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  1. Reestar

    PL: Manchester City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Absolute trash bags, rose is crap id pick davies over him every time, trippier needs to remember hes a defender. Alli is gripping my shit too he is fooking awfull, he unbalances the team and his technical ability is shocking so he fouls to cover his fook ups. Garbage this season, last year he scored a few so you forget all the bad touches and ball losses, garbage. From the crap ive been watching lately this january window we need to do something, a right winger we need as we have no pace other than son. And a mid fielder who can get past people and do something.
  2. Reestar

    CL: Borussia Dortmund v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Bring back jansen I say.
  3. Reestar


    Absolute shite, sanchez put a shift in fair play to him and got punished for great defending! If it wasnt for allis finishing I dont think he should start , shocking display.
  4. Reestar


    Great games this week well chuffed only let down was royces predictions he had them all apart from one scorer lol
  5. Reestar

    PL: West Ham United v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Have to beat them! Nothing else will do.
  6. Reestar

    CL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Borussia Dortmund

    Good performance against a seasoned cl team, we soaked up the pressure first half then second we dominated them as theu started to tire. Should have scored more, bit more composure needed at this this level! Win against the swans then barnsley thats three on the bounce at wembley then we get this hoodoo crap outta the way, onwards and upwards coys!
  7. Reestar

    Rumours regarding Toby Alderweirald

    Wouldnt suprise me if news came out he will be leaving. It seems odd that he hasnt had a new contract already, and if the wages are as low as what they say they are for a world class defender then I wouldnt blame him going. Hope it gets resolved sharpish tho our defensive line is solid with him in it.
  8. Reestar


    We needed that good performance against a shaky everton. Eriksen and Ben Davies played very well now for the germans.
  9. Reestar


    Time to win against good opposition and get this crap start out of the way
  10. Reestar


    Rubbish! Its like we're playing thinking we'll batter teams, the difference thus far in our our play to last year is theres no intense pressure we are too slow and laboured. We had that game in the bag playing this way but instead invited burnley to attack. I hate feeling poch is held at gun point to bring sissoko on he completly changes the game for wrong reasons what is he? a winger? Not fast or skillfull enough.A midfielder? not defensive or tactical enough its like hes in limbo of what he is. Dembele going off etc winks on changed the defensive dynamic too much and made us look clueless to see a game out. Trippier was a shambles today playing attacking with no end product, defensively poor as well bad day for him. Good result for burnley they deserved it for changing the shape at the right time. We doing nowt to help these Wembley curse bollox stories. Points dropped and 5 points behind already after 3 games only, bad start much improvement needed for a so called title challenging team.
  11. Reestar

    Big Money?

    It's the going rate for promising players now, we need to sort out the wage structure otherwise all these promising players will use us as a stepping stone to bigger wages.
  12. Reestar

    The enigma of Janssen.

    He's not at our level of play unfortunately and if we are raising the bar in our ambition , then can we play the game of hope they become good? We all know if someone's got it in our heart of hearts and we have to become tougher in our actions to be taken seriously on the field and off the field. If you come play for spurs in this era you need to be assured in your talents and work hard. If we selling , sell him if not loan him out to another prem team and see how he does there but not good enough in my opinion.
  13. Reestar

    Champions League

    We'll win the league instead lol
  14. Reestar


    Lloris made a bad mistake throwing it out and then an even worse mistake using his arms instead of just blocking the ball with his foot. Chelsea did nothing but keep it tight and we couldnt break them down, played ok tho. Sick of this Wembley curse bull shit already, a pitch is a pitch.
  15. Reestar


    If it's true Chelski have have inquired about alderweireld today then it tells me they are scared and trying to unsettle the team, so a good spanking is the order of the day for them me thinks! Coys!