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  1. deckard

    One For Hastings...Italian MOTD Presenter!!

    When you get a girl with English breast and Italian bum you know your cardiovascular system is gonna have the time of its life...
  2. deckard


    Good deal for both him and us. I thank him for all he did for Spurs. Time to move on, though Kane may not be enough as a back up, and ideally we should look for another striker
  3. deckard

    Sidney Sam goes to Schalke

    Actually, next time I'll go back to Italy I'll ask mum if it's still around. I haven't seen it for about 40 years, hence my problems with drugs, alcohol and kinky sex
  4. deckard

    Sidney Sam goes to Schalke

    Hey, kiokio was the name of my teddy bear!
  5. deckard

    Lamela on loan?

    Fuck me, I should be less lazy and check again my typing in English, otherwise in a couple of weeks this would turn into a complete BNP forum, and quite rightly so! hahah
  6. deckard

    January Window

    Spursfect is the perfect addition to this insane forum. Respect
  7. deckard

    Lamela on loan?

    That's correct. I have never studied Spanish, but if a Spaniard talks to me I can understand at least 90% of what he said. I went to Spain for work a few times to teach the people how to use a syste without havinge ever spoken Spanis. After an hout I could explain myself well enough. The language barrier can be a problem, but it can be overcome, and we have hundreds of examples in the Premiership. Plus, as I have mentioned above, a player like Tevez has never learnt English, but on the pitch qas quite some player
  8. deckard

    Lamela on loan?

    Spot fucking on
  9. deckard

    Lamela on loan?

    Did Tevez ever learn English?
  10. deckard

    January Window

    Vucinic is shit I have a very bad feeling about Lamela. I really think he'll leave asap, and it's a shame, because he;s our most talented player. We have no pressure for the rest of the season and we should try to play him as much as possible
  11. deckard

    Walcott out of World Cup

    Ok, but I wouldn;t swap your league with ours. Club football is much more important to me (even If I support Spurs lol)
  12. deckard

    Hey good looking........

    Welcome, mate!
  13. deckard

    Let's Hear it For Tim! Extend His Contract!

    Hat off, mate! hahah
  14. deckard

    Let's Hear it For Tim! Extend His Contract!

    That's exactly what my dirty mind was on when I made that comment :-) Stanley Kubrick: god of cinema!
  15. deckard


    RIP to the legend. Unfortunately, I could only hear from my dad how good he was