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  1. TC1000

    20/21 PL: Manchester United v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    This season Kane is moving around a lot more than I seen him played before. Once the guys up front are creating chances for each other. They are playing at a different level. It's up to the ref to decide what Lamela did. Any one remember how a 6'6 goalkeeper Van der Sar fell on the ground when Ortega "headbutt" him. He is a MU legend. Mane's elbow is a lot worse than Lamela's. He got away with a yellow card. Like Jose said we have so many ref decision against us in the past. They should look at why MU extends Matic's contract and continue to play him in starting lineup.
  2. TC1000

    2020 Summer Transfer Window

    Koopmeiners reminds me of Huddlestone. He seems to prefer play DM over CB. Very good passing range. I thought he is the team captain and takes penalty kick duty. but I'm not sure about his defending skill.
  3. TC1000

    2020 Summer Transfer Window

    Had a chance several seasons ago when he was behind Tosun, Siggy, Richarlison, .. in pecking order.
  4. TC1000

    2020 Summer Transfer Window

    It's very interesting transfer window. Other than Hojbjerg the signings are all surprises to me. I know nothing about Vinicius. Now we are waiting to see some players going out. The cub does like to deal in the last min. Maybe we will see another bargain signing.
  5. TC1000

    20/21 PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Newcastle United

    I don't agree with almost all of the handball decisions this season. The referees aren't the victims. They should be fully aware of the potential impact of the new handball rule. The new rule open up to a new way to score goals. Whenever the player has the ball near the penalty box, just aim to hit the opponent's body. And that's exactly what our players should start doing. FA open a loop hole, we should take the full advantage of it.
  6. TC1000

    20/21 PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Newcastle United

    It's all BS to say that refs are making the decisions by the rule of law. 6 penalties awarded for handball so far and not all teams played their 3rd game yet. Only 19 handball penalties for the entire last season. If the average is 2 handball penalty per round of games, we will see another 70 handball penalties this season.
  7. TC1000

    20/21 PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Newcastle United

    It is terrible that every game is decided by various handball decisions. The rule is so bad that I bet FA is forced to change it soon. They can't keep going on like this and fix it next season. The rule doesn't make any sense at all. The easiest way to score is not shooting on goal anymore. Just keep striking/heading the ball at a player's body.
  8. TC1000

    Spurs Best XI and Best Formation Now

    I favor the approach to adjust our starting XI against different opponents. That's what Mou do. So there is no best XI. My approach is not to put all of our best players in the same lineup. In every game we just need to be better than the opponent, not play the same XI every game. Hopefully we can get a strong defensive back three and explosive attack play. Lloris Sanchez Dier/Toby Tanganga Doherty Hojbjerg Tanguy Reguilon Lo Celso Kane Son
  9. TC1000

    2020 Summer Transfer Window

    I was wrong about Bale's status. He counted as homegrown but he is not from our youth system.
  10. TC1000

    20/21 PL: Southampton v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    It's fun to see Lamela block off KWP like a wide receiver in American football and leave Son one-on-one against the GK. Touchdown!
  11. TC1000

    20/21 PL: Southampton v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Handball rule is really bizarre. Shouldn't Danny Ings get a yellow card for his handball? His action is deliberate handball. You still can get yellow card for diving even though technically you cannot really con the ref because of VAR How can Doherty's handball be a penalty. The ball bounce off Winks to his hand. It's not a shot or a pass toward the goal. His arm didn't move. His arm is out to set himself in defensive position. It is in a natural position considering what the defender is doing at that moment.
  12. TC1000

    2020 Summer Transfer Window

    Dele is talented player. IMO if we keep him, I would start him as right side attacking midfielder ahead of Lucas in some sort 3-4-3 formation. He can be the key to our pressing game. He is fast, tall, mobile. That's the hope. On the other hand he remains immature and not motivated in training, a big money deal will provide funding for more players such as Bailey. Does Bale count as homegrown academy trained player? Getting Doherty/Bale/Hart is a big change to the foreign player limit. I'm not sure what the club and CCV are thinking at the moment but CCV is a academy player we put in the squad so we keep Tanganga in the under 21 list. Like Winks CCV may be useful to make up the number, a defender to use in cup games.
  13. TC1000

    20/21 PL: Southampton v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    I actually thought the game tells us a lot about the team we have currently. Lloris still got it. He keep us in the game until we got the lead. Average game from Dier and Sanchez. Sanchez is a bit passive. The reason he didn't get more starts is his distribution, giving the ball away under no pressure. Mixed result from Doherty and Davies, show more effort than quality. Hojbjerg did exactly when we signed him to do. High work rate, won many fouls. JWP and Romeu on a yellow makes the game easier. Other then Winks is healthy to play every game. He is in the team not because he is good. He is here to make up the numbers so we have 11 players on the field. He is completely useless. He always backs off and give 4-5 yards of space. I have no memory of him done anything in the attacking half today. Tanguy is finally here. He looks better fit now than anytime in his Spurs career. I hope he is not injured, just rotating Lo Celso and him. Lucas looks a bit lost. Probably won't get the starting spot when Bale is fit. Keep Lucas and Lamela give us depth. You get less from them when they play the full 90 minutes. Lamela carved himself a role as a useful sub. Against tired players in 2nd half Lamela is much more effective. Too many offside in 1st half both Harry and Son adjusted themselves and take advantage of Southampton's high line. Son is a world class player. Spurs is not done with summer transfers. Still a few players going in and out. I expect a rough ride to start the season but should improve as they played more games together. A back three is the route we should go, which eliminates Winks's position. We need a mobile defender who is comfortable to bring the ball forward. We have Tanganga and Foyth. I worry Tanganga is still too green. Foyth is a hot head with weak defending/decision making.
  14. TC1000

    2020 Summer Transfer Window

    I posted months ago wondering if we should sign Bale on loan. Obviously he is no longer the speedy winger who can take on the entire defense. I believe he have the skills to adjust his game as he get older. He is not an one trick pony relying on just pace. To be realistic I don't think he can play every league game and cup games in midweek. We are looking for him to make the difference in big games. In a way Levy is giving the team a world class player without breaking any transfer record. This is what some of our star players want. I bet they wouldn't get excited if we spent the money on Ollie Watkins. Search for striker continues. Rangers' bad boy striker Alfredo Morelos is for sale. He does do some stupid things but some of yellow cards are just poor decisions by refs in SPFL. For a backup striker he may be an option.
  15. TC1000

    2020 Summer Transfer Window

    I think the signings will change the options we have with lineup and formation. When everyone is fully fit, perhaps Mou will go with 3 at back with Reguilon and Doherty as wingback. Signing Bale is a big move by Mou. His job will be tied to Bale's performance on the pitch.