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  1. andrus

    FA Cup 3rd Round: Scum vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Anyone else shocked Sherwood only used one sub? Or that Lamela was not even on the bench? Never looked like he was really going for it.
  2. andrus

    Get AVB out of there!

    Had to wikipedia that reference. haha http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3-2-1
  3. andrus

    Get AVB out of there!

    We have plenty of talent and they could play a 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3 or a 4-0-6. It matters far less than a consitent approach and time spent playing together. Good players will adapt and step up or fill in where they're needed. Whether AVB or Sherwood, the goal continues to be Champions League qualification and we'll find out soon enough what these players are truly made of.
  4. andrus

    Get AVB out of there!

    We dominate possession, have 20 shots on, and we still draw to West Brom? West Brom! At home!! Clearly, AVB and his "experiments" with the 4-2-3-1 and inverted wingers need to go! Give us back our Spurs!! Wait...what's that? AVB's already been fired? Oh...umm...Sherwood out! The 4-4-2 will never work with this squad!! Sincerely, The Chicken Little Brigade
  5. andrus

    at long last

    Very happy with the result, but small sample size. Solid wins vs West Brom & Stoke and finish the first half on pace for 72 pts, then I'll feel more certain about the future.
  6. You guys are hilarious. Second best start through 15 matches in Spurs history and undefeated through the group stage of Europa league. You act like we're fighting against relegation. Today was horrible, but we've got a defensive midfielder starting at center back and the worst footballer I've ever seen playing left back. All due to injuries. Plenty of blame to go around, but no way we can get someone better in there right now. Klopp? Martinez? Laudrup? Klinsman? Yeah right...talk about deluded. Best we could get in December would be an unproven Championship manager. Better off letting AVB see this through the January window and see what two years with the same manager can actually do for us.
  7. andrus

    Sandro Prepares for Liverpool

    A beast on the pitch and a funny man in the clubhouse? Perhaps he's the most important guy on the team!
  8. Sandro decides to get more aerodynamic for Sunday's match. Remember, the Beast does not cry.
  9. andrus

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Manchester United

  10. Woke up at 5am to watch and stayed til the end. Felt like a waste of sleep.
  11. andrus


    He's on my short list of players I can't stand. Right next to Suarez.
  12. andrus

    Going Down Fighting

    Good job. :-)
  13. andrus

    Ballon D'Or 2013

  14. andrus

    Going Down Fighting

    No problem...we all probably need to blow off some steam this week. Now get out there and tackle someone!
  15. andrus

    Going Down Fighting

    I don't always agree with John Crace's articles, but he hit the nail on the head with this one. The worst part of Sunday was watching the players just quit. http://espnfc.com/blog/_/name/tottenham/id/1724?cc=5901 He also rightly pointed out the mess in the midfield, capped with this gem: "Moussa Dembele's confidence is shot to pieces; his right leg now seems as if it is only there for balance..." Laugh or cry, right?