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  1. Paxton


    James text me this very sad news earlier and it has hit me hard. Diane’s texts to me were brief understandably as she was busy caring for Stan but they said: he was tired and pleased to be home. I thought he was over the worst. Like Hastings I was lucky to meet him & his wife. Mine were in happy circumstances but as you may know Stan & Diane drove from South Wales to attend the funeral of Hasting’s wife. They had never met before but this shows you what he was like. He had a heart as big as the new stadium. Hastings’ avatar is him and Stan taken at this occasion. My wife and I happened to be close to his home a few years back and we met him and Diane in a cafe for a cuppa and cakes - several cuppas as we both can talk. From that day we would talk on the phone regularly for over an hour. ‘’ How are you buddy” he would start each chat. And then we were off on: Spurs, the Forum, boxing, reading - he loved non-fiction books and our families. Stan, as Mr8 and Hastings know was a family man. I know he loved hearing from both of these guys. i will miss those phone calls. I will miss him badly. Rest in peace buddy.x
  2. Hello Gary,

    Hope all is well with you and yours!

    Apparently we will resume on the 17thof this month? For all of my previous negativity I can't help but begin to feel a vibe again for our beloved  club. I agree (sadly) with you that it seems our chance of becoming one of the elite has now passed us by with this ownership. But football is football and my un-denying love for our club will never wain as I previously suggested (due to "activities") it might. I will always have an opinion driven by my love and passion for THFC. Opinions I hope to share with likeminded supporters like yourself Gary. On that subject, I have looked in on the forum on several occasions and it gives me no pleasure to see and read what can only be described as a soulless "effort"!

    Keep Safe,


  3. Paxton

    kings of white hart lane

    Just to say I've contacted Hastings, Stan & Neo and told them I'm not interested in being a Moderator anymore or be associated with this Forum. All the best.
  4. Mate! I have not been as active on the forum as I once was so have only just become aware of your loss.

    You seem a very decent man and obviously you were a wonderful son. Your mother was lucky to have you there for her until the end.

    My condolences.

    Antony (aka Royce 71)

    1. Paxton


      Hi Antony,


      Thanks very much for your kind words. I don't know about a 'wonderful' son - a pretty decent one maybe? We got on very well and until quite recently she was up to speed on all things Spurs.after she had the stroke she never really recovered and it was a blessing in the end and she was a great age at 94.

      Like you I read the Forum but until Mourinho goes I want no part in participating into something that I feel betrays Spurs and what it stands for and means to me.

      Also I believe we are the only two on here who think the same way politically. Audere ( who used to be mjb on previous Forums) is clearly an intolerant man whose racism rises to the surface quite often and yet can be smart & humourous and loves the Forum.

      Asc3 I actually think is a bit mentally unhinged! In a quiet way. I've upset him in the past and he sulked and then came back to the Forum and has taken to posting pro Boris stuff and anti - Harry & Meghan stuff and it's like reading the Daily Mail.

      He is clearly  insecure and keeps referring to how his posts aren't being responded to and recently said 'he;s anxious' as to how his posts are going too be seen - this is a man in his 60's and ex military and he is a such a wimp.

      having said all that at least these people are posting and they have every right to say what they want unless it's offensive.

      It's noticable that although Hastings rarely comes on here - neo doesn't, stanmac doesn't and I don't and we're the 4 moderators!

      God knows when the season might resume - so you can win the Prediction game!

      I'm close to retiring from being a postman - any week now - currently off sick with an arthritic joint in my left foot  - which is okay but not if I try and do my job. And I want to play a fair bit of golf in my retirement so i have to look after the foot.

      Today was the end of doing all the practical stuff re: my Mum's bank & bills and applying for Probate & other stuff so that's a task over with.

      My wife only works Tues, Weds & Thurs as a Finance Manager but for the last few weeks this has been from home  - but we are rolling along okay.


      Anyway, keep well mate.


    2. Royce 71

      Royce 71

      Hello Gary!

      From commiserations to congratulations mate. Retiring!  I see I am 4 years (born 1961) behind you but I am lucky enough to be receiving a reasonable enough pension pay out next February that will allow me to semi-retire. 29 years punching a Taxi around the streets of London and I can't wait! Uber and over a decade of austerity has knocked the life out of my trade and the b***ocks out of me!

      Don't worry mate I am not your stereotypical, Daily Mail, Sun, Express reading (unlike Asc3, Agree) cabbie. When I do buy a paper it's always the Independent.

      A far as the Forum goes it's become a little "juvenile" for my taste. I have posted (Treading Water) a topic fairly recently, but it was once again to express my frustration and dislike for what has gone on with our beloved club these past months.

      Talking of having The ball's knocked out of you this is how I feel after what's gone on down at The New Lane. I arrived on this earth in February 1961 a significant year for us and with the surname of Nicholson and a older brother called Bill, I like to think I was born to be a Spurs supporter:) But it breaks my heart to tell you Gary in all my 52-53 years following (got seriously interested around 7-8) the club, with all what's going on (Corvid 19) at the moment, I have not only not missed watching us, I have not missed watching football full-stop!!

      Anyway my friend, I hope you and Mrs Paxton:) have a plan for when you retire, but what ever you decide I wish you all the best mate!

      Keep safe,


    3. Paxton


      Hello Antony,

      Thanks for your reply. I bet you can't wait for next Feb to come around!

      Yes, 'juvenile' is a good word for the Forum and a lot of the posts are knee jerk.

      I'll post a longer piece next week about how I feel about football and Spurs.

      I'm in West Norwood - whereabouts are you?


  5. Paxton


    Firstly, many thanks to my friend Stan who took it upon himself to start this thread - he & I have been trying to talk on the phone for awhile now but I have been caught up with all that follows Mum passing away. And thanks to all of you for your kind words it means a lot. I found out yesterday that the Funeral Directors (funeral next Thursday) are all Spurs fans so Mum is in good hands. The restrictions on Funerals, as you may know, are so strict that we'll be grateful if Mum is even allowed to be there! Apart from sensibly remaining 2 metres apart we have to be 5 metres from the grave, there are no funeral cars, it has to be over within 30 minutes, no Obituary in the local paper, no donations, - think of something you have at a normal funeral and then cross it out basically. We will have a memorial service for her later this year - providing by then it's safe to do so? Just popped back to say thanks - and wish you all remain in good health and the best of spirits possible.
  6. Paxton

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Wolverhampton Wanderers

    I understand your current feelings about the Club. I share them about Mourinho for certain - having him at Spurs is wrong for me as I’ve said probably enough times ( or too many times) Apart from keeping the Prediction table updated I don’t feel like posting on here until he’s gone - which unfortunately will be later rather than sooner.
  7. Paxton

    S.W.F.M. RADIO

  8. Paxton

    S.W.F.M. RADIO

    Barrington Levy "Hang out your arms like two plane wings, your chest and your bum oh my girl it just a swing" https://youtu.be/P-Q5f_9RTD8
  9. Paxton


    Agree with every word. Mourinho post match talks of Chelsea going a goal up as if this is not allowed or it upsets his plan? If you set up defensively and the opposition score then what? You have to attack - it happened against Liverpool - so why not start this way especially against a team who are struggling to win at home and had three key players out. It’s three times with Lampard against Mourinho - Derby v Man Utd in the Cup. And does anyone believe there was a tactical reason for leaving Dele out of the starting 11 rather than a punishment for Weds tantrum ? As Audere alludes to Mourinho can’t stop himself making his players feel second best. When Kane got injured he said we have no strikers at all - accentuating the negative as he always falls back on and when Son gets injured he says on Friday we have no strikers on the pitch and 2 in hospital (?) so now Son is a striker? And as Ian Wright said on MOTD last night it’s insulting to our attacking players . There’s a reason why Hoddle, Jenas, Crouch, Ferdinand, Keown, Collymore, Cascarino, ( and these are only those I remember ) and every football journalist I read thinks Mourinho is now out of his time and persists in setting up negatively it’s because it’s plain to see.
  10. Paxton


    We might well drop to 7th in a couple of hours but I would gladly choose dropping back to 14th (where we were) if it meant we could get another manager in.
  11. Paxton


    Azpilicueta is fairly unpleasant but yes Terry did set the bar very high for detestable humans.
  12. Paxton


    As a Moderator that’s shown you a yellow card before or it might have been bright orange which was over arguing with another member I would never like to think we’re cramping your style on match days. Obviously feel free to watch & post at the same time as you like to do and vent your displeasure at the Chelsea players but I don’t think it’s necessary to mention their nationality as part of the abuse as you have been known to do. As I don’t post during a match I will leave it to stan to slap your wrist if necessary.
  13. Paxton

    Spurs addicted Society aka SaS

    a UB40 tune for you and Craig is on the SWFM thread (General section)- tune in! Enjoy!
  14. Paxton

    S.W.F.M. RADIO

    This one goes out to mr8 and Craig especially. When it was peace & love between the Campbells! I have a great memory of these boys - back in the mid 80's I was in Covent Gdn looking in the window of Paul Smith's first clothes shop (that's all I could afford to do) and most of them came out of the shop with black bin bags packed with clothes? Either this was the shops odd way of selling it or they had bought so much they'd run out of the proper bags - either way this was when they were at the top of their game and could have bought the shop - it looked like they practically had.