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  1. gibbs131

    What's our best team without bale Lennon and Defoe?

    -----------Ade------------ --Sig--Holtby--Moose-- ---Vert-------parker----- BAE--Caulk-Daws--Kyle ----------Lloris------------ Holtby should be given the VDV role...No water carrying..all out attack. VDV and Ade hooked up amazingly well in his first season and we need to recreate that. Moose used to be a striker. Sig scored for fun for Swansea. They will just cut in and beast it. Vert scored 10 goals last season..He should be further forward (Wenger tried to sign him as a DM). Caulker scores from set peices and Sggy and Holtby can take em. IMO that team has so much power, with a packed midfield it will be almost impossible to score against us. Soft Spurs will be out the window. Not all goals need to have flair...Some games can be ragdolled with power. Imagine defending a corner against Caulker, Daws, Ade, Vert etc...Caulker alone is unbeatable in the air...Who do you watch?
  2. gibbs131

    Jermain Defoe

    Defoe is the old soft Spurs: All talent and no drive/mentality to work on his game. It's all a bit of a laugh for players like Defoe: I mean Harry banned nightclubs because players like him were out at all hours partying it up every night and what did Defoe do? He built his own nighclub in his house! We need to sweep that mentality out of the club. Parker recently got injured long term and what did he do? Take a vacation? No: He took his coaching badges. I know what type of player I would rather be in the trenches with.
  3. gibbs131

    Jermain Defoe

    How can we replace him? Who is going to fill the shoes that lose the ball in the final third, miss headers or stand offside for us? How on earth are we going to replace someone who mostly scores his goals in 2's and 3's against the minnows of the league? Perhaps we could get a ballboy to wear a Defoe shirt and chase the ref because he didn't get a decision for backing in to defenders? Does anyone know of any youth team members that shoot with their heads down regardless if someone else is in a better position? Is there perhaps a guy we can bring in on loan to bang reality show contestants or get caught speeding at 2am on a game night?
  4. gibbs131

    Player of the Season?

    It's Bale. Come on now...I live in the US and Bale fever is spreading. This kind of exposure is vital in making us a big club globally. Grass roots, in the US, Brazil etc kids are pretending to be Gareth Bale just like Bergkamp pretended to be Hoddle when he was a kid. Vert is a Rolly Royce...What a steal. Dembo would be my second choice, even though I don't like AVB's role for him.
  5. gibbs131

    why is adebayor still playing ?

    BTW I have faith that Ade will come good. You can't keep a good player down: His last 12 months have been awful, but every season before that he was scoring a goal every 2 games. And that is striker gold. Even when the Gooner scum or Citeh were claiming he only signed for the money he was scoring.
  6. gibbs131

    why is adebayor still playing ?

    Yep. I have a feeling Lev hedged his bets perhaps due to us losing money recently coupled with Defoe scoring in Dec. (I think even with the sale of Modders and VDV we still reported a loss) Lev IMO loves deadline day too much...I think he has something equivalent to the gambler sweats when it approaches At the end of the day we can sign a player whenever we want. We signed Modders before the season even ended/transfer window opened. The window closing is no excuse, we can get players/clubs to sign a pre/agreement/physical. This OBVIOUS hole should have been filled before the end of last season, let alone during the transfer window. Hell it should have been filled 3 times over the season before that!
  7. gibbs131

    Parker: Why he is bombing forward..

    Yep. His talents are wasted in the boiler room.
  8. gibbs131

    Parker: Why he is bombing forward..

    Agreed. But IMO this is an AVB issue and not a Parker issue.
  9. gibbs131

    Expectations of Lewis Holtby

    He has been in the press saying he would rather play in midfield. I hope he does not get his wish: He should be played behind the striker centrally. VDV and Ade had great chemistry and Holtby is the closest thing we have to VDV. And like VDV, he is getting his confidence hammered if he's played on the wings. Either an out and out central AM like Scholes or behind the striker and his potential will be met. If we keep on playing him in on the fringes of his best position he will end up like all the rest of the stop gaps (Malbs, Temu, O'Hara etc)
  10. I've been lurking other forums and have seen Parker hate re him running forward with the ball and running into traffic. People joking about his 360's etc and lack of penetration in the final third: It's tactics. He's drawing midfielders and defenders to him by hanging onto the ball. Bale, Lennon etc are being double marked and he's trying to free them up. He hasn't suddenly decided he is Zidane. Just wanted to get that off my chest: His final pass is a difficult one because he is being pressured, and he has the guts to do this thankless task.
  11. gibbs131

    why is adebayor still playing ?

    He's our best striker. Even when he is awful, we tend to do better. He came back from the ACN (Defoe injured) and we were winning. The second Defoe was introduced into the mix, we went in a tailspin. Defoe = partner poison. In the whole of 2012 if Defoe was on the pitch at the same time as Ade: Ade only scored 2 prem goals. This year, similar stats. This is the VERY worst form of Ades entire career and he takes most of the blame. But Defoe has never struck up a partnershp. Not with Berbs, Bent, Keane, Pav etc. Even with Crouch he was awful and that worked at Portsmouth. If we are going to have one of two lemons on the pitch: At least have one that is a bigger unit that can help the spine of the team re defending free kicks, corners and dragging other players out of position.