners early on, only to head over or wide. Winks - still bang average at best. Occasionally passes forwards, but anything over 5 yards inevitably ends up at oppositions feet. Dele - got a goal, nothing much else worth a mention. Skippy - looking really good, trying to pull all the strings, always looks to play positive. Bergwyn looked good early on with strength and pace down the left. Carter-Vickers, quite simply not good enough for any prem side, let alone Spurs.
  8. GPK

    EURO 2020

    Both Sancho and Rashford used stupid run ups - just hit the thing and make sure it is on target. Feel sorry for Saka, having to take the last and decisive penalty. Really impressed with the lad throughout the tournament [despite the obvious thing!]. Having got so much right up until tonight, Southgate then goes and blows it when it really mattered. Should have switched to 4-3-3 much earlier in the game, subs should have been made sooner, pen takers wrong - Kane should have been later in the order, not a couple of hoppy skippy guys that had only just been brought on and an 18 y/o lad. Progress? A little in the fact that we got to the final, but we had quite an easy route with facing a Germany team that have been in decline and a spirited Denmark team that had just run out of steam / ability.
  9. GPK

    Skippy's back like a new signing

    Hopefully more of the academy / youngsters will get more chances this year. We keep hearing about how highly some of them are rated (eg, Dane Scarlett), but over the past couple of years, they have hardly had a first team play. Obviously it would be foolish to just chuck a load of youngsters in the team straight away, but a well managed rotation of having 1 or 2 of them for most games would pay dividends in the end. And it shouldn't be just for the early stage cup games or games against supposed lesser opposition. I'm particularly excited to see how Tanganga, Scarlett and White do. I wouldn't class Skipp at that level - he has more experience both with us and Norwich, and I really do hope that he will become a mainstay in our midfield. Who else is there waiting for their chance to impress?
  10. GPK

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    Over here in the UK, many people regard gridiron/NFL as a sport for pussies as they were full body armour! I used to play for a team over here - Oxford Saints @ receiver and OLB, and loved every minute. Unfortunately injuries and age soon caught up with me. At one point we has an ex-Bears and LA Rams player (Steve Connor, DT) as our head coach. The game is still at amateur level and started to die off in the late 90's, but I believe there is a slight revival at the moment. There used to be a European professional league (NFL Europe) which included the London Monarchs, but sadly that ended in the late 2000's.
  11. GPK

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    Here's my theory.... Levy thinks that he's smart, because Spurs managed to get to CL final with minimal investment in the team. Now he's going one step further, wanting us to be the first team to reach the CL final without a manager!
  12. GPK

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    TFL (Tight Fisted Levy) probably has a question around "how would you intend improving the situation at Spurs?" Every time a candidate mentions the word "Spend", TFL puts a big fat red X against said candidate, next candidate please.... Problem is that we actually managed to scrape our way into a CL final with little to no investment, and TFL now believes that he's a genius and that is THE new way to success!
  13. GPK

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    I said this on another thread when at the time of sacking Jose.... "I know that Nagelsmann (RBL manager) has been touted as potential next manager, but I haven't heard Eddie Howe being mentioned. EH is supposedly off to Celtic, but I believe that has been dragging on for a while - maybe waiting to see what happens with Jose?" Well, the Howe / Celtic discussions finally broke down a week or so ago and Howe would be perfect for Levy - low cost, used to working on a very tight budget, overall nice guy, easy for Levy to control. Hopefully all the dream BS of getting a top quality manager will stop very soon and we can start focusing on realistic targets for the vacant manager position. Seriously guys, what top manager in the world would give second thought to working for Levy and his all too well known ways of operating. The guy is a tight fisted ****er and a complete pain in the backside to work with.
  14. Haven't had a chance to read all the posts yet, so not sure if this point has been made yet... Despite the result, how good was it to see fans back in the stadium. No fake TV recorded fan noise. Our lot gave the team excellent support - hardly heard anything from cities fans. Not as gutted as I thought I'd be - taking into consideration all the events of the past couple of weeks and Ryan being thrown in at the deep end with very little time to affect any real change. Did we really believe that we stood a chance against a world class team with a proven world class manager? Ref was terrible throughout, could / should have been 11 against 10 for a large amount of the game, but in reality it was 11 against 12.
  15. GPK

    Mou sacked

    As per my recent'ish post, I haven't been posting since Jose was appointed as manager - I just had a feeling that he would take us back in terms of progress and we would stop playing attractive, attacking football - pretty much the same as when that gooner took temporary charge. Well, now that he's gone I'll try and get into the habit of posting more often. I know that Nagelsmann (RBL manager) has been touted as potential next manager, but I haven't heard Eddie Howe being mentioned. EH is supposedly off to Celtic, but I believe that has been dragging on for a while - maybe waiting to see what happens with Jose? Roy Keane would be a good one to give everyone a good kick up the backside, but that won't happen.
  16. Haven't posted for a long time - probably getting on a year. Been so pissed off with JM that I couldn't be bothered to participate and decided that until he goes, I will stay away. Hopefully it wont be long now before I feel like starting to post again. Nothing more to add regarding tonight's game or how shit we have been under JM - I guess it's already all been said. FOJM!
  17. GPK

    Bournemouth V Spurs

    Is this JM’s fault or the players just not being arsed? Maybe the players are already on holiday? The whole season has been a joke. I’m surprised that we are not lower in the table the way that we have has so many lacklustre games, seemingly bereft of ideas when we get into the oppositions half. Always taking too many touches and too much time on the ball.
  18. GPK

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Manchester United

    The crowd sounds were overplayed by Sky. There was no crowd noise in the stadium for Wednesdays games. Not sure if it is going to remain that way. I think that they should play crowd noise for both teams, but with a bias towards the home team. I think that would encourage teams to play for the fans.
  19. GPK

    Man City banned!!!!

    Yes James, if the ban is not overturned, then 5th place gets into CL as confirmed on Sky Sports News.
  20. GPK

    FAC: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Southampton

    Can anyone explain why their keeper only got a yellow?
  21. GPK

    FAC: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Southampton

    Whilst Southampton deserve to at least be on level terms on their 1st half performance, their goal should have been ruled at. As Lloris pushes the ball out to Long, Ings is in an offside position and is impeding Lloris' view. Where the hell was VAR then?
  22. GPK

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Norwich City

    Dele very poor so far!
  23. GPK

    PL: TOTTENHAM v Liverpool

    I think that we'd all agree that on the whole, the performance today was probably one of the best efforts this season (except for the wasted chances on goal). Was really impressed with young Tanganga's performance for his debut PL game. Fingers crossed that Jose believes in the guy and that he will be given plenty more chances to prove himself over the coming weeks. If we are to continue with playing 3 CB 's, then give Sess a good run of games at LWB / LM
  24. GPK

    PL: TOTTENHAM v Brighten & Hove Albion

    Sissoko & Winks obviously didn't fancy playing 2 games in 2 days!
  25. GPK


    I've said it every one of our games that Antony Taylor has reffed - he is one of the worst refs around at the moment. I couldn't believe my ears when the commentators were saying that he is one of the elite refs in the PL along with Michael Oliver! WTF? Oliver IMHO is the best ref in the league by far and most of the rest are WAY behind him.