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  1. ANewEra

    What makes a successful Summer Transfer Window?

    I think this is a pretty easy question. Keep everyone apart from sissoko. I dont know what to do regarding GK. He adds something different to our team but the problem is that I'm not sure he's good enough. With regards to bring players in, we definitely need backup for dembele and toby and another creative player, whether its a winger or a creative CM. I really like the look of thomas lemar. Direct, pacey winger who can pass, shoot, cross, and do set pieces. An all round attacker at 21 years old. I'd say get rid of sissoko and even GK for him. There's a lot of CM I wouldn't mind us signing. I'm a big fan of Max Meyer. He's another creative player who can pass well, but I'm not entirely convinced he can adapt physically to the premier league. Another CM we've been linked with is Adrien Silva, which I just think is a made up story. I think he's a decent player though with good experience, being Sporting's captain and winning the Euros with Portugal. Another one we've been linked to is Mateo Kovacic. Good young player, who I think poch can develop well. Rumors are saying Real want to sell him to raise funds for Mbappe, As for the backup for Alderweireld, we've been linked to Juan Foythe. Reports saying his agent and club owner (Juan Sebastian Veron) are coming to London to negotiate a deal. He's only 19 so I'm not necessarily sure this is the right move. I think we need someone with better experience. If Alderweireld gets injured, I don't think we can rely on Dier to step in. He looks shaky when he's playing with only one other CB.
  2. ANewEra

    Tottenham Hotspur vs Juventus ticketing

    Is anyone here going to this game? if so, where are you sitting?
  3. I live in the US, but I'm staying in London for a while and really want to go watch some Spurs games while I'm here. This is going to be my first Spurs game, so I really don't know much about ticketing and seating. Which sections are for the home fans and which sections are for the away fans? Also does anyone know any pubs around Wembley us fans can go have a few drinks at?
  4. ANewEra

    Players you won't see again

    Siggy wouldn't fit in our system. He's a central player where most of swansea's offense threat goes through him. We saw when he was here that he wasn't as effective because he was pushed out wide. Mason wasn't good enough. No better than carroll imo. Last season we all agreed that he wasn't good enough for us. Too much sideways and backwards passing with nothing to offer going forward. Townsend was too predictable and has no end product. End of. Don't forget the frustration we had when we saw them here. We would not have used any of those players. We need more dynamism in this team, especially regarding the pace aspect.
  5. I think we're too focused on the lack of depth. I personally think we should be looking at improving the starting 11. It looks very one dimensional at times. Maybe if we go into the mentality of "oh this player will replace kane/eriksen" then I think we'd see a big difference in squad depth. We brought in players looking to make the bench when we should bring in players to make the starting lineup. That way, if the person we brought in does replace someone like kane or eriksen, they'd be on the bench, driving them to improve and ultimately improving our squad depth. I could be wrong but this is my opinion regarding strengthening squad depth. Just a thought....
  6. ANewEra


    Well its a good thing we're god awful at set pieces then! Eriksen's set pieces are bloody awful now. His corners are always short corners or doesn't get past the first man. And we haven't scored a free kick since eriksen scored two against swansea last season (which was around october 2015)! This has a draw written all over it. Liverpool will be looking to get back to winning ways and will play with high intensity and purpose. We'll want to close the gap on chelsea, but given our recent struggle to break defenses down and scoring and our record at anfield, I doubt we'll get a win. I think we'll drop points here, but I'll be delighted if I'm proved wrong
  7. Looks like no ones coming in this window. Poch apparently stated that theres less than a 1% chance of bringing someone in.
  8. ANewEra


    I understand that just because these players are at our club, it doesn't mean they're good enough or premier league standard. What I was referring to was the fact that we fielded a similar team against gillingham and thrashed them 5-0 and they're in league one. I think poch may have underestimated the opponents a little given they are a division lower, but I guess we just have a difference of opinion on this matter.
  9. ANewEra


    Let's be completely honest here. It's not Poch's fault. The side he put out should've been more than strong enough to beat wycombe. Very poor defensively and I think its because Wimmer isn't match sharp and CCV doesn't have much experienced. Akinfenwa bullied them today and CCV should not have made that tackle for the pen. Both GKN and Onomah were too keen to impress so they tried to take on players instead of passing (which cost us a few easy chances). Wycombe were on a long unbeaten streak in all competitions so they played to their best. We showed great character to come back from 2-0 down, and 3-2 in the 84th minute to come back and win it. More importantly, we're through to the next round. If we were playing a prem side, I doubt this would've been our lineup. Let's not be so negative about this game and learn from it and move on.
  10. Our top priority in January is no one else except a creative midfielder. I understand it's hard especially in january and poch doesn't like changing the team and disrupting team environment, but if we want to compete with the big guns, we need a creative midfielder who can unlock defenses. That is TOP priority. And to be completely honest, I think it's the only player we need and I think our team is pretty solid. Our attack recently has been shite lately. 3 goals in 5 games with 2 goals being penalties. Isco should be a priority signing. koke or bellarabi would be nice too, but I think they'd both cost more than Isco
  11. ANewEra

    Too early for worry about Janssen?

    Janssen is fine. The problem is our midfield. I see Janssen finding space and putting his arms in front of him asking the teammates for the through ball, but they always end up passing out to the wings or backwards. There's no directness in our play. No creativity. They're too scared of taking risks. We're begging for a creative midfielder in our team. That way, Janssen will get the service he needs, and at this point, deserves.
  12. ANewEra

    Too early for worry about Janssen?

    I think its just the pressure of the prem. His back to goal play is good, but the problem is he can't turn around when he gets the ball because the defenders right up against him. He cant get a decent shot away because of that and ends up passing. Very early to label him a flop or whatnot, we'll just have to wait and see how he adapts
  13. ANewEra

    What's wrong with Wimmer?

    Wimmer was injured at the beginning of the season. Player confirmed it himself. I can' remember the source but I read earlier today how he wasn't happy that he wasn't getting a lot of playing time and how even though the club said he's "one for the future, a player wants the now" or whatever. He said he's hopeful that he'll get more playing time given all of the midweek games that we'll play, but if not, then he might asses his options come January. If true, it would be a HUGE blow. I rate him so highly, I really think that he has the potential to be better, if not already, than Jan. Really hope Poch gives him more chances because I would HATE to see such a big talent leave this club
  14. Draxler's agent says draxler is definitely leaving wolfsburg next summer. A cheeky bid and this would be a fantastic signing for us. If not, then I'm also reading some rumors that Isco wants to leave Real Madrid since he is not getting much playing time (a bit contradictory to why he wanted to stay in the summer). Reading that Poch and Levy are big fans and could possibly make a move in January. Again, great player, would be a great signing for us.
  15. ANewEra

    PL: West Bromwich Albion v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    We drew them both times last season. Need a win. Hopefully chadli doesn't score against us