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  1. One9marine

    EURO 2020

    I’m just a dumb ole yank, but I got more sense than throw a youngster out there with the other shooters I got on the bench. Good thing flogging is not allowed any more.
  2. One9marine

    Swiss Penalty Kicks

    Am I the only one to think that those were the worst set of penalty kicks ever? Certainly has to be in top 5. My god, the two guy with the little hops and half speed kicks, then finally one gets his foot in it but shoots right over the net. BB teams make their players shoot 100 free throws every practice. Looks like the Swiss coach needs to take a page out of their book.
  3. One9marine

    Question from dumb Yank….

    Weil, don’t get me started on the thugs of US Football. I have shitcanned them for real football. COYS! When did you ever see our thugs clap to the crowd after a game, yea right. All they care about is how many children can they father with the most women. Bums! I’ll stick with PL. That said, the idea of Washington having to lose their name is a crock. Hate to admit but the friggin liberals are destroying us.
  4. One9marine

    Question from dumb Yank….

    Ok, I’m watching and cheering for England, my question is what is the Benny for winning the Euros? Is it just bragging rights, or does the World Cup come into play? I have to admit I have a hard time keeping all the competitions straight. I do like that there are fixtures ( not games, i’m learning) all the time. Thanks for bearing with my inexperience.
  5. One9marine


    OK, a question from the dumb Yank, Shouldn't Lloris have came out and grabbed the ball rather than depend on his defender. I think he left Aderwield hanging in the breeze. keep in mind my football learning is way behind but geez....
  6. One9marine

    Yank new guy question

    thanks to all for the help. have so much to learn. Daft yank, oh yea still a big fan. my son and I went to NY for the Spurs-Roma game. All i can say is WOW!
  7. One9marine

    Yank new guy question

    Friday in the LC-Gooners game right before half LC's Fuchs had a throw in that was right on net saved by GK. Can you score on a throw in?