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  1. Healthfarm

    Danny Rose

    In my opinion we are defensively poor and one of the reasons is that BEE is very good going forward but defensively he is not reliable. I have seen the Southampton lb Luke Shaw, very impressive, with the skill of BEE but defensively stronger. Naughton isn't premiership quality. But having said that nor are some of the others.
  2. I am interested to hear others views on which positions they feel need strengthening to turn our team into a team capable to challenge for the premiership and champions league. Don't name names but pick positions that you feel we are weak in. To set the ball rolling here are my thoughts: 1) a top quality, defensively solid, left full back. 2) creative mid fielder capable of scoring say 10 goals a season (unless Vertongen could convert to this role?) 3) the obvious position to fill is a top quality proven striker (would it be too much to suggest 2 new strikers). Is this a pipe dream to expect THFC to shell out some real money? Ok over to you!
  3. Healthfarm

    Leandro Damiao

    How about a pint on Didier Drogbba?
  4. Healthfarm


    Not really on topic but I must be missing something. Cannot understand how "benny" gets picked for the people's choice. Is he the best we have got?