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  1. Dundeeyid1

    Greatest pl striker performance

    berba for the spurs vs west ham, classy performance
  2. Dundeeyid1

    Peoples aspirations for the season

    i dont think we are title conteders just yet, 4 place finish this season and im over the moon
  3. Dundeeyid1

    Villa 1/3 to join spurs?

    A move for David villa is looking more likely each day, do you think he would suit our play and be 20 plus goal striker in the premiership?
  4. Dundeeyid1

    Ancelotti to bid for Paulinho?

    If we do loose out it will be a blow, but we will have to be quick in the Market and focus on a striker or two
  5. Dundeeyid1

    Ancelotti to bid for Paulinho?

    Friends with a scout from fulham and he says he has heard Madrid have or about to make 20m bid which makes no sense when we got 17 accepted? Was excited about this transfer hope them bastards don't steal him
  6. Dundeeyid1

    Ancelotti to bid for Paulinho?

    Sadly Paulinho's move to Madrid seems to be on
  7. Dundeeyid1

    Ancelotti to bid for Paulinho?

    I think if Madrid do come calling, he will loose him, sad because he is a quality player
  8. Dundeeyid1

    Ancelotti to bid for Paulinho?

    Rumours suggestion Madrid to outbid spurs for Paulinho, thoughts?
  9. Dundeeyid1


    Not seen much of erikson, how about the boy victor Fischer meant to be a real good prospect?
  10. Dundeeyid1


    From a Dutch point of veiw how good is the boy erikson? And affellay been linked with tottenham would he suit the spurs?
  11. Dundeeyid1

    Who would give sigursson a chance this season?

    Yeh agree with all you said just don't feel avb likes him as much as we do
  12. Dundeeyid1

    Who should be sold this summer?

    Parker gets alot of unfair critiscm in my books, he does like to go on the occasional maisy and loose the ball, but his awareness and reading of the game I think is amazing and good organiser in the. Midfield something I do t think we have, yeh adebayor definatley has 'Togo' Hahah
  13. Dundeeyid1


    Jason dozzell the self proclaimed next Glenn hoddle haha
  14. Dundeeyid1

    Who should be sold this summer?

    In my opinion huddelston Livermore Rose Dempsey Gomes adebayor need to go, I would hold on to Parker who would you get rid of?
  15. Dundeeyid1

    Higuain to Arse?

    When he is on form there are few better really hope he chooses juve over arsenal, classy player