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  1. Rooko

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v West Ham United

    January transfer ha ha, love it can't manage the summer one yet.
  2. Rooko

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v West Ham United

    Westham it could be anything, we're always give teams a chance it depends if they take them. need Harry to be on top form and hopefully eriksen can actually assist the team for a change.
  3. Rooko

    It's worry time for Janssen

    I imagine coming on late in a nld may be overwhelming so I give janseen a pass as he normally has plenty of effort and energy. josh onamah is an embarrassment and I'd take janseen any day. he needs a goal soon but it may be better when we have a fit first 11 as there should be more room and opportunity when he plays.
  4. Rooko


    Fuck arsenal there shit, had we not had 2 of our 5 core players missing for every game this season and had a more settled team, we'd be top of the league. should we get lloris, Toby, mousa, Ali and Kane on the same pitch for a run of games we'd be flying. thought we done well today and don't think they troubled us much more than any other half decent side would, every team gets a few chances. the fact that we had a half fit Kane and dembelle and 2 half injured wing backs says it all.
  5. Rooko


    Thought winks played well think he'd do better with high quality around him. Dier was poor he should be setting an example of calm. vorm was brilliant janseen is so unlucky needs something to full his way and he should be ok. correll and josh ain't even close we looked clueless going forward again, poch needs to sort this out. There is no attaching threat in any of our players at present. Eriksen/janseen/lamela/ssissko could play ten games straight and not score. sons hit his peak and probably won't see much for the rest of the year and delle keeps missing sitters.
  6. Rooko

    PL: West Bromwich Albion v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Foster havin the game of his life! Keepers save the a game for Spurs.
  7. Rooko

    I know, I know I'm biased, but just take a look

    Like how he generally goes for bottom corner, not looking for the Hollywood goal. looks ok, I'm not sure he'd get that much space on English soil, or nutmegging keepers from 18 yards.
  8. Rooko

    PL: West Bromwich Albion v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    These post are far too optimistic for a yid forum, it's making me nervous. its in the DNA to do well, set us up for success only for us to get kicked in the balls. after citeh I can't see us losing to anyone, but this is Tottenham and we can lose to anyone. Confused!! actually think we should win barring injury but any team in the prem is capable of knicking a win agaisnt anyone, so I expect another tough game.
  9. Rooko


    Alright smart arse, you can do maths and write! Can you make a poodle out of a balloon. Ha ha corr talk about blow your own trumpet.
  10. Rooko


    I agree with some of the points On lamela, same as last season I thought he was going to smash it as he looked really strong in pre season but didn't really improve on an attacking sense. his work rate is excellent but as stated he gives the ball away more than any other and in dangerous areas when it's not needed he does assist but annoys me at how poor he's ratio is actually setting anything up and his shooting is so predictable. i still think he's a worthy player but needs to step it up as he is the weak link in the team at present with nkoudou breathing down his neck and I think it'll be a good transition and battle for both of them this year. lamela is effective in the lesser games and I prefer him to chadli although chadli has more goals in him he was lazy. at this rate lamela won't be in the starting 11 come the end of the season barring any injuries unless he improves he's game atleast 20%. I just hope ssissko, Edwards or nkoudou can push him either to improve or out the first 11.
  11. Rooko


    I would say you can't go of motd for a true reflection of the game, as they show a different game to the one I watched and there views are biased. Although this has nothing to do with lamela being an ass hat.
  12. Rooko


    I prefer it when we're under the radar as we don't deal well with the hype or expectation. great result, early days, game by game.
  13. Rooko


    I think eriksen was just as guilty, lamelas been penalty taker after Kane, I believe sons at fault for this but we shall see. lamela did frustrate and made the biggest mistakes today and does give the ball away in vulnerable areas. still great result and thought they all battled hard, the penalty scenario the only negative.