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  1. USYiddo

    Review of Spurs at the half way stage

    Can someone tell me who the 4 players that were forced on AVB were? I hadn't heard that anywhere before I read it in the original post...
  2. Amen. Whoever is doing the job, just get behind them and hope we can improve...
  3. USYiddo

    Silly Question

    Thanks guys!
  4. USYiddo

    Silly Question

    Can anyone tell me when it stopped being called 'the premiership' and started being called 'the premier league'?
  5. USYiddo

    Any views on the incident at todays match

    Which set of supporters did it come from?
  6. USYiddo


    Great. Another GK in world class form... He was amazing in the game at theirs last season. Hope he's in less sparkling form tomorrow...
  7. USYiddo


    I wouldn't change anything at the moment. We're winning. We have the luxury of giving Soldado more and more without desperately needing his goals. Meanwhile JD is busy getting the club advanced in all other competitions with his goals. I think it's the wrong time to go out changing things. I do agree with the argument for his form and record against West Ham. If he gets on it should be for 30 minutes, not just 10.
  8. USYiddo

    Chris Hughton

    Totally agree. Love Chris Houghton for the true yid he is and who he is to our club. I always enjoy seeing him succeed (of course not against us), and hope his continued success puts these dicks in their place...
  9. USYiddo

    Dawson signs new contract

    It was AVB at the beginning of last season. Dawson's captaincy makes us better as a team not just because he's a good leader, but because he fought hard and earned his spot. Awesome guy to have at the heart of our defence!!
  10. USYiddo

    The Bay Whore

    If AVB sees a way back for Adebayor, then that's good enough for me. To be blessed with our badge on his chest again he'll have to prove to AVB that he deserves it, so again, if AVB puts him out there, I'll cheer. As for the clammoring about him being a greedy mercenary; what's the opposite? A homebody who works relentlessly to improve his skill and standing at the club? Those were the descriptions used to justify keeping Livermore at the club, and some people speak with as much hate about him cause they don't think he's good enough and get angry when he sees the pitch for us. It's all well and good to want every player we have to be hard working and loyal, but we as fans can't offer that either, so why do we expect it from our players? They're not fans of the club. Only we are...
  11. USYiddo

    Lewis holtby

    I love his energy and his motor too, but the thing I love the most is how much he fucking LOVES playing for Spurs. He almost acts like any of us life-long Yids on this forum would act given the opportunity to have that badge on our chest in a game! Blows me away every time I see him play. I'm gutted I didn't get to watch his first goal for the club but I must admit, I was worried that when it happened his head would explode from pure joy!!
  12. USYiddo


    Ha!! No shit, I drove right by U of P when I was in Philly today. Thank fuck I didn't see her there...
  13. USYiddo

    Yid Army

    The word Yid, when said at WHL, means Tottenham. Plain and simple. It doesn't mean Jewish in a positive or negative way because it doesn't mean Jewish, or anything else for that matter. It means Tottenham. So maybe the people trying to eradicate this hate from our society should stop doing everything they can to keep this hate at the forefront of everyone's minds. And it'd be nice if they stopped taking this pride filled, meaningful, positive word of ours and trying to attach something so awful as that to it... I'm sure some might say that the word came from hate and that's why it can't be used. Well when 34000 fans are chanting it and loving the fact that it is part of their identity, do you think any of those people have any hate in their minds or their hearts when saying that word? I don't. I think, actually I know, from personal experience, that when I'm using that word, it's with absolute love. And that's the only thing that should matter when talking about random meaning we as people assign to words.
  14. USYiddo

    Yid Army

    This is all our campaign has been trying to do: make the racism heard, above the chanting... That was the very last line in the column, his own words, and I think it sums it up perfectly. To paraphrase: all we want is for people to stop forgetting the hate in this word, stop using the word in a positive light, and keep this prejudice at the forefront of everyone's mind.... The word fag is offensive too but is used every time someone goes for a smoke. Same word. Same potential for its sound to cause offense to someone. Still used a million times a day without any complaint.
  15. USYiddo

    Yid Army

    The only thing making this word offensive is the people like the media who keep shouting 'its offensive!'. When you have to explain why Yid is offensive, it means the only reason that person would consider that word offensive is because you gave them a reason to. I loved being a 'Yid' and as I grew up in the states before the Internet I had no idea that was ever an offensive word. My LOVE of the word Yid has always been because to me that meant Tottenham, not Jewish. Now people are saying that every time I use this word I'm actually saying the meaning they attached to it, not what I attach to it. Somebody brought up the question would a Jewish Spurs fan be offended being called a yid. Well, if someone was trying to convey hate toward him because he's Jewish when they say it, then yeah, he'd probably be pissed. If someone refers to him as a yid cause he's a Spurs boy then he'd probably say 'fucking right I am'. People keep saying the context argument is a weak one but the fact is when people at WHL chant or sing Yids, they are literally saying THFC in a different way. There isn't even any attempt at acknowledgement of the words origin. It just came from somewhere in the past but it means everything Tottenham Hotspur. If you're the one saying its offensive, then you're the one who is giving it offense. You're giving it hateful conatations and allowing it to be a weapon against other people. All we're doing is loving our football club...