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  1. BathYid

    Who was our worst signing this summer

    Worse or best of the worst. Erikson the best of the bunch but not consistent, as is the rest. Vlad looks good but at times plays like Danny Rose does for 80mins. Agreeing Paulinho seems a luxury but I wanted to believe he was something we were lacking. Chadli one goal wonder same as Danny Rose and yes there is a pattern emerging surrounding my opinion of Rose. Soldado will turn out to be a useful hold the ball player, great skill not in doubt but the thing which is in doubt is the fact he can't buy a goal. Capoue blows very hot and cold, he makes up the numbers in my mind. Lamela just hasn't been given a fair run to prove or disprove himself so I will reserve judgement on him. Did AVB have a point when last year Dawson was gonna be shipped out, I believe he was right to do so, great passion but sadly that is all now as he is getting shown up week in week out. Rose should do a water boy role and keep running as you won't be missed at left back cos your never there but I guess you can cross the ball twice in a game. Overhaul needs to start although Lloris and Vertonghen have probably worked out their export strategies already
  2. BathYid

    Why cant we show this sort of fight

    Charlie Adams is up there for me
  3. BathYid

    Dembele and Paulinho

    I feel a bit for Holtby, he is a starter for me. He will run and chase the ball down, he ain't shy putting Tackles in and he can shoot and pass well. Won't last 90mins but a good 60-70 mins at a 110% effort, which in my eyes is a lot better than some of our lot. Does also does Lamela deserve a decent go? Or will he go on loan and never be seen again.....
  4. BathYid

    Where do we finish?

    I sadly think yet again not top 4. Too much this season so far things just haven't gone our way, today Reid staying on the pitch after Erikson booked for the same type of tackle earlier, Newcastles Krul laying the best game ever and not likely to be reproduced for the rest of his career, god that game alone could have doubled our goal tally. So many injuries is crucial areas all at once, I was an AVB supporter to a degree and felt Levy was a tad premature and we got seriously spanked by City and the scouse lot with what can only be said a makeshift defence against and I'm happy to put it on record, that both teams will be bidding for most goals scored, it's also true that on many occasions we looked clueless lazy and slow. I hope Sherwood can inject something to pick us up as I feel we don't deserve a top 4 finish the way we have been playing. Can't always blame the new players as time is needed to adjust to the PL which begs a question did we need 6 new ones at once or a couple of tried and tested faces. I reckon it will come good more to the end of the season when I sadly feel it would be too late and then we balance on that nearly team again and do we watch the likes of Lloris & Vertonghen moving on. I would love to be proved wrong but I didn't see it today
  5. BathYid

    ok dipshits

    Why thank you sir, interesting to see the wide range of opinions on here but of course were all right ?
  6. BathYid

    ok dipshits

    Totally right I agree, we need to stick With AVB til the end of the season. We have had for the last few years a consistent presence in Europe, so the next step is CL. Been so close over the last three years and it will come maybe not this season but it will and has come before. The squad we have now is a strong squad with depth and if we could find the last pass to Soldado I'm sure he will score. If we could we wouldn't be speaking of sackings. I believe it will come but of course in time
  7. BathYid

    What is your favourite football chant?

    Mezit Ozil your eyes are offside
  8. BathYid

    ok dipshits

    If given a fair chance and a long enough go, AVB could be a long term manager, two real crap games this year, Sundays shambles and the hamsters. We can play better and we need to play better but they need a while to gel together as a squad and shortened down to a team, for what it's worth Sundays team post match I rated a lot as it was more or less similar of what I would have liked to see, just goes to show what I know. Bottom line getting rid of AVB will make us no better than what the Chelski do. Weather the storm, a couple of much needed wins and it will all melt away