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  1. Chibi'lloris

    Who's Next to come?

    Levys a genius.. Lol
  2. Chibi'lloris

    Gareth Bale thread

    Very true.. We are building a team now which hopefully can stay in the top four or even challenge for title. Don't see us buying anymore player for atleast a couple of seasons and the champions league ( hopfully) money we get for being in the competition should pay for the new stadium and other expenses.
  3. Chibi'lloris

    Who's Next to come?

    If we sign Willian for 30m as reported dunno if we are going to sign Lamela too.. Finger x... Levy is serious this season... Where all a sudden did we get all this money from...
  4. Chibi'lloris

    Will Wenger try an sign one of our targets?

    Hopefully we bid for alderwield before the arse get in there first. Surely if Norwich had a 5m bid accepted.. A bargin! Partnered with vertonghen our centre backs are solid.
  5. Chibi'lloris

    Your best Tottenham 11...

    Lloris Woodgate. King. Vertonghen. Carrick. Modric Lennon. Ginola Vdv. Bale. Klinsmann.
  6. Sell naughton too? Don't rate him
  7. Sell: Townsend, Parker, Dempsey, Livermore, Huddleston, Sell either ADE/defoe. If possible sell Gomes. Bentley. Jenas. even for 1m each... Every little helps..
  8. Chibi'lloris

    Who would you sell to raise funds....WHo has to GO GO GO!

    Totally agree we should try and sign Son. He can play AM, Winger, second striker. Very versatile.Have we thought about Keisuke Honda.. His contracts up soon I believe. Imagine our attacking mids and wingers. Lennon, Honda, bale or Lennon, bale, son or son, Honda, bale you get the drift... Would love Higuain and Benteke as our strikers . Use Son as 3rd choice if needed
  9. Chibi'lloris

    Who would you sell to raise funds....WHo has to GO GO GO!

    Seems like AVB doesn't rate BAE if a bid comes in for him I see him sold. Maybe invest (Luke Shaw) or should we give Rose a chance as Fryers too inexperience.. If someone comes in for Dawson with a decent fee like QPR did previously.. Maybe invest in Toby Alderweireld..
  10. Chibi'lloris

    Leandro Damiao

    Seems like the Brazilian striker weve been chasing for is going to Napoli for 16m? Is levy gona take action and hopfully sway his head or too early to make a bid and wait till deadline day... 'sigh'
  11. Says it all in the title. Would Mr Levy be different this season and let us spend spend spend.. Or would AVB have to decide which players just isn't up to the job and would be better to cash in.. Bearing in mind wehave players contract expiring in the summer 2014.. Cash in now? Which players would you like to see leave.. Maybe next topic would be who would you replace them with... Or shall we just have it all on this thread... Lol...
  12. Chibi'lloris

    What positions do we need top players for?

    First ever post from me. 1, 1 or 2 strikers depending on if we can get rid or ADE, ima big fan do Defoe but we need someone who we can rely on getting us goals consistently. 2, a winger who can play either sides, AVB certainly like bales in a more central role we need a winger who can pacey down the left or who we can swap Lennon on the right with when he injured or his final balls not working for us. 3, DC who can also cover Walker on the right.. Someone like vertonghen who's a DC and covered our LB position. (have a sniff around vertonghen old club..hehe)