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  1. smudger

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Cardiff City

    Anyway i'm off to bed enjoy your weekend you fuckers.
  2. smudger

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Cardiff City

    Today has been a great day on this forum had a few chuckles.
  3. smudger


    Walker did enter my mind.
  4. smudger


    Of the season i'm not sure lloris had a few dodgy games after the head injury but i think he's been pulling off some amazing saves and keeping us in games this year. Ade is right up there with a chance right now if he keeps doing what he's doing he'll get it at the end of the season.
  5. smudger

    Europa Cup: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs FC Dnipro

    That Konoplyanka is too good for that league he'll be getting a big move this summer.
  6. You know now me and you have forgiven him he's gonna play absolute wank on the weekend.
  7. smudger

    All Is Not Well

    I think 3 out of the 4 last night weren't our 1 choice defenders and the other his head doesn't really seem in the right place.Dawson i'm sorry to say is just shot rushing out of position and getting done EVERYTIME knocking hopeless long balls forward i think he had his best spell with king and although dawson was/is great in the air iv'e thought for a while that king made him look better than he was.Soldado in my eyes will come good he may have been offside but he dispatched that goal with ease last night and it just goes to show he needs intelligent players picking out his runs putting him in on goal and he will bury them.Personally i'm not keen on fryers against a better opponent he'll get mullered imo.The width thing is an issue we seem dull and lackluster without it but we don't have a left midfielder and we haven't had one since bale came inside so the team always seems a little unbalanced we can give townsend a run out there but none of the supposed stars we signed will be sacrificed(we have as per usual way too many central midfielders) and he seems like he is struggling a bit with his confidence though i thought he tried very hard last night and showed glimpses with some lovely bits of skill but his decision making is still poor.Lennon is hit and miss chadli apart from 1 quality goal has been shit and lamela has been injured but also needs time to adapt so i'm not sure what we can do tbh.
  8. That 2nd goal was brilliant i don't think i'm allowed to say i don't forgive him anymore.He didn't even have a run of form this good under harry.BUT like i keep repeating needs to keep going untill the end of the season.
  9. Thought sandro had a brilliant 2nd half myself
  10. smudger

    iconic goal

    After everthing that happened when knocked out by the argies in 98 up steps a man with stunning technical ability to produce one of the world cups great goals in the dying minutes of the game still makes me tingle now. Put the volume on.
  11. smudger

    Europa Cup: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs FC Dnipro

    Lat 3 spurs games iv'e recorded not known the score and somebody has ruined it before i get a chance to watch it if somebody does it tonight i'll be fucking fuming.Hope WHL is rocking tonight with a special atmosphere and a fantastic team performance COYS!!!
  12. smudger


    You have to look in the right places spurs always try for the fashionable option but we need people with a decent eye that can pick out a michu Coleman types for peanuts(compared to the silly fees paid nowadays) that don't have the huge egos and stepping stone mentality of the likes of vertonghen,Modric,Berba
  13. smudger

    Is Levy hiding ?

    Levy is the cause of the stagnation of getting to fifth and not pushing on. Also I think it's a bit late to let the manager choose players when him and baldini have blown £100m.
  14. smudger

    Is Levy hiding ?

    You're right now football is like the movies and everybody wants to be in the limelight. Levy needs to back the fuck off if he gets lvg he needs to step away and let him work as he won't stand for that shit he has a strong personality and he'll walk away.
  15. smudger

    Is Levy hiding ?

    Funny thing about this levy situation is he wouldn't give Harry the money as he didn't trust him him and baldini picked the players and they well and truly fucked it.Let proper football men like Harry pick his players and you should just stick to what your good at doing and get the deals done.