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    Vorm Trippier Wimmer Fazio Davies Carroll Mason Andros Alli Onomah Clinton Bring maybe Lamela but leave the rest at home please Poch. No point traveling stupid miles just to have Sunday starters sitting on the bench out there. Beat Chelsea and it will make it very very difficult for them to catch us. If we need to beat Monaco then we will go out and beat them at the Lane.
  2. dommo

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Aston Villa

    Monday night was a game where I stood there watching and thinking - "Luka come back" Dier was immense again and all in all an easy victory ( wouldn't be Spurs if they didn't make us shit ourselves for 10 crazy minutes)
  3. dommo


    Play as many youngsters as possible. Why risk any squad player getting injured in what is a nonsense game.
  4. dommo

    PL: Sunderland vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Poch is going nowhere... he likes to give youngsters a chance. This in turn means we spend less in the transfer market.... and as Danny Boy is spending the cash on the new stadium we will have many many years of not spending big in the window or on wages and hoping that with the help of a few youngsters who haven't cost much we can nick 4th or worst case settle for 6th and Europa. Poch is his man...
  5. dommo

    PL: Leicester City vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    I'm guessing as Pedro was match fit after playing important games with Barca is was pretty straightforward to throw him in. Don't think NG has played any and may not be match fit. We must surely be the greatest team on earth at gifting the opposition goals. Will there ever be a day when we are in a game and after 70 minutes think it's ok we can't lose this !!!!
  6. dommo

    Hi, can you help.

    If you login on the spurs site to your account it should show you your position on the waiting list. I know someone on it 6 years and they are still 30,000 or thereabouts on it.
  7. dommo

    Latest rumours

    We don't pay the wages to get any superstars in... For us to make Top 4 you are looking at one of Cuntski.Goons, Man U and city having a seriously shit season. Unlikely........ The sixth best team in the league usually finishes where???? We are a work in progress and I suspect for the next 5-10 seasons we will remain anywhere within the 5th to 8th position. Only once our stadium is paid for can we move on properly as a club who will pay the big bucks to bring in the quality players for now, not ones for potential in 3-4 years. Until that day any of our players who show potential will move on to a bigger salary somewhere else.
  8. dommo

    Europa League

    15 of squad who are playing in the league on the following Sunday should not be part of the Europa squad on the Thursday. 6/7 non first team regulars should be played with youngsters filling the remaining spots. If this cannot see us through the group stage then we should be even in the competition given the lack of quality and that 3 teams qualify. Once knockout stage arrives in Feb - lets have a go and take it seriously.
  9. dommo

    Lennon kisses the badge or a***

    Him not playing for us last season just highlighted how shit Kyle Walker is defensively. Especially when he doesn't have someone in front of him willing to track back. Yes Lennon can't cross his fingers but his work ethic is something he never got enough credit for.
  10. dommo


    Poch won't be sacked.... with the new stadium Danny boy will love the fact that a few youngsters have come through and will expect similar over the next 5-10 years whilst all our money is tied up in the stadium. Unfortunately it will be similar story next year. Who will buy the players we want to ship out??? They certainly wont pay what Danny boy values them at.. Champions League will not be the target at start of next season. Promoting another 2 youngsters to the first 16 will be.
  11. dommo

    thoughts for the rest of the season

    Excellent post - although I think the fixures have been kind to Tim. OUr club needs stability not more change. lets try build something with the players we have and see what happens then regroup in the summer. Maybe bring in two players whilst letting two go. Keep the vast majority of the team together and see where it takes us. Rather than starting another season with a new crop of players who need to adjust and seetle in..
  12. dommo


    Against a team like City you must set out your intentions from the start. Ours was not to press, not to tackle and basically let city pass it around/through us as they pleased. Aguero was awesome and gave a performance for 40 minutes that can only be applauded. When we actually got in their faces for 10 minutes before half time we rattled them. The linesman was a disgrace and should be punished for making that terrible decision. Being there in realtime I would have bet my house that it was never a penalty but that clown thought otherwise and in turn killed the game. Every fan in the ground could have walked out of the stadium at that point. On the plus side we don't have to play city again unlike most of our rivals. Players are returning from injury and these are important first team players... it's not all doom and gloom like some on here love it to be. Hopefully Tim has learned one or two lessons from last night and lets' take 3 points off the tigers at the weekend. COYS
  13. dommo


    Couldn't have put it better myself mate..... it's insane how anyone can possibly believe we are a better team without him that with him.
  14. dommo


    Why would Levy want Berbatov back??? That storyline makes no sense at all!!! As for him joining us and - he gave an exhibition of how a centre forward should hold up the ball against us last month. Obviously his lack of pace means you need plenty of energy around him. Can definitely still do a job in the short term...
  15. dommo

    PL: Swansea City vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Naughton has not really had a chance at Right Back which is his position!!!! I think he is limited in what he can do going forward but defensively will be ok and I'm guessing Dawson will be happy knowing that his right back will be in close proximity for most of the game rather than being 20 yards away.
  16. dommo

    Capoue on his bike

    Very insightful - Blinkers sping to mind
  17. dommo

    Capoue on his bike

    Sorry chaps think the previous post was for another thread.<br /><br />Keep Capoue...against the better teams you really need strong power players in the centre of the pitch and that's what he is. Him, Sandro and Dembele in the middle could control anythign the other big boys have to throw at us and leave the other 3 wingers/strikers the freedom to do damage further up the pitch.
  18. dommo

    Capoue on his bike

    All that matters is winning. Selection will only really become a big issue when you dont. Tim should thank his lucky stars that Rose and Lennon have come back just as his reign begins. Imagine being part of the 11 that took the field at the emirates. Bet they couldn't believe their luck to be in the squad for the next match let alone in the team. First 45 mins was probably the most shambolic at the lane in the last 5 years. Absolutely dreadful. Things changed in the second half only because we scored early thanks to a punt upfield and a flick on Cascarino like (good finish though) but we won so it's all irrelevant. Tim's selection was justified. Honestly I have no idea what direction the team is going in but I now fear games. With a bit of quality in the final third Palace could have been 4 up!!!! Completely overrun. Think any possibilities of top four will be decided in our next 4 games....
  19. dommo

    FA Cup 3rd Round: Scum vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Can't find an excuse for throwing a coin at a player because he made a smart arse gesture!!! It takes a certain type of individual to just take a coin out of their pocket and launch it at another individual...especially when there are others in very close attendance to that person who are as innocent as the bloke sitting next to you. Fans give opposition player stick some even rant about [email protected] their kids and when the player smiles or kisses the badge in their direction they get upset and feel like they have the right to do anything. The bloke who ran on and threw the punch at Lampard deserved a lifetime ban. Not only because it is totally unacceptable to do such a thing but also because it was one of the worst punches I've ever seen thrown. If you as a fan put yourself in the opposition players shoes you would more than likely do exactly what they did/do as a basic Fuck You to those opposition fans....
  20. dommo

    The need for a centre back - with PACE

    Spot on mate. He will be lucky to play another game for us. Almost certain too that Harry will take a chance on his fitness once we fail to renew his contract. Centre Back is a postion in change. Full backs don't defend anymore which means they have twice as much ground to cover. We play the highline which with Hugo can work. It also means we must press the ball and not allow the opposition time and space to dink the ball behind us. Vlad will be absolutely fine. Better than most replacements suggested on this thread. He plays ball and one must be prepared that he will get dispossed occasionally. It's a bit like Hugo... we love the fact he is so quick off his line but you know he will conceded 2 penalties a season and possibly see red at some stage. He's only been in this league a few months!!!!!!!!! Yet has still been quality for the most part (southampton being the exception) Dawson has been caught out quite a few times and he has never had much pace but if his pal at right full back moved his starting position 5 yards back towards our goal then he wouldn't be left isolated so much.
  21. dommo

    FA Cup 3rd Round: Scum vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Rest... NO WAY - they can rest after the game as Palace is a week away. Go as strong as possible but if a player is not 100% then don't risk him. Very High tempo is needed. Holtby,Siggy,Lamela,Capoue should all be raring to go.
  22. Sherwood is a cock but that's irrelevant. He has no experience but again it now doesn't matter. What matters is Spurs winning games. That's all I really care about. Players and managers come and go. Claim to love the club but mostly it's bollocks. Here's to Tim being the most successful cock ever to manage a premier league team. COYS
  23. dommo

    The Hoddle Sherwood thread MERGE 1x

    Fuck Sherwood.... he ain't really one of us. He's been playing games behind the scenes since Harry left to get this chance... Rat.. Oh let our striking coach asssist him - How he's managed to keep his job over the last season and a half is a mystery to me.. We do love to make ourselves a laughing stock to the footballing world.
  24. dommo

    Best Ever PL XI....Centre Back Poll Open

    Very tough one... Growing up I remember Paul McGrath and Colin Hendry being absolutely immense for their respective teams. Adams/Sol and desailly (although he was past his best). Spent years watching Ledley hardly ever make a mistake and it often looked like he was the back four. I'll go Ledley and Desailly.
  25. dommo


    Kyle Walker playing so far up the pitch definitely doesn't help Daws but everyone knows it's only a matter of Rose coming back then he will be benched...