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    Leandro Damiao

    Did anyone see the Remy goal for QPR yesterday? Beautiful shot for that goal. Having said that, I haven't watched him much at all. K
  2. @midland.....yes, that female lineswoman made several mistakes. How she missed that clear bounce off an Everton defender in the second half amazed every fan watching the game I would suspect. But, I have seen her run the line before and do not remember her making those types of mistakes.
  3. @Scot-Spur...you may well be right. Wouldn't it be nice if Levy outlined his plans for the club? Has anyone seen him speak to the press about anything?
  4. @heart, we ran a lot, but didn't seem to have too many ideas up front. Sound familiar? I can't say that this coming Thursday is looking very good. A must win Thursday.
  5. Just haven't thought that Holtby has done much of anything so far. A lot of running around, I suppose. A few speculative shots from distannce that were nowhere near on target.
  6. Well, really not much of a game, was it? Spurs have had a hard time all season whenever teams park the bus and try to score on the break. I'm glad that Ade scored and narrowly missed a second. Hopefully Ade will start tucking them away from now on.
  7. kevmeist

    why is adebayor still playing ?

    @adam biddlecombe, are coulibaly and ceballos registered for the first team?