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    CL Final: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Liverpool

    Danny Rose blatant dive. Cheat.
  2. Gerry Francis' Mullet

    CL Final: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Liverpool

    This will finish 1-0, and it will be because some twat HELD HIS ARM UP INSIDE THE PENALTY AREA UNTIL THE BALL HIT HIT HIM. Nobhead.
  3. Gerry Francis' Mullet

    CL Final: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Liverpool

    Sissoko & Kane but no Moura? Fuck off.
  4. Gerry Francis' Mullet

    CL: Ajax Amsterdam v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    It's actually a relief to be knocked out by Ajax in the semi because getting beat by the scousers in the final would've been fucking heartbreaking.
  5. Gerry Francis' Mullet

    PL: Southampton v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    I've been thinking about this quite a bit lately and now I'm more convinced - Pinocchio (sorry, could never spell his name right) became unsettled by the Man Urinal rumours and is still rocked despite of Solshkar's (again) success. No higher than 6th place for the Spurs this season, Arse and Chels to overtake.
  6. Gerry Francis' Mullet

    CC: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v West Ham United

  7. Gerry Francis' Mullet

    FA: Fulham v Tottenham Hotspur

    I can't predict the score, but I can guarantee we will be knocked out today.
  8. Gerry Francis' Mullet

    PL: Manchester United v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Hands up who thought the win against Swansea would pump the confidence up and get us on a roll continuing with a win against Man Urinals at Old Trafford... Nah, me neither.
  9. Gerry Francis' Mullet

    Predictions for 2016/2017 season

    Before the start of the season I thought the very best we could achieve was 8th. I didn't expect Leicester to be so poor - I knew they wouldn't do as well as they did last season, but not this poorly. I also thought that the pikeys would do better than us but they have been really shit so now the very best we can do is 6th. It's going to be a case of getting beat by the big clubs, beating the bottom clubs and drawing / scraping a win against other mid-table teams. We won't be punching above our weight like last season, but a still predict another faltering end to the season which will scupper any chances of finishing higher than 6th. On top of this we'll be having post Eurovision blues for the duration we remain in the pointless competition.
  10. Gerry Francis' Mullet

    What was the first Tottenham match that you went to?

    Home to Brighton 81/82
  11. Gerry Francis' Mullet

    Transfer Window News (Next One July 2017)

    How much of that 30 mil do reckon we can get back in the Jan transfer window for that guy we bought from Newcastle?
  12. Gerry Francis' Mullet


    Normal service resumed.
  13. Gerry Francis' Mullet

    Transfer Window News (Next One July 2017)

    Well yet again the club have excelled themselves and pissed another 70+ million down the toilet. I tell ya what, next time they hand over 30mil to NUFC why not buy 30mil worth of bottle - you know, that thing they lacked when they played against NUFC at the end of last season (not to mention at home too earlier on), or perhaps 30mil worth of flint and steel so they can create a spark when it matters the most? Have they really become that naive to think that buying players for 3x the amount of what they are actually worth is actually going to help the club achieve anything? I stand by my sentiments at the end of last season that their total and utter capitulation was just a taste of things to come. See you at mid-table at the end of the season.
  14. Gerry Francis' Mullet

    Newcastle Vs Tottenham Hotspur

    That's really it now, they can fuck right off. Fuck off Pochettino, thanks Harry Kane but you won't be doing yourself any favours by staying at the club. Levy take the money and run. Bunch of spineless, useless failures. I really cannot be arsed with the Champions League next season - They won't get through the group stages anyway.
  15. Gerry Francis' Mullet

    Newcastle Vs Tottenham Hotspur

    Of course they were going to get another goal after going down to 10 men, that was inevitable.
  16. Gerry Francis' Mullet

    Newcastle Vs Tottenham Hotspur

    So a few a weeks ago we were supposedly fighting to win the Prem title, now we have handed 2nd place to the Woolwich cunts on a plate. Everything we have witnessed this season, all the good things we have seen has been for absolutely nothing. Spurs are now back to being the spineless no-hopers they were. The whole season has been a fucking waste. The best chance they've had in my lifetime of going for the league title gone and will never be seen again in my lifetime. My heart has gone right out of this now, I don't care what happens from now on. I don't give a shit if they sell Kane, Alli, Lloris or any of the top players. I don't care if Pochettino goes, I just do not give a shit. Supporting Spurs has now dropped right down to the bottom of my interests. I'm a 100x more excited about watching Game of Thrones than I am about what happens at this club. Of course I hope the club can go forward and whatever future team & management does well, but I'm cutting all emotional ties to it because it is completely unrewarding.
  17. Gerry Francis' Mullet

    End of the season

    The next big game for us is Sunderland v Everton on Wednesday night. If the Geordies end up needing a win against us on Sunday in order to stay in the prem, there will be only one outcome - and it won't be the draw that we need to stay above the Woolwich cunts. Finishing 3rd behind those lot after all the grumblings they have been having this season will feel like all the good things we have witnessed at Spurs this season would have gone out the window. And yet again all we will be hearing is that after our best season in years and their worst, they still finished above us, and the 'forever in their shadow' motto will never go away. We know for a fact that the fire has gone out - we've known that since the West Brom game and I think it will be a small miracle if we end up in second place.
  18. Gerry Francis' Mullet

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Southampton

    These last 3 games has been the Spurs I've known and loved for so many years. 3rd spot secured.
  19. Gerry Francis' Mullet

    PL: Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur

    Look at it this way, who will have the most desire tomorrow night? Spurs, in the hope that Lester only manage to get one point in their next two games, including a HOME GAME AGAINST EVERTON... or, Chelsea, knowing that anything but a Spurs win will give Lester the title.
  20. Gerry Francis' Mullet

    PL: Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur

    It's not over until the fat lady sings... Oh shit, Adele just came on the radio.
  21. Gerry Francis' Mullet

    PL: Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur

    No please not Clattenburg! Not fit to be a ref... w***er.
  22. Gerry Francis' Mullet

    PL: Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur

    I can't believe some people still think we have an outside chance of winning the title. Even if Man Urinals beat Lester on Sunday and we beat the rent boys (which we won't), the rent boys will roll over when they play Lester because there is no way that the rent boys will give us a chance in hell of winning the prem - that's a given. I knew for certain we wouldn't win the prem after the draw with the Scousers which was a must-win game, but the dreadful performance against West Brom was definitely the final nail - and to think I stayed up till 2am on Monday morning to watch G.O.T. just so I could stream the game on my laptop that evening. That won't be happening this Monday that's for sure. 1-3, and look who's on our tail!
  23. Gerry Francis' Mullet

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Manchester United

    It's all about finishing above the scum now.
  24. Gerry Francis' Mullet

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Manchester United

    This will be another draw, and the main aim now is to finish above the scum. Though I'm afraid it's very likely now we will finish 3rd.