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  1. voice

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Cardiff City

    We do have difficulties after a Europa match, however, I hope this time we can actually win. I am going for Spurs to beat Cardiff 3-1.
  2. voice

    Europa Cup: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs FC Dnipro

    Well, what can I say? I thought it was slipping away from us until they got a red card; then I thought we had won it. But could we have done with 11 against 11?
  3. voice

    Europa Cup: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs FC Dnipro

    I expect Spurs to win by 3 goals. Wishful thinking or realistic hope?
  4. voice

    Spurs and ambition

    I was watching Modric being interviewed and he was saying how much he enjoyed Spurs and Spurs were a great club etc, however, he left because he wanted to go to the next level. And that is the problem; players who come here use Spurs to get to the next level. Bale, Berbatov, Modric etc. The days where we could keep the likes of the Greaves, the Hoddles, Cliff Joneses etc have long gone. What we’ve got to offer them is European Championship football and the possibility of winning the league and other trophies. They don’t want under 4th spot; they don’t want just League Cups or FA cups (which the likes of Cardiff, Wigan, Portsmouth etc can win). If we can’t get into the top 4 then we are no different than West Ham, Palace, Norwich, etc. We are just there to keep up the numbers. The game against Norwich has proven that we've got a long way to go. We are not good enough to get a top 4th placing. We have to rely on Liverpool or Arsenal to slip up for us to get a 4th spot. When we did reach 4th spot it was because of either City being crap or Chelsea. Maybe we need another director/ owner to take us to the next level? At the moment our best hope is Europa league place. We are not bad enough to go down, but either good enough to be 4th or higher.
  5. voice

    PL: Norwich City vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    I am going for a Spurs win; 3-0
  6. voice

    New Spurs Manager

    I am sure there will be a lot more suggestions before the end of the season or the beginning of next. I have no doubt that somebody will suggest in bringing back Bill Nicholson.
  7. voice

    If we weren't a selling club...

    The top 4 manage it.
  8. voice

    Juande Ramos returns

    He would have trained once he realized that he wasn't going anywhere.
  9. voice

    Juande Ramos returns

    You say "can we deny 90 million?"; but if we kept our top players (and Levy could have forced them to stay) then we would have gained more than we made by selling those players.
  10. voice

    If we weren't a selling club...

    If we kept our best players this century and built upon them we would be a regular top 3 club and probably would have won a lot more trophies (that is a lot more than one). Selling clubs win fuck all!
  11. voice

    Good ol' Harry

    Don't forget Harry grew up supporting Arsenal.
  12. voice

    Europa Cup: FC Dnipro vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    It would be good if Sherwood gives Soldado a chance; it might help him if he scores.
  13. voice

    Europa Cup: FC Dnipro vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    I am going for a 3-0 win. Spurs are getting better under Sherwood.
  14. voice

    We can beat Liverpool and get 4th spot.

    Did you forget that Liverpool beat a 10 man Spurs, not an 11 man Spurs? If both the City game and the Liverpool game was even then you would have had a different result. I would have put money on it that an 11 man Spurs would have beaten a 10 man City or Liverpool.
  15. voice

    Arsenal flying to Munich soon

    So it is true that pigs can fly!