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  1. Balesrightboot

    2020 Summer Transfer Window

    Finally my username will be relevant again
  2. Balesrightboot

    PL: Crystal Palace v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Find today a real tough one to judge. Game died in the second half. Jose looked to be happy with the draw from the moment we pulled Lo Celso off. From 14th to 6th is not a bad effort but just frustrating when you think of some of the teams we dropped points against. I am happy to give Jose a chance this summer but struggle to see who we may sign. Callum Wilson’s name was thrown about today and that doesn’t inspire. Europa isn’t the worst thing in the world. Remember we were playing Adebayor week in week out until a young Harry Kane started banging them in in the Europa league. Maybe there are others waiting in the wings for their chance.
  3. Balesrightboot

    EL: Fiorentina vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Great opportunity for Mason and Caroll to get some game time. Lamela was only on for 10 minutes saturday so should be fine. Only thing that worries me is rotating the center backs.
  4. Balesrightboot


    Didn't even get on the bench for Chelsea LOL. Good result for them too by the way.
  5. Balesrightboot

    Useless Brazilian

    Thats strange I heard Baldini and young Mickey Pearce had gone into business and picked up some broken lawn mower engines too
  6. Balesrightboot

    Useless Brazilian

    Of the magnificent 7 when we originally bought them he was the player I was most excited to get. What a let down
  7. Balesrightboot

    Deja vu

    Apart from Sterling who's desperate to leave when did they last bring a player through their youth side
  8. Balesrightboot

    Deja vu

    7 league goals last year. 4 mill a goal the price if he does the same again this year.
  9. Balesrightboot

    Deja vu

    Anyone know anything about the Brazilian lad they signed for 29mill never heard of him personally
  10. Balesrightboot


    The one question we haven't answered in 3 years is what position do we play dembele in. Unless we can put him in his optimal position and play him there regularly sadly I think a move away is the best for him. He's an undoubted talent but unless we commit to him there is no point in him being here. I don't think he will replace Eriksen as our creative player behind the strikers. Deep lying midfielder isn't his ideal role either so do we have a role for him??
  11. Balesrightboot


    A winger. Must have pace. Must provide width and not always cut inside. Must be able to beat his man. Must be able to put a decent ball into the box and provide service for Harry. Is there anyone available in world football who fits this description and will come to us? (Don't suggest Andros)
  12. Balesrightboot

    Bloody illegal immigrants!

    Poor admin on the clubs part there surely they have someone who takes care of those things?
  13. Balesrightboot

    2015-2016 squad?

    Welcome to the forum too mate :)
  14. Balesrightboot

    2015-2016 squad?

    I can see where youre coming from mate. I rate dembele a lot the problem is we have had him for about 3 seasons now and still don't know where to play him. How that is possible I don't know. I think mason and bentaleb is pretty much set in stone next season.
  15. Balesrightboot


    Think we have been linked to huntelaar every season since he became a professional footballer wouldn't be right if we weren't again.
  16. Balesrightboot

    Iker Casillas

    Read a story today Madrid want us to take Casillas to free up giving Hugo to Utd and De Gea heading to them. How would everyone feel about that? Iker has been world class in his day but seems a bit of a spent force now. He has won a lot of trophies could he bring that mentality to us?
  17. Balesrightboot

    Iker Casillas

    Have to agree with the consensus the deal offers little value to us.
  18. Balesrightboot

    Kane goes nowhere

    Was there a reason he wasn't in the squad tonight?
  19. Balesrightboot

    Micah Richards

    Would be a great signing. Walker needs competition desperately. Vlad and Kaboul are awful stand in right backs. His injury pone nature worries me though.
  20. Balesrightboot

    Steffens Freund

    The fact this man posses a champs league medal makes me very happy. Interesting read on him here if anyone is interested - http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/32917928
  21. Balesrightboot

    AVB was always a stylish bloke

    New Zenit team photo
  22. Balesrightboot


    Cliff Jones? Could he still do a job?
  23. Balesrightboot

    Danny Ings

    Chadli managed as many goals as Ings in the prem. His handsome goal total led his side to relegation. Looking forward to seeing you in a red shirt Danny.
  24. Balesrightboot


    Well said sir and sadly all too true
  25. Balesrightboot


    Bit of a hollow victory