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  1. Yid_luz

    Europa Cup: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs FC Dnipro

    Really cigar guy ?the geezer nutted him what do you want him to do
  2. Yid_luz

    Europa Cup: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs FC Dnipro

    Read today that sandro might be available for this game ,apparently he was a close contention for the Norwich game
  3. Yid_luz

    Players & Champions League

    I wouldn't worry too much about vertonghen and lloris leaving I mean who will buy them ?levy might be a business man but he would never sell either to arsenal ,Barcelona are going thru a transfer scandal so scrap them out ,Madrid worry me a bit but after the bale transfer they might think again about dealing with us,city need a defender and if we ever were going to sell verts to them expect big big money ,PsG have money but lets be honest it's a shit league and like city we can extract the most money out of them ,and if any big team is considering buying these two players they need to get there head sorted because in my opinion they haven't been prolific as they seem they think they are
  4. Yid_luz

    One footed wonders

    Giggs right foot is literally just for walking and look how good he turned out to be
  5. Yid_luz

    Europa Cup: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs FC Dnipro

    Well gutted I'm not going to the game ,bloody in laws coming down for a couple of days , got a feeling it's going to be a cracker Europa league or not lets give this cup a good go and win it ,trophies iguals success ,experience and lets be fair any excuss to have a piss up abroad . COYS
  6. Yid_luz

    Van gaal

    I've said it once and I will say it again ,van gaal is a legend of the game but when he comes to spurs I will give him 3 months before levy pull his trigger finger and we will be left with all those prima donnas again with some shit manager that after 4 months still doesn't no his best 11
  7. Yid_luz

    PL: Norwich City vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    When the season started I had a feeling Danny rose was going to be our big rising star this season ,like walker was a couple of seasons ago but the more I see him the more I think he just can't cut it at the top level he runs a lot but gives the ball away way to much and gets caught to many times out of position
  8. Yid_luz

    Europa Cup: FC Dnipro vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Wow that was boring,just makes me realise how importante adebayor is to you're team there was no link up play between midfielders and strikers ,seriously Europa league makes me always regret switching shifts at work to watch that bag of shit,hope our fans don't get any trouble out there !!!!!
  9. Yid_luz

    Ade in Hollywood

    Best movie I've seen in along time,you need to watch it mate
  10. Yid_luz

    Where is Lamela?

    It is very fishy I have a feeling he will be gone this summer we haven't really seen his potential ,I just think he doesn't like England and the culture "just speculating " ,and if he does come back where does he fit ?what is his position?whats his favourite food?
  11. Yid_luz

    If we weren't a selling club...

    How can we be there we've won fuck all and been in the champions league once,to be there you have to be challenging every year and winning trophies and unfortuanly we done none of that,I do believe we will be get there but it might take a while
  12. Yid_luz


    I hate Chelsea more, i hate there fans ,the players and what stay stand for which is buy everyone that moves and if they don't do well sell them abroad or loan them out ,also when they won the champions league was the worst day of my life ,arsenal fans are just twats
  13. Yid_luz

    If we weren't a selling club...

    I'm afraid apart from Chelsea and man city every club is a selling club ,man u never wanted to sell Ronaldo and look what happend there, arsenal have sold all there best players ,I'm afraid money talks for some players but the lure and opportunity to play for barca and Madrid is massive for other players ,that's why when bale went to Madrid I wasn't to dissapointed because Madrid was his dream ,if he had chosen Chelsea for example then we would have a different story of him but you can't reck a boys dream
  14. Yid_luz

    Good ol' Harry

    He wants them there so he can get one of there players in on loan
  15. Yid_luz

    Europa Cup: FC Dnipro vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    I live in Finsbury park I'm the only yid in the village