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  1. Knowing mr levy,he will replace Harry with this fine specimen
  2. If we sit back we will get hammered,it’s a cup final just go for it,coys!!!!
  3. Jay

    R.I.P. Prince Philip

    I remember when the queen visited Ireland in 2011,the courier company boss told us to wash our vans and have them sparkling,I turned to one of me mates and said I don’t think the queen of England is going to say to me”alright jay how is going,are you busy,and by the way your van is filthy”
  4. Jay

    Fellaini ?? Dear God no....

    Jesus Christ,I need a lie down
  5. We are a mess,some really tough times ahead.
  6. Toby should be playing..
  7. I use safari mate,it updates frequently and I don’t have any issues.
  8. Need the three points,keep this man happy
  9. Jay

    What Film Have You Just Watched ??

    Watched promising young woman,disturbing but brillant,really enjoyed it,watched girl in the basement,another disturbing film but brilllantly acted it’s a take on the Josef Fritz case in Austria,worth a watch
  10. Jay

    Fans Are Back For Carabao Cup Final

    Note to mourinho look at Leeds never stopped against city and got the win...
  11. Jay

    If Kane Asks To Leave This Summer......

    Yep mate use all the money on aguero,still a top striker and a perfect replacement in my opinion
  12. Jay

    If Kane Asks To Leave This Summer......

    Dissapointing,I can’t see us getting fourth,he will be on his way and I don’t blame him the club just doesn’t match his ambitions,the problem is how do you replace the irreplaceable,aguero maybe????
  13. On the fence here,1-1 is probably or hopefully what we can manage,coys!!!!