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  1. JoeSakic

    PL: Leicester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    I disagree on your assessment of Sissoko. For me he's a player who has lost all confidence. He did nothing with his size and strength and was in fact out dueled quite a few times for headers. He doesn't attack the ball and is always so desperate to offload it without continuing a run. That missed chance from Harry's set up should have been in the back of the net. Same thing with Llorente and Dele's chances... Players lacking confidence taking poor efforts from in close.
  2. JoeSakic

    PL: Leicester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    I don't know what game you were watching Mihai but Rose was absolute shit in the 1st half...piss poor delivery after piss poor delivery. Absolute shit performance again from the squad. Other than Harry all were shit. I'm so angry right now because we've pissed this season away. The captain and Harry come out saying this is a must win and they lay an absolute egg. These boys have in their head the CL is where it's at...well reality check if we make it two rounds in the knockout it'll be a miracle. Excellent to see Erik back great touch to set Harry up. I'm absolutely gutted right now.
  3. JoeSakic

    PL: Leicester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    It's unbelievable how flat we start every game. Once again I reiterate why in the sweet Jesus is Sissoko starting? He is terrible. Maddening watching this.
  4. JoeSakic

    PL: TOTTEHNAM HOTSPUR v West Bromwich Albion

    For me this effort is not acceptable. You are playing a bottom of the table squad that you know is going to park the bus and you need to be moving the ball quickly yet you don't. I agree with those that Erikson for me was the worst player on the pitch with Dele and Ben Davies not far behind him. My biggest concern with the squad is simple...we don't have any quality depth. As Erikson was struggling I was thinking we should bring in...wait not Sissoko...not Lorrente...not any of the 3 defenders on the bench I suppose Dembele. Top 4 teams need quality on the bench...thats why the likes of Chelsea Liverpool United and City are dangerous because they have so many options. I get we are not big spending team and that's a big reason I love this club but surely our club can identify attacking options that can put in a shift. When you start Son you lose your only true threat off the bench. Frustrating that this club can't bring in that depth year after year. Maybe next year once the stadium is built or the following year but I'm afraid by then the vultures would have picked us clean.
  5. JoeSakic

    CL: Borussia Dortmund v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    I'm not going to lie...the first half had me worried about a repeat of the Arsehole game. But I tip my hat to the lads, in the second half they played like the Spurs I know. We controlled play and were in control the whole time. Whatever Poch said to them at the interval it worked brilliantly. We need the lads to take the positive momentum created into the weekend against WBA. We need to throttle them and not leave any doubt in people's minds that the season is relatively young and that Spurs shouldn't be counted out. COYS
  6. JoeSakic


    Now that it's settle in I'm left to hope that the club addresses our lack of quality midfield depth in the January window. I know VW is injured (who knows when he will return) and Lamela is on the mend but we need to shore up the midfield with some quality. I would love to add the pair of Richarlison and Barkley. We'd then have some very nice depth for the back half of the year. I know the likelihood of Richarlison joining isn't great but would love his talent on the wing. I think you add those two plus a healthy VW and TA and we crush those trash hounds at Wembley.
  7. JoeSakic


    Long time gents. So frustrating to watch this game. Forget the terrible call by Dean and the missed offside, the team was quite listless and I can't understand the marriage with Sissoko. His qualities just don't mesh with this team...he can't make quick decisions and isn't very strong technically. It's clear Kane is not healthy and don't understand why we took so long to swap in Winks and Son. I hate losing to those trashbag Googlers.
  8. JoeSakic

    Europa Cup: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs FC Dnipro

    Enjoy it nelly...do so for those that don't ever get the opportunity! COYS
  9. JoeSakic

    Our prayers are answered

    Come on mjb...this club wants to win...they can't do it with the likes of him. The reality is Kyle will end up at a bottom feeder fighting for their place year over year. He is defensively responsible but in this day and age those guys wouldn't be too difficult to locate.
  10. JoeSakic

    Van gaal

    Something tells me I don't think United would look to him. The point of installing Moyes was to have someone who can grow and manage the team over the long term rather than short term successors. They are a club that likes and thrives on stability - there was a massive change this summer for them and that voice, I think will be given time to adapt and grow. If he's not I think they target someone younger with longer term desire to manage.
  11. JoeSakic


    I think moving Soldado along is a big mistake...right now he's fighting confidence...it takes one to turn these guys around. His partnership with Ade could be absolutely deadly. I don't think we should move any of the new signees this summer...that is assuming Tim is no longer manager next season.
  12. JoeSakic


    To be honest Smudger...if we go down that path then we will be in fact nothing but a selling club because you may find those bargains but will be easily persuaded to sell them when they prove their worth (if they do). I know we'll struggle to compete with the billionaire clubs but I'd hate to see use the same approach that the middling clubs use.
  13. JoeSakic

    Europa Cup: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs FC Dnipro

    My lineup: Bentaleb Bentaleb Bentaleb Bentaleb Bentaleb Bentaleb Bentaleb Bentaleb Bentaleb Bentaleb That's right...he's so good we only need 10.
  14. JoeSakic

    Van gaal

    I think (this is my personal opinion) that the players just aren't responding to Tim because he doesn't have the experience. It's funny because I liken managing a football squad to coaching a hockey team - the more proven success a coach has the more his message is willing absorbed by players at all stages of their careers. The less experience or proven success, the less likely that individual will have any prolongued success with that squad. Levy clearly backed himself into a corner by dissmissing AVB and was left with very little options. Tim demanded more money to manage the team through the rest of the season (as he should have) and Levy capitulated. The result, the players see a lame duck manager and won't necessarily respond to his messaging...human nature. I long to have LVG as manager of our club - he's a proven winner. He believes in young players and we have amazing young talent on this squad. He's well respected and is as decorated as any manager currently managing club football.
  15. JoeSakic

    Players & Champions League

    Agreed Turk. Sad thing is without bringing someone like LVG into manage next season I can see the likes Jan, Hugo, etc leave. Winning teams start with winning managers - I'm not anti-Tim I'm pro proven winners. Because I'm pro proven winners I'd want LVG before Frank deBoer...Louis has done it in every league he's managed - he has class and experience and would command the respect of his players based on his history of successes.