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  1. Neophyte

    Everton vs SPURS Sunday Nov 7th 14.00 KO

    We lose this match under Nuno. Probably 2-0.
  2. Neophyte

    The Antonio Conte Thread

    I don't understand the ragging on Winks. The lad does nothing but give his all for this club every time he is asked to play. I can't imagine he is any different in training. Dele needs something. We know he trained well under Poch, else he would not have played. That was just how Poch was. Hopefully, Conte can find the root of the issue and resolve it as the lad is just brilliant on his day.
  3. Neophyte

    The Antonio Conte Thread

    I am cautiously optimistic but I've seen the "proven winner" message before. When Jose was hired I got tired of being told we would win silverware now that we had a "world-class", "proven winner" for a manager instead of Poch, the wanna-be. We all know how that worked out. So maybe this is different. Maybe it isn't. Show me. Right now, what I see as the difference between "proven winner" and "wannabe" is the depth of ownership's pockets and the wannabes look pretty good when you factor in financial spend. Poch > Jose @ Spurs
  4. Neophyte

    Is Ronaldo The Solution Or The Problem ??

    Yeah but this is the PL, Borodin. Probably the most physical top flight in the world. He is going to get roughed up every time he steps on the pitch. I don't know. I too wonder if this will be more than an emotional lift for Man U.
  5. Neophyte

    Best New Signing

    I'm thinking Romero. The lad had to be an amazing last year to win Defender of the Year in a league that prizes defense. If he comes good, he could be our version of Liverpool signing VVD.
  6. Neophyte


    I guess I am the only one who remembers Winks bossing the midfield against Real, Dortmund, and Juvi (yeah we lost the tie with Juvi but that wasn't on Winks) not that long ago. Granted, that was before the ankle injury but I think a bigger problem for him has been not having a clearly defined regular role in the midfield since that point. If Nuno gives him that, I think we will all be happy he has been kept.
  7. Neophyte


    Two points: 1. Winks is better than any of you think he is and that is proven by 3 managers in a row making him part of their plans rather than trying to move him on. All 3 of those managers have a reputation for directness with players about their possibility to get minutes. If Winks wasn't hearing that he had a chance, he would move on and there would be no shortage of teams in the PL bidding for his services. After all, he is English (see item #2 below). 2. Winks is not just homegrown, he is from our academy and that makes him pure gold on registration lists if the manager rates him enough to play him (see item #1 above). Eight places on the roster are reserved for homegrown and of those 4 are for players from a club's own academy. Right now we are 1 player over and those players are Winks, Skipp, Tanganga, Kane, and Austin. If Carter-Vickers doesn't move on then he will count as well should we list him for any of the competitions the club is in. That is 6. Dele, Sessegnon, and Clarke are all homegrown from other clubs which brings our list to 9, although I think both Clarke and Sess are young enough to hit the B list in any comp. The balance between English and foreign has been an issue every year that I've followed this club but it is better this year than ever before and Winks is part of that.
  8. Winks>>Bryan>>Kane - GOAL But Winks made that with a perfect tackle and pass upfield to Bryan. From there it was rather academic.
  9. Neophyte

    Is Kane Staying ?

    He would absolutely terrorize the Italian league.
  10. Neophyte

    Is Kane Staying ?

    I don't think Winks is leaving. Maybe Nuno can bring N'dombele good if he stays but I think that's a big maybe. Not sure the player has a stomach for the work necessary to do something with all that talent and athleticism. I think he may be a permanent "could have been" story.
  11. Neophyte

    Is Kane Staying ?

    The other thing this does is tell those teams Spurs are negotiating with for players that there will be no huge windfall of money from selling Kane so if they were waiting for that to happen so they could go up on the price they are SOL. Time to negotiate on "what is" and be done with it.
  12. Neophyte

    Is Kane Staying ?

    Exactly. And if Kane is upset with anyone, it should be Man City. Not Levy or Spurs. If this ends up not happening, I expect Kane to adjust and resume normal operations.
  13. Neophyte

    Is Kane Staying ?

    There were a fair number of members here, as well as pundits, calling for both of those players to be purchased by Spurs. They seemed to fit the "Levy" mold perfectly too - young with loads of potential that would turn into sell-on value. I don't remember if we were ever tied to Maddison but Levy quibbled over Grealish, low-balling Villa when he thought he had them over a barrel instead of just taking what everyone thought was already a deal. I still think that CL final would have been different if Poch had been able to call on Grealish.
  14. Neophyte

    Is Kane Staying ?

    With respect, we don't know anything. For example: - we don't know if there was a gentleman's agreement or not. - we don't know what Kane, or his representation, has said for certain. Everything is hearsay. - we don't even know what is written in Kane's contract for certain as it isn't public knowledge (that I am aware of). For the record, I don't like the way this looks either, and if Kane is doing this to force the club into something I won't be any happier about it than anyone else. He has been the soul of professionalism for Spurs and I want him to keep it that way so his hands are clean. However, my point is more around the idea that he didn't show up for multiple finals. I call BS. The man always puts in a shift. Always. Again, he is the soul of professionalism. He is one of our best defenders as often as he is the offensive hero, for god's sake. Maybe I'm just odd but I view the position of striker in soccer just like I view the position of quarterback in the NFL - too much credit when a team wins and too much blame when a team loses, only more so in soccer. The truth is that our whole team failed to show up. Furthermore, Kane has always been honest about wanting to be here as long as the club's ambitions match his own. I've never once heard him say anything else publicly and have no reason to believe for an instance that he has said anything else to the Chairman. Can you, in all honestly, say that the club has matched Kane's ambitions on the pitch? Before you answer, consider that the very first offseason after Kane signed his current deal, Tottenham became the first club in the PL era to not sign a single new player. That certainly isn't on Kane. I guess maybe I've just reached an age where I recognize that I don't have an infinite number of tomorrows to achieve what I want in this world so I understand where Harry is coming from. I'd be looking at the way Levy is running things right now and how most championships are bought rather than earned, and I'd be in a state of despair over missing my life goals not because I didn't work my ass off but because the Chairman didn't want to spend the required money to get there. Having said all that, I recognize that there is likely a lot of wiggle room in this situation and both sides could well be in the right but not see the other's point of view.
  15. Neophyte

    Is Kane Staying ?

    Really? Not sure we watched the same matches, mate. Kane is a striker. A forward. It's a position that requires service and lots of it. For more than two years now, Kane has been our best #9 AND our best #10. The problem is that he can't provide both the service and the finishing in the same play. No one can. And that is without discussing the defense. Kane and Son built a 3 goal lead on West Ham this last season only to watch the defense give it up. How many other times has that happened? How many times have teammates done something stupid to give away a match Kane and Co had won? Also doesn't talk about management and how that has contributed. Mou (and Poch before him) had a habit of going conservative as the matches got bigger. There has always been the feeling in those big matches we were playing not to lose rather than going out there to win it. We all watched it over and over the last several seasons. We all commented on it time and again. Kane has been a good soldier and done what was asked to the best of his ability. Don't slag him off now for wanting more when it is obvious the club has other priorities. If our club had been made up of one manager and 23 players who want it as bad as Kane does we would have won everything by now. EVERYTHING. Don't get me wrong...I don't want to see him leave and I don't like what has happened this week. I just see the club in a realistic light and while we are a Top 6 side, we aren't a Top 2 side right now and I don't see Nuno getting us there. Not without world-class investment that we all know won't come with our current finances. If you want to be angry, be angry with Levy for not seeing what talents like Grealish and Maddison would turn into and paying what was, at the time, a damn cheap price for them. Add those two to this team and is Harry still asking to leave? I'm not sure.