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  1. Jay

    members message

    Cant like any posts,any of you gentlemen know what’s going on????? Edited by Borodin @Hastingsyid over to you mate
  2. Jay

    Is Kane Staying ?

    Use the kane money for messi
  3. Watching it live,all I can say is that it’s going to be one long season of dissapointment
  4. Jay

    Romero from Atalanta

    Daniel levy would buy a plaster and then cut himself..
  5. Lucas moura was brillant..
  6. Jay

    Is our sonny staying

    Thank god,seems like a nice lad and is a super player,great news
  7. Extremely difficult opener,I’d take a draw right now.
  8. Jay

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    Plenty of Danny ings rumours,good player if he stays fit,what a partnership with kane that would be here’s hoping
  9. Jay

    Stadium naming rights

    I think it should be “ the fur coat with no knickers stadium”
  10. Jay

    EURO 2020

    Disappointed for me English mate Dave who lives down the road, but Peter in the chipper will be delighted..
  11. Jay

    EURO 2020

    Lucky boy there,that was a red..
  12. Jay

    EURO 2020

    That was coming,why have England stopped playing.
  13. Jay

    EURO 2020

    Defending very well lad,Italy have been poor.