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  1. Jay

    Dele Alli Dreadlocks...seriously ??

    I have wash and go hair,the more I wash it the more it goes...
  2. Jay

    Next Spurs Manager Poll ...

    If we can win our last 4 games and somehow gatecrash the champions league spot,I’d give the job to mason,he would deserve his chance,coys!!!!
  3. Jay


    A drop of Jameson in that Horlicks James,will take all your aches away pal.
  4. Bale masterclass now,brillant.
  5. Greatness from bale again,superb..
  6. That’s a stamp on the head,lucky boy..
  7. Jay

    Next Spurs Manager Poll ...

    Scott Parker new favourite with the bookies
  8. Jay

    Horse racing

    June the 7th can’t come quick enough
  9. Jay

    Next Spurs Manager Poll ...

    Potter why not,it will be his chance of a lifetime..
  10. Jay

    Horse racing

    Best tip I ever got,don’t eat yellow snow
  11. Jay

    Kane Gives A Gentle Hint .....

    It’s bad enough that he wants out,how the hell can you replace the irreplaceable
  12. Jay

    Dele Alli Dreadlocks...seriously ??

    He loves the lifestyle to much,and his form has seriously dropped,needs a size 10 in the backside.
  13. Jay


    Good luck James,take it easy pal,get better soon,coys!!!!
  14. Jay

    Next Spurs Manager Poll ...

    Erik ten hag the Ajax boss favourite with the bookies now..