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  1. Grem10

    I can't believe what I was watching

    So is talent not needed then...an while I may slyly agree with your sentiment in regards to his Grit,Determination and Enthusiasm, I feel his talent isn't on par with the rest of his attributes . Like I stated last year ht had a great season, less mistakes, was truly an honor to admit I may of been hasty in saying take him Qpr, but that's faded , cos I can see, while he has a strong heart, his lack of world class talent will truly be our downfall
  2. Grem10

    I can't believe what I was watching

    Again Sentiment , if u read what I've written , I said he had ONE GOOD SEASON, an yes I understand Dawson's terry butcher attitude has even made me cheer at da tv countless times, but winning has no time for sentiment , and the fact he's just not good enough is enough for me to say that. I'm not a CROWD follower, I don't just DO what everyone wants, MY OPINION won't waver cos some of u don't agree, it's what forums arg for! IM A PROUD SPURS FAN 2nd Generation, born and bred so I feel I'm entitled to my opinion, and I'm sorry but I feel he's not a top four defender , he'd be great in one of them top ten teams and he'd be a legend in the championship but goin for prem honours, NA MATE SORRY and as for Siggy. I'm not a fan at all but he's scoring and I'm happy with that but Townsend needs to fix up big time cos his shot to goal ration is appalling.
  3. Grem10

    I can't believe what I was watching

    Plzzzz don't get me started on Townsend who seems to think his middle names Gareth , granted most played shit, but this isn't just a reaction from this season, I've said for years Dawson isn't TOP FOUR, FACT! And if WE want top four we need kaboul back or even play chiriches but I'm sorry Dawson don't cut it, countless times he's misjudged or given away da pen, da free kick etc that leads to a goal and THAT RAVEL MORRISON CHALLANGE MUST OF COME STR8 OUT OF MALDINI'S bag of tricks! GTHFOH, look at all the past top four teams, go thru them and name me one defender who Dawson comes out on top??? Yes the team played crap as a whole but the difference is, an I understand the concept maybe alien to us cos wer yids, WINNING UGLY! This is what makes the difference between 7 and 1st, it's what the top teams do!
  4. Grem10

    I can't believe what I was watching

    Some of u sit with too much sentiment, or maybe YOU AINT BEEN WATCHING THE SAME DAWSON FOR THE LAST 4/5 years watchin as he lose concentration AGAIN or gets twisted inside out AGAIN granted he had a good season last yr BUT he's not a top four defender FACT and the fact your defending him shows me u obviously have no clue what a top four defender looks n plays like . Too many seasons too many games I've seen Dawson be our Achilles and do STUPID things like he did yesterday, maybe he's good enough for u but not for me, Add to dat IT WAS THE PICKEYS, what's gonna happen against players like Aguero, Negrado an players of dat ilk, ???
  5. Grem10

    I can't believe what I was watching

    Either way he's a liability I used to think he was good in the air but he let Terry beat him last week for a fairly easy header , not top four material, I'd b happy if I never saw him in a spurs shirt again
  6. Anyone, who after the Chelsea game and today's abysmal showing still thinks Dawson is good enough to be a top four defender, needs to go Specsavers. Too many times his lapse in concentration leaves us short at the back and when your full backs are having bad games, last thing u need is a calamity like Dawson in your back four. Without the assist and link up play of Soldado, we looked below average ,hardly any shots on goal an to make matters worse I got dem nine bob bent irons running there yaps FML
  7. Grem10

    M . Ozil

    This is a great signing for da scum, and its one that doesn't surprise me at all, ONCE AND FOR ALL WE MUST SEVER TIES WITH MADRID, demand all our money they owe, then tell them they'll never get another player from us again! If this is how u treat ppl your meant to have an "arrangement " with, it stands to reason we MUST sever all ties with them AND POINT BLANKLY NEVER DO BUSINESS AGAIN, ID RATHER SEE BALE OR ANYONE ELSE ROT IN RESERVES THEN ULTIMATELY STRENGTHEN OUR MAIN AND CLOSEST RIVALS.
  8. Very true, winning ugly I say is testament to winning a title, and if we can do that we stand a very very good chance
  9. Lol and someone plz tell me how u put photos in your posts
  10. Grem10

    Could this be our starting 11 this season?

    Looks like our Daniel is making our dreams a reality an I for one have NEVER seen a more complete spurs squad...I've pinched myself twelve times now an I still I find it hard to swallow. But it's soooo mouth watering to see and feels so good to rub arsenal n lpools nose in it, COYS
  11. Ok, fellow yids, first let me set the scene...it's sat morn, I've picked up my daughter in anticipation for the start of the premier league. One might say I'm actually buzzing..u know how it is, after months of no footy u kinda fiend for it like a drug riddled addict, anyway after watching the weekends games, an dreaming of my preferred spurs line up the day comes, we're away to palace...and in more ways then one it didn't disappoint. The new boys all showed promise, an what with arsenal losing the day b4 and us winning by a penalty no less, it suddenly dawned on me....maybe..just maybe this is OUR SEASON! Now cut to tues morn...I've received four death threats from friends that are Liverpool fans, fans who in 24 hrs have gone from : Willian he's mustard too aww he's not all that, he's gotta gel, the prems no walk in the park bruv. Arsenal fans being physically sick, seeing Daniel levy build not just a top four team but a TITLE CHALLENGING TEAM. Ok ok I'll be the first to admit I've not been Daniel "General Zod" Levy's biggest fan, calling for his head on many occasion, but now lol and it pains me to say it, it looks like it was all part of his master plan the whole time. The way he's orchestrated this whole bale saga, to not only strengthening spurs but also showing the rest that we won't be bullied I must commend him. Now for the money there talking for bale, listen ill personally pack bales bags myself, and if reports are true Willian looks set to join with lamela in tow maybe a few days down the road. THE THOUGHT ALONE IS AMAZING! I for one in my life time have not seen a more complete spurs squad, granted a LB would be the final piece to our jigsaw...but we will finally be a force to be feared and reckoned with. With all the top teams in transition, theres prob no greater time to try and assert ourselves, force our way to the top, weve come close last two dec, we just needed a stronger squad one that our Dan has just hand delivered to us. Them down the road are quaking in there boots...they can see the change...they know a revolution is coming...the scousers are crying like the baby who has his ice cream taken by his older brother...forgetting that the brother actually bought the ice cream and he took it away cos u was playing with it instead of eating it. Me .. I'm on cloud 9 no one can take this feeling right now...got rid of dead wood just need to get rid of Ade and were set. WOW Daniel levy...u never cease to amaze me...I salute u.. Oh and any one worrying about the fair play rules, lol well...we all know General Zod knows how to run a business so after all our buys and sales we still may break even maybe even in profit ....bloody hell. Daniel you are a boss, I'm sorry I ever doubted u!
  12. Grem10

    Roberto Soldado

    Apparently cole didn't play http://www.dearmrlevy.com/dml/2013/8/8/hello-halilovic?
  13. So true, with over a week to go , first time in years I've actually, with my own eyes,seen a Spurs team that can CHALLENGE for top honours without feeling, lucky or down to other teams misfortune but due to the ability we've acquired, COYS TO DARE IS TO DO!!!
  14. I would like to say tho what is it with Tottenham managers an the excessive need to overload on midfielders??? For as long as I can remember our problems have,for me been our defence or our lack of World class defenders. We all appreciate Ledly was a god among men even with his dodgy knees, and until Jan ( no disrespect to Kaboul, who season before was outstanding but least we forget this was during his second spell) had no rightful hier to da defensive throne, with Dawson a lowly jester or page boy at best. Now like Farsenal, we find ourselves in a precarious position. We can't afford to sit back and wait til all the best defenders are gone, maybe find a jewel in the rough ala wenger, but whatever we do, we must act FAST. Remember we don't have CL to offer these players ie were still a work in progress, albeit a bloody beautiful bit of work, if I do say so myself. Llori , papadopoulos, ranocchia and alderweird are all players that have potential and all the short of targets we should b looking at. The rest of the league are getting slightly worried...which brings me on to my next quick subject. I've noticed a few pundits not giving us a hope in hell, whether we keep bale or not, but giving the acquisitions we've made, tbh I don't see nothing but a top 3 finish for us. Yes we are missin a CB n LB maybe another striker but even without bale, a team boasting Dembelè , Paulinho ,Sandro, Soldado, Lennon, Chadli, jan, kaboul walker etc on paper has to b one of the STRONGEST, so u pundits can eat a fat ****, lol ,I pray we grab a decent CB so we can be fully prepared for coming season.COYS
  15. I hear what your all saying but last few seasons we've had late acquisitions which hasn't helped our start to da league, personally I'd like all transfers in or out to b before the 1st game of the prem, so AVB knows wat he's working with and to enable the team to gel.