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  1. dougieden28

    David Luiz

    Happy that the Goonz have got him as he is a useless defender and a cheat. Ha ha ha ha COYS!
  2. dougieden28

    2019 Summer Transfer Window

    I believe that the spending kitty was around 70 million, so that is just about blown on Ndombele. If Poch has promised Lo Celso a future at the Lane, then we must offload others to fund his move. Trippier 25m - I would take in a minute. Aurier - needs to go too. Wanyama - is too slow and needs to go. Jannsen - is Soldado all over again and needs to go. Eriksen - if he is not happy and wants a new challenge, then take the best deal we can get. Hopefully 70m + and there are others......... Hopefully Poch and Levy get there acts together and bring in the class that can take us to the next level.
  3. dougieden28

    liverpool's form has 'bin dipping' recently.....

    All you hear about is Liverpool...... best players, best goal scorer, best manager, best comeback ....... well let’s hope it continues and they become best runners-up for the season too when Spurs lift the Champions League on June 1st. COYS.
  4. dougieden28

    Champions League song/anthem

    Somebody out there in the show biz world has to pen a new tune for us Spurs fans. There’s so many Spurs fans that are singers too - Adele, Dave Peacock, Anthony Da Costa, Matt Cardle etc. So come on it would be great to release a song and one that would vibrate around our new stadium. What about it?
  5. dougieden28

    Cup Final song

    With all the singers who are Spurs fans, eg Matt Cardle, Anthony De Costa, Adele...... can someone pen a song or anthem for the UCL Final.
  6. dougieden28

    Jasper Carrot

    I see tonight that the gaffer has been charged by the F.A. (and we all know what those letters mean) for failing to see the funny side of Jasper Carrot look a like Mike Dean’s remarks at the end of the match on Saturday at Burnley. It must have been in poor taste for the mild mannered gaffer to react. One never wins against the institution that is the F.A. who will no doubt back their referees. So MP just take it on the chin, pay the fine and don’t get involved with them again. You are better than that. We are better than that. So regroup and take the challenge to the end of the season. COYS.
  7. dougieden28

    2015-2016 squad?

    Bring back Holtby, so much passion, determination and skill for a young player with excellent potential. He is what Spurs need. Lewis Holtby has more fire in his belly than Paulinho, Soldado, Lamela etc and how much did they cost?
  8. We should not be bitter with Bale. He was outstanding for us last season, and he has a chance in a lifetime of going to turn out for Real Madrid. Not bad for a little guy from Cardiff and his own personal gain has also allowed us to strengthen our team to be able to challenge with the 'big boys' in our league at last. AVB has bought quality players in with the cash and we can be optimistic for a trophy and top 4 this year. So good luck Gareth, thanks for the memories and we all can mo...

  9. dougieden28

    David Villa

    31yo, never been back to his best since his leg break, too slight and is he any better than JD? Would prefer a big strong mobile attacker to compliment JD and give us options up front.
  10. dougieden28


    With the potential for balls into the box from Walker/Lennon on the right, BAE/Bale on the left and feeds through the middle from Holtby/Dembele and any Brazillian we can get, there has to be a big, mobile attacking force to put the ball in the net, because he will get plenty of chances in a game. A goal scorer is a must.
  11. dougieden28

    Worst Spurs kits of all time

    Oh and the all yellow second kit like we wore in the FA Cup winning days in the early 80's
  12. dougieden28

    Worst Spurs kits of all time

    Yeah what was wrong with simple white top, blue shorts
  13. dougieden28

    Tony Pulis to leave STOKE

    Shame......................... not. They have gone backwards this season. But never mind Stoke City - what about US. Did AVB do any better than Harry? ................ Are we suffering cause we didn't spend in January window ........................mmmmmmmmm? If AVB is the man - will Levy now give him the cash to get in the type of winners we require at the Lane? Bale respects AVB - named his daughter with same initials - on a brighter note, AVB may be the only one able to persuade Bale to stay for another year at least.? So many questions - can we get the answers though?
  14. dougieden28

    TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Southampton

    Yes ........... 1-0 COYS
  15. dougieden28

    TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Southampton

    Dembele is class. He is creative and makes us tick in midfield - so much so that we don't miss Moody Modric. I like Holtby, he is tenacious and wants to play for the Club. Parker is good at breaking things up - and is a work horse. Huddlestone is a lovely passer of the ball but tends to slow things down. All have great qualities - and its up to AVB to get the balance right. .......................... COYS!