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  1. TheRobbieKeaneRoll

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Manchester United

    Fuck em we’ll finish above them anyway Even with all that money which supposedly makes all the difference COYS
  2. TheRobbieKeaneRoll

    Transfer Window News (Next One July 2017)

    If you can reach it then I don't think that anyone would begrudge you
  3. TheRobbieKeaneRoll


    He wants £150,000 a week
  4. TheRobbieKeaneRoll

    Transfer Window News (Next One July 2017)

    Ivan Perisic anyone? May want to jump ship after being flogged 6-1
  5. TheRobbieKeaneRoll

    Transfer Window News (Next One July 2017)

    qould be a great squad player, so would Arnautovic who has a 12.5m release clause.
  6. TheRobbieKeaneRoll

    Transfer Window News (Next One July 2017)

    We should be loaning Bentaleb, Pritchard & maybe N'Jie to PL teams. In Poch we trust n all that but everybody makes mistakes.
  7. TheRobbieKeaneRoll

    Formation Changes Coming?

    Needs a Loan to a promoted side
  8. TheRobbieKeaneRoll

    EL: Borussia Dortmund vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    shame we didn't / could'nt field a full strength team. what a match that would have been!
  9. TheRobbieKeaneRoll

    EL: Borussia Dortmund vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Tuchel talking shit, he should know we are playing our B team. There was no point sending anyone from the first team out in any of the previous ties if we were just going to give up now. complete waste of time and more importantly energy.
  10. TheRobbieKeaneRoll

    Yedlin's Loan

    yes I remember that, when he was injured and we were playing a Dawson who was losing the little pace he had. He was a Yid though.
  11. TheRobbieKeaneRoll

    Yedlin's Loan

    “I’m learning from guys like Younes (Kaboul), (John) O’Shea and Wes (Brown), all guys who have been at top teams and been through it all. So it’s a great experience for me.†..Forget everything.
  12. TheRobbieKeaneRoll

    January window

    and yes, we should re-sign Bale, finally put the left back debate to rest..
  13. TheRobbieKeaneRoll

    January window

    http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/transfers/dele-alli-success-leads-tottenham-to-track-three-other-youngsters-a6838101.html Berahino and these three for under 35m - 40m is a steal imo.
  14. TheRobbieKeaneRoll

    January window

    I think that we should sign connor wickham. Then release him 1 second before the window shuts. It's going to be Wimmer's time to shine now.
  15. TheRobbieKeaneRoll

    Townsend Finally Going ??

    we dont need wanyama. We should only change Dier if we can find a defensive mid who can defend as well as he does but with greater passing ability