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  1. Spurs1983

    PL: Swansea City vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Ha Ha Ha.. Who re-lit his fire?
  2. Spurs1983


    Quality pic Turk! Probably the most spoke about game in the family as half of em' were there! Sadly I was just a bubble (spunk not Greek) at the time! Always looked forward to playing City as we were there bogey team, now though a Billon pound later that ain't the case! Agree with Crom that we need a bit of redemption against these muppets, think we're capable at the Lane, agree with Nellis also that we need to keep em' quiet for the first 20 minutes-half hour! Bentaleb to have Toure in his pocket, Chireches to stick with Aguero like shit to a blanket, Eriksen terrorising the bloke with the ponytail and Ade to bring back a few training ground nightmares for Kompany! And then I remember waking up! COYS
  3. Spurs1983

    Let's Hear it For Tim! Extend His Contract!

    Ha Ha Ha.... Wicked! No flies on you mate, that was quick!
  4. Spurs1983

    PL: Swansea City vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Good stuff today, liked what I watched, gutted we didn't get the clean sheet but even more pissed off Dembele didn't score his chance! Fucking dick! Bit curious why we went 451/433 but worked a treat, also spotted when Bony started getting on top of Daws that we switched it to Chiriches and Daws picked him up on set pieces! Quality management! Ade done the damage today and deserves the MOTM but for me Eriksen is the 1, said he could be our new Modric and firmly believe he will be. Just puts it all together so sweetly and with Bentaleb keeping things simple yet effective, it is lovely to watch! Nice break now, get ourselves ready for City, Well done lads, well done Tim, COYS
  5. Spurs1983

    Let's Hear it For Tim! Extend His Contract!

    He's been the bollocks! He's English, knows the prem, not afraid to make big decisions! My only complaint of him was sticking with the 442 every game? Today he's shut me up and got it right again! Could be a lot worse lads, we could have Moyes on a 6 year!
  6. Spurs1983

    Nabil Bentaleb

    Quality! Doesn't seemed phased by anything! Only 2nd to Xavi in the midfield stats last weekend, won't be far behind if not better this week! Amazing that we bought all the midfielders we did in the summer and we had him in the youth all along! Hats off big time to Tim for this 1!
  7. Spurs1983

    PL: Swansea City vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    1st time going with 1 up top from Mr Sherwood, interesting! Play as a team in this formation, it works. Play as individuals (AVB) in this formation, we're fucked! Bin dippers drawing, Utd or chavs gonna drop points, need this today! COYS
  8. Spurs1983

    PL: Swansea City vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Ha Ha Ha... Classic mate!
  9. Spurs1983

    PL: Swansea City vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Sod picking the team, like doing a jigsaw puzzle at the mo! Play as bad as we did 1st half yesterday and Swansea will punish us more than Palace did. Was going to say that it may help us playing a footballing side but Palace played football 1st half yesterday and we looked shit! Be an interesting game me thinks, would obviously love the win but gonna call a score draw! Gutted Manure done them yesterday, was hoping we was gonna be the 1's to knock the wind out their sails but...... Be nice to see a few faces back if some of the reports are accurate (Crom) ;-) Ha Ha.... Onwards & upwards, COYS
  10. Spurs1983

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Crystal Palace

    Wasn't great but did the job! Room for improvement but their ain't a team in the league that wouldn't say that IMO, especially the injury lists teams have got! Even give Naughton a thumbs up on the A10 last night when seeing him! Ha Ha... On to the swans next, COYS
  11. Spurs1983

    West Ham to offer fans free tickets

    Deluded pikeys, still believe they won the WC for England in 66, 1 lucky FA cup in 1980 and endless years of misery to come hopefully! Bitter & twisted plastic gangsters fuck off down a peg where they belong!
  12. Spurs1983

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Crystal Palace

    Don't think it'll be as easy as people think, it's a Pulis team and just read we haven't beat this lot at the Lane since 1980! Gotta change that stat today and think we will, with a 2-1 win. COYS
  13. Spurs1983

    FA Cup 3rd Round: Scum vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Ha Ha Ha.... Why not mate, 1 of the few highlights of the day for me!
  14. Spurs1983

    FA Cup 3rd Round: Scum vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Gotta be mate! Still makes me sick to the stomach we've lost twice to these Gypo's! PS I though you and YidLuz we're watching the game together last night, the way he was posting? ;-) Ha Ha Ha......
  15. Spurs1983


    Seeing me grandad today, gotta ask about the 62 semi final now, see what he's got to say about him? Something along the lines of costing him and the gang a ticket to the final probably! Rip man