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  1. Kerryyid


    He comes across as someone with no personality and limited ability at everything including goalkeeping. His rants at SPURS seem to come from something he may have tried to read (limited ability-see above) and then to appease the morons in the library spouts rubbish in English that he hasn't gone a fucking clue what it means (limited ability-see above). Other than that he's a fucking wanker
  2. Kerryyid

    Dembele and Paulinho

    Adebayor and Townsend don't do it for me. Adebayor will eventually sulk and disappear and Townsend has to realise he's not Gareth Bale and be a team player.
  3. Kerryyid

    Blessing in disguise?

    For fuck sake cheer up. We are Tottenham Super Tottenham From The Lane. And always will be! We have the players to bring back the glory days all we need to do MR FUCKING LEVY is get the right manager to make it work. Finding the right manager is your fucking job LEVY and if you can't do your job you can sack yourself. So don't fuckup. . . . AGAIN
  4. Kerryyid

    hugo lloris injury storm

    I didn't see the game as I was in New York but having read about the incident and the media outcry, their reaction doesn't surprise me. For many years the media can't wait to have pop at us. There are very few Spurs supporters in the media, nearly all scum, gooners, mancs and scousers. They write us off at every opportunity and gloat when we fall. Football writers are a bunch of tossers who pass judgement without knowing facts, something they are very good at. At times I read reports on games that I have been to or watched live and wonder if the writer was actually at the game or just watched MOTD. The Spurs medical team made a decision based on facts not conjecture, not from pictures seen on a tv screen like the medical experts from hundreds of miles away, who the media signed up to slag us off. Lloris was able to make a decision which was monitored by the medical team, the same medical team that saved a players life, the same medical team who just happen to know what they are doing. They were on the pitch in front of the player not on their arses hundreds of miles away. AVB has shown great dignity in defending the decision made by the medical team and accepting that the final decision was his.
  5. Kerryyid

    Chris Hughton

    Chris Hughton is a Spurs legend. One of the best defenders we've had. Chose to play for the Rep of Ireland, through his mother being Irish. Is welcomed in Ireland as a legend as he is at the Lane. Glenn Hoddle once asked him why did he sign for Ireland when he was good enough to play for England. Chris's response was "you've got 8 caps I've got over 20 and I'm having a great time". Ironically they both ended up with 53 caps. 13 yrs as a player, 10 yrs as assistant manager at the Lane. Instead of the police looking to arrest Spurs fans for chanting what WE ARE find the bastards who are racially abusing a Spurs and Ireland legend. FUCK YOU BADDIEL.
  6. Kerryyid

    Dawson signs new contract

    Top pro. Loves Spurs to death. Has to be one of the most honest players in the PL. 100% every game.
  7. Kerryyid


    Sandro reminds me of Mike England, legend. He has a similar build, dominates his space, covers well at the back and does the occasional charge forward. We need to see more of him, please AVB!
  8. Kerryyid

    Prem L with no balls

    Torres should have got a three match ban for attempting to rip Vertongen's face off. PL say can't do anything because the ref has half done his job. Bollocks. Today we have to listen to that that greasy wanker praising the PL for making the correct decision. Bollocks. Saying the PL recognised simulation, the PL wouldn't recognise a fucking bus. If that greasy wanker would acknowledge that Torres should have gone earlier I wouldn't be wasting my fucking time writing this. That's the end of me writing about the greasy wanker. Well not until the next time he pisses me off, probably next week.
  9. Kerryyid

    AVB- becoming a legend?

    AVB has dignity and class, morinhohoho is a clown, proved it again in yesterday's press conference with his little rent boy looking up at him with that "my hero" look in his eyes. What a pair of wankers.
  10. Kerryyid

    Vlad warning

    Agents trying to line their pockets as usual. I'm sure west London scum won't mind forking out 40+ mil in 2 yrs.
  11. Kerryyid

    Was Jose's comment racist?

    Mourinho arrived in 2004 and said he had to educate players coming to England that what happens in other countries they wouldn't get away with it here. So did he stop drogba diving, did he stop carvalho dishing out kidney punches on the sly. Has he told Luis to stop kneeing players in the back. Has he told Ramirez to at least wait until he's actually tackled before he goes down to sniff the grass. When he first arrived he was ammusing then he left before he was pushed, went to AC Milan and left before he was pushed, went to RM and left before he was pushed. Came back to England a grumpy old man full of shit. Torres should have gone 20 mins earlier for something on par with what Suarez done, Jose get down to specsavers you blind fuck and get your head out of your arse.
  12. Kerryyid

    Favourite Spurs Player

    Martin Chivers. Best CF of his day
  13. Kerryyid


    £86 mil is not being screwed. We've bought players that will take us to the next level on the proceeds. It will take a few games but it will happen