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  1. Mason has no time nor the experience to implement any kind of meaningful tactical plan IMO. he should keep it simple, get the confidence up and pick our best attacking players with couple of DM to protect defence. We just need to attack them in numbers, their defence isn’t great so we might get lucky. Similar to how the CL game went couple years back I think. highly likely we will take a hammering but if we go at them and our players are free to be creative we could make a great end to end game. im thinking spurs 3 - 5 city if we go for it. if we try and defend and play counter attack then spurs 1 - 4 city. I’ve got a little feeling it’s going to be classic with goals flying in everywhere. Won’t mind losing if that is the case!
  2. Dazza1976

    PL SPURS Vs Southampton Wed 21st April 18:00 K.O.

    Nice to see them come out and attack in 2nd half. much needed
  3. Dazza1976

    PL SPURS Vs Southampton Wed 21st April 18:00 K.O.

    We are a pretty awful team. Cant judge on this game only, we’ve been shite all season from what I’ve seen. Need some leaders and Levy has not paid enough attention to this squad.
  4. Dazza1976

    PL SPURS Vs Southampton Wed 21st April 18:00 K.O.

    Jose has coached all the talent and confidence out of this team. First game I’ve watched for a bit and we are very 2nd best at moment. big rebuilding job!
  5. Dazza1976

    European Super league

    Yeah there was hardly any contrition in there at all. I think DL has done a great job with the stadium and training ground and also he has overseen a period of top 4 finishes, so he’s been good in that sense. however this whole shambles is a serious lapse in judgement, as was not being loyal to poch and giving him more funds in transfer market. It’s not going to change my life either way but I do hope ENIC and Levy need to sell up. ENIC are just looking for profit and levy should fall on his sword over the disgraceful superleague issue. I’d hoped we’d be first to jump out but it seems that city and Chelsea beat us to the punch. In some ways as Levy is the only British owner amongst them he really should have known better. his statement hasn’t gone anywhere near far enough, he should have been begging for a chance to regain fans trust and admit it was a serious lapse in judgment. greed, it will destroy the world and the haves will always try and screw over the have nots. Better to go support a local team I think, top level football is broken.
  6. Dazza1976

    European Super league

    As I said, and many others, as soon as I heard the proposal, it was never ever going to happen. They’ve all disgraced themselves and those clubs reputations will be tarnished by greed and/or stupidity of a few men. I think DL should seriously consider his position but then again we’re hugely in debt so that might make matters worse.
  7. Dazza1976

    European Super league

    Yep, it will all collapse I’m sure and all this will have been for nothing. Dragged the clubs name through the mud for an ill conceived, badly judged proposal. Will forever be tarnished as one of the six. what a shambles!
  8. Dazza1976

    European Super league

    Everton released a powerful statement. do we really want spurs to go down this route and split football world like this? if we were one of the 14 (or any club outside of the ‘6’) I’d be saying exactly the same as them, it’s shameful time to announce these plans given how all of football has been impacted. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56813819 It is enticing to think spurs could be part of a euro super league but we don’t merit it and the format is wrong! the clubs reputation will be tarnished forever by this, and if the super league fails what happens then? I can’t imagine the club would be allowed back into the premier league! If I was the league I would kick the 6 clubs out of all competitions so that they would just have the super league fixtures. You can’t have your cake and eat it
  9. Dazza1976

    European Super league

    Valid points but nothing gives that fan the right for vitriol he directed towards Cantona or any player receives for that matter. My point is that guy/fan/yob was a moron and I have no sympathy for him whatsoever. Cantona being kicked to shit says it all, the fact that would be a risk says everything about some football fans. Of course Eric shouldn’t have reacted but that prat/palace fan deserved everything he got. Don’t need fans like that. Cantona served his ban, maybe he got off lightly, maybe he didn’t. It wasn’t the best kick from memory
  10. Dazza1976

    European Super league

    Tbf that pratt in the crowd that day deserved to be kung fu kicked by Eric, shame he didn’t knock him out really.
  11. Dazza1976

    European Super league

    Jay I read somewhere that they would need approval of rest of premier league unless they actually leave the premier league. So it may only happen if they leave the premier league completely. I really can’t see it happening with this level of opposition, they may even bring in legislation to prevent it. Don’t get me wrong the money would save us but this is a sneaky move to do, it’s not the right thing to do. I mean football is hardly fair and fair play financial rules are a joke etc but creating a semi closed competition is low. We’re only there because of how Levy has built value of club without actually winning anything. having said all this if we could play in a league without West Ham I’d be happy, although I hear they would be one of the 5 clubs that could be invited in.
  12. Dazza1976

    European Super league

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-56810962 There is a wall of opposition to this proposal.
  13. Dazza1976

    Our Next Manager...

    Nagelsmann might just prefer Bayern to Spurs, Brendon Rodgers would be a good fit in terms of style of play and the squad we have but I’m not sure he’d leave Leicester at the moment. Scott Parker would be a huge gamble that I don’t think we can take right now. Santo I like, has done a good job at wolves with resources at his disposal. Bielsa would also be good but won’t leave Leeds. Rafa is past it. Gerrard wouldn’t leave Rangers after winning the title. the others I don’t think could cut it. if this lot my preference would be Rodgers if we could get him. I still think we need to get redknapp in until the end of the season to help Ryan mason out.
  14. Dazza1976

    European Super league

    Whilst agree that they’re hard nosed businessmen and have top legal council they will face stiff opposition across Europe and governments and UEFA/FIFA will come together. I expect sone concessions will be made regards tv money from uefa for CL/EL, there is too much opposition for this super league to fly as they intended. I would expect current players to speak out over coming days and divide to formalise. Levy is treading a very fine line and he’s doing it without consent.
  15. Dazza1976

    Mou sacked

    That’s my point. I don’t think it will go ahead, i think it will be cut off at the knees. Spurs will be left with their debt and reputation in tatters. I hope I’m wrong but it is real risk. This super league is a land grab and smacks of capitalism at its worst. Football is truly dead.