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  1. Tonite

    PL Crystal Palace Vs SPURS Sat 11th Sep 12:30 KO

    Just got back home and those are really the worst 5hours I’ll never get back. Embarrassing. I really don’t know what to think, Harry should have been allowed to leave and the money spent on, defence or the midfield, or just someone to inject fire into not only the team but the club. Nuno isn’t the most exciting human you’ll ever meet and I’m aware it’s way too early to judge him but something at the back of my mind tells me that because we are a big team he may have to think outside his limited experience. After next week against Chelsea, I shouldn’t be worried about the next games until the Man united game at the end of the month, BUT I AM. We surely need a couple of no nonsense players and at least a play maker because without these we are just as ordinary as mid table teams and should start lowering our expectations.
  2. Tonite

    PL Wolves Vs SPURS Sun Aug 22nd 14.00 KO

    Why wait so long to bring him on? Unable to watch the game, following with your comments. Will turn this on again in five. What’s left to play?
  3. exactly, yes prefer he stays but if he wants to go fine.
  4. Wow what a performance, long may it continue, just loved it, so proud. Love this club. Makes my being stuck at home isolating a lot better.
  5. Nuno’s first mistake maybe? Why bring him off? He would have dealt with bruyne as he did with Raheem.Weird decision.
  6. Feared Bruyne coming on but hopefully we can hold on, so proud of the team today. COYS.
  7. Very good half by the boys, Nuno needs to remind them now that City will come out for the second half with both barrels blazing for the first 10 minutes, concentration is so important.Same again boys.
  8. Son is so uncertain, looks like he’s lacking belief or confidence. We’re competing well.
  10. My God, City reserves cost nearly as much as our first team.
  11. Good afternoon guys, another game I’m hoping we can hold onto a draw, but loosing won’t be the end of the world. My eyes are focused on the next three games after this, Wolves,Watford and Palace. I truly believe that we must come away with 9 points otherwise this is going to be an upward struggle with or without Harry. COY Just absolutely beautiful to see so many fans.
  12. Tonite

    Lionel Messi

    I watched a Barcelona training session the other day and although not as sprightly as before this guy’s reflexes were something to behold. He is going to be a free agent this summer and it would be great if we at least look into bringing him into the lane for maybe a couple of years. This 34 year old genius is screaming for change from Barcelona and wanting a new challenge so why not us. I know the guys upstairs may consider his age and maybe wage but if something could be worked out why not give it a try? I thought he played very well in Copa de Americas. I’m just saying, we’ve tried most things that haven’t worked, if Levi could just grow a pair and give this a try, he may be Argentina bound but you never know and for us fans , absolute heaven.
  13. Tonite

    Leicester City Vs Spurs Sun 23rd May 16:00 K.O.

    Thanks guys for helping me through this very irritating and tough season, Catch you in August.
  14. Tonite

    Leicester City Vs Spurs Sun 23rd May 16:00 K.O.

    WHAT?????? Come on, why put me through agony?