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  1. DJStuG

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Liverpool

    My team : Lloris Walker Toby Wimmer Rose Alli Jan Lamela Eriksen N'Jie Kane Yes, Jan as DM - he plays there for Belgium on occasion, so why not?
  2. DJStuG

    Our prayers are answered

    Shame, he speaks highly of you.
  3. DJStuG

    Europa Cup: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs FC Dnipro

    We're at home first on 13th March.
  4. I was surprised to see him on the pitch tonight. I thought he was given a life sentence with no chance of parole only yesterday?
  5. DJStuG

    Europa Cup: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs FC Dnipro

    Piss poor amount of analysis at the end by ITV! Not even an interview from Sherwood!! Shocking!
  6. DJStuG

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Cardiff City

    Lloris Walker Kaboul Vertonghen Fryers Lennon Dembele Sandro Eriksen Soldado Adebayor Sandro has to start in my opinion. Also,Soldado showed enough tonight to warrant being picked for this match. I think things will turn for him if he keeps getting in there. Townsend is shit and could do with a stint in the reserves. Hopefully the crowd will get behind the team like they did tonight - it's been a long time since I've heard an atmosphere like that at the Lane. Oh, and we'll win 3-0
  7. DJStuG

    Van gaal

    AVB is available.
  8. DJStuG

    going forward

    As was Sandro. And Bale, more so. Hazard took a long while to hit his current form for Chelsea too. I'm clinging to the hope that some of our new signings will hit those heights too, one day lol
  9. DJStuG

    PL: Norwich City vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Lloris Naughton Kaboul Vertonghen Rose Walker Dembele Bentaleb Eriksen Paulinho Adebayor
  10. DJStuG


    Our "howling" doesn't hurt either ... I'm pretty sure he doesn't use this message board.
  11. DJStuG

    Europa Cup: FC Dnipro vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    If he has ever wondered why he doesn't get picked. Theres his answer.
  12. DJStuG

    Pubs with atmosphere

    What's the Billy Nic like for a match?
  13. DJStuG

    Let's Hear it For Tim! Extend His Contract!

    I think Tim's doing a great job, but I can't help but think the boy van Gaal has already been lined up to take over after the World Cup. Can't say I'd be dissapointed if either Tim or LVG took the reigns next season, although it would appear a little harsh on Tim at this stage.
  14. DJStuG

    first game you went to

    12th Nov, 1983. I was six. Had never even heard of football, but was dragged down to White Hart Lane by my stepdad to watch us play Liverpool. We drew 2-2 with Steve Archibald bagging one goal, and Hoddle the other from the spot. I'll never forget walking up those steps and seeing the pitch for the first time ... that will always be etched in my mind, and from that moment I was hooked.
  15. DJStuG

    PL: Newcastle United vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Oh, and I think it's worth pointing out that after 26 games last season, we had 48 points - we currently have 50 this time around. Surely we can't have another personal best points tally, and fail to qualify for the Champions League again?!?!
  16. DJStuG

    PL: Newcastle United vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    What a fucking weird season!! we're having a stinker apparantly, yet we're a whisker away from fourth spot behind a Liverpool team having their best season in God knows how long. If only Fulham could've held out for another five minutes ... cuntz. I wasn't happy with the team selection before the match, but yet again Tim proves me wrong, so hats off (if I had one).
  17. DJStuG

    PL: Newcastle United vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Lloris Walker Chiriches Vertonghen Rose Bentaleb Sandro Dembele Eriksen Adebayor Townsend 2-1 Spurs ... but only if we can pass the ball properly, otherwise we're fucked.
  18. DJStuG


    A good, important win. However, I am quite conerned about how loose our play is. Technically, we're bloody awful. Our passing, touch and general control of the ball is shocking really. I think we have some deep rooted issues with our coaching staff ... I'm not convinced we have enough experience in there. It's all well and good bringing in ex-players, but if they have no experience, it means nothing. I'm not saying we should be getting rid of anybody, I just think we need somebody(s) to come in who can get them drilled and organised, because we don't look as though we have any direction at the moment. This is why I'm against bringing Ginola in. But, we're still fifth, and just three poinst off of fourth ... so we're still in with a good chance, if we can improve.
  19. DJStuG


    Liking the look of that 4-3-3 line-up. Was happy to hear Tim say that Dembele needs to go past players near the oppositions box rather than on the half way line too. I think confidence will be the key today. We've got the players, it just depends on whether they're feeling confident and up for it. Hopefully having Jan back will give them a boost.
  20. DJStuG

    Where do we finish?

    I think we'll finish fifth. I'd rather finish sixth though. Don't think I could cope with another season of playing the absolute dross in the Europa League, and the injuries it brings.
  21. DJStuG

    The genius that was Hoddle

    Best player to wear a Spurs shirt in my lifetime at least. Shame he can't manage as well as he played lol
  22. DJStuG

    Levy, Sherwood and patience

    Personally I think it's gonna take a witch doctor to get those two going.
  23. DJStuG

    Louis van Gaal

    I wouldn't say no. I like Sherwood, but it would be hard for me to vote in favour of giving him a chance if van Gaal is available. You have to take the guy with winning pedigree over the novice every time in my opinion.
  24. DJStuG


    As shit as we were last night, I'm not too disheartened. Our main problems have been the CB and defensive mid positions. Jan and Sandro's returns are imminent. We'll be alright once we get these two back. I still can't believe how shit our new signings have been this season though. Whoever scouted them out needs shooting. Absolute wank, the lot of 'em.