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  1. Tottenhamtillidie

    January Window

    Fucking bullshit
  2. Tottenhamtillidie

    Walcott out of World Cup

    What a wanker now hold your fingers up you little cunt
  3. Tottenhamtillidie

    Two new full backs needed for January

    Why dont our coaches ever tell walker to look over his shoulder he might just see the runners . And rose just isnt good enough another season on loan i think.
  4. Tottenhamtillidie

    Sherwood given job to end of the season apparently

    Tim will do a good job,he will play with style and use the right attacking formation 4 2 3 1 my arse.lol
  5. Tottenhamtillidie

    AVB - Contract Terminated

    Avb failed last season and was going to fail this season. And for people on this forum calling us cunts just because we have a opinion is wrong. The next coach we get might not suit everyone but lets get behind him and put this mess right. Losing to liverpool and city in that manner isnt great for any coach.
  6. Tottenhamtillidie

    Back to basics

    Well said mate
  7. Tottenhamtillidie


  8. Tottenhamtillidie

    Oldy Cockrel new at chat forums.

    Welcome mate
  9. Tottenhamtillidie

    Mourinho is pissin' me off!

    He's just a wanker.
  10. Tottenhamtillidie

    New to The Spurs Web

    Welcome dave enjoy the banter.
  11. Tottenhamtillidie

    David Moyes on diving

    Not much honesty in football these days good to see.
  12. Tottenhamtillidie

    TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Norwich City

    Pro performance from the lads
  13. Tottenhamtillidie

    Real Madrid Cheese

    Special friends
  14. Tottenhamtillidie

    Kyle Walker

    Makes sense now thats why he stands there ball watching,off his nut all the time.
  15. Tottenhamtillidie

    Hello from London!

    Welcome to the nut house mate.