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  1. WJTH

    Sherwood Video

    He seems calm and unfazed, who knows, we may already have what tottenham needs. Can't be that easy at tottenham though...... Can it?!
  2. WJTH

    New kid on the block.

    I am English, so sorry about the missing words!! :)
  3. WJTH

    New kid on the block.

    I've been looking for a really good forum to banter with freedom, finally thought I give this one a go, by jangles am I happy I searched and searched!!! The banter flows, everyone is slapstick happy, and no one goes crying when their feelings get hurt!!! And most importantly, it's all about TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR!!!!!!!! All I'm trying to basically, is hi. COYS!!!! Ps sad times, but here's to the future!!
  4. WJTH

    Back to Basics

    Lloris Walker chiriches vert rose Dembele holtby Lamela eriksen Townsend Soldado................… And that the way the cookie crumbles. We have missed something in the middle, holtby looked pretty amazing in the middle at points, give him a good run in an I think he could excel!!! And when playing the big boys, bring on sandro for dembele......... And then bench/subs pick themselves on form and opporsition..... COME ON YOU SPURS!!! Sad day though.
  5. WJTH

    Sandro Prepares for Liverpool

    Should be talking BAD about sandro****
  6. WJTH

    Sandro Prepares for Liverpool

    NO ONE should be talking about sandro, do you see the mentality drop of the opposition when they se this guy throw up on their pitch an ten carry on??? He is A BEAST!!! By far(when he's back up to scratch, even now I struggle to see anyone better), the best DM in the league, probably Europe?! His presences is enough to make a players legs shake!! Can't put money on that!
  7. WJTH


    COME ON YOU SPURS!!!!!! A win would top off an amazing few weeks, and would allow us to stick two fingers up at the press and any doubters!!!! And bragging rights for a top four position!!!! When we go out on to that field, and the dust is settled, if we have fought with everything we have, people will fear what's to come!! And again, COME ON YOU SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!