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  1. Spurfect

    PL SPURS Vs Man Utd Sunday 11th April 16:30 K.O.

    I really hope, the lads will give us something out of the match, with Utd having their double burden. But no, they were disappointing. Sanchez the scapegoat wasnt on the pitch, but we conceded 3 goals. What a surprise! Could it be its not Sanchez who is to blame? Anyway, I don’t want to comment on that. I said Mourinho and Levy doesn’t go together. Either you sign a manager like Mourinho and spend big or you keep your concept and hire a coach like Kovac or Nagelsmann who build on a „philosophy“! For everyone who is interested, there is an interesting thing about Nagelsmann. Even we could sign him (I doubt that, cause we are absolutely shite), we won’t get the players he will want. Cause one reason for his success is his DOF at Leipzig and that is Mitchell. And Mitchell won’t return to us not as long Levy is the chairman of the club!!!!
  2. Spurfect

    Dead Wood Stagecoach....

    So Sanchez is your Scapegoat! Hmmm....? Sanchez 1395 min. 17 matches, lost 4 Alderweireld 1611 min. 18 matches, lost 6 Dier 1890 min. 21 matches, lost 7 Sanchez is 24 and valued 35 mil Dier is 27 and valued 25 mil Toby is 32 and valued 15 mil Yes, you are absolutely right!
  3. Spurfect

    2021 Winter Transfer Window

    More and more I believe Draxler could do miracles for us. Give Alli to PSG and get Draxler in exchange.
  4. Spurfect

    2021 Winter Transfer Window

    There are more clubs sniffing around him. He needs a club to develop. We are not the right club for him at the moment, unfortunately! Except we start a partnership with a club in an easier league, sign him cheap and loan him out. A league like the Netherlands for example or we work together with a club from the 2nd division. Hold on... thats Chelseas concept and RedBull
  5. Spurfect

    PL SPURS Vs Man Utd Sunday 11th April 16:30 K.O.

    What plays into our cards UTD will have a match on Thursday which they will win IMO. But its an away match, so Granada will do their best to defend. The match will be physical. I‘m not naive and believe in Santa, but I do believe in miracles and the betting mafia. So I go for the win at least a draw. Man, watching Bayern against PSG, I wish our lads could have only half of their fighting spirit
  6. Spurfect

    Is it Daniel Levy and Enics time to step down

    Franco was never the problem. He has brought all of the players Boas wanted and sold all of the players that haven’t clicked. Soldado, was signed although a younger Rodrigo was the same kind of player, but more hungry, younger and cheaper. The funny thing Rodrigo was Soldados direct suitor after No-Goal-dado left Valencia for us. Capoue to me was a good suggestion, but only in combination with Sissoko. Both knew each other from Toulouse. That pairing would have made sense to build upon. Capoue was defensive minded Sissoko box to box. And its not that a deal wasn’t possible. Sissoko left in the same season for Newcastle and we ended up with the so called „black Lampard“ Paulinho. Yes, another Player Boas wanted. Why? Paulinho scored from 40 metres and he speaks portuguese. It was easier for AVB to play Scrabble in portoguese with a Brazilian, I guess. Apart from that, he played for Litvania and Poland. Wow, what a CV! But another reason, Paulinho was hyped by Chelsea and AVB wanted to make sure they don’t get him. Kindergarten games, after they have fired him! Thats my personal opinion, but I think a lot of people have earned money with Paulinho (money laundry)! Chadli was a Player Levy wanted. Why? Because he scored against us. But no one of our scouts recognized Dusan Tadic‘s talent when they were scouting Nacer in Enschede. Gandalf... I mean Gilfy (short for Grannys I like to fuck) was also a player Boas wanted. As Bob Marley sang in I shot the sheriff, „For what, I don’t know!“ Maybe to get sure he has a plan B, when he signed Moussa who came as replacement for (you won’t believe it) Luka Modric. Yes, you heard right. (Luka, the favorite player I still can not chose for my profile!!! ) Boas promise was to replace Luka with Mouthino, but because of these 3rd party orgies (ask fat Sam) we haven’t signed him. Instead we got Moussa, who was used as a CM. At Fulham he played as an attacking midfielder. Pssst... don’t tell anybody! Why was Holtby chosen over Draxler? Good question!? Was it because of Holbys Father and english ancestors. Is the answer that easy? Probably, cause Draxler was/is way better than him. But again, a player BOAS wanted. Eriksen and Lamela were two players Baldini suggested. Two players I also admired. But what the people don’t know, Chadli was brought to replace Bale. Not Lamela. But because Lamela was our most expensive signing ever, he was introduced so and unfortunately, too early in the english game. Its unfair to blame BOAS, cause I think there was a big pressure on everybody, Baldini, Boas and Lamela. Lammy was a lightweight, but people demanded to see him playing. The fan community and Levy wanted to see something for the high amount of money. He was brought on, he got injured, the rest is history. He never played to his full potential and never meet the expectations people put in him! Even if its necessary to spend more money in some cases, the problem is not only that Enic and Levy won’t invest, cause I know from personal experience you can find top players for little money. I found Jackson Martinez for 2 million in the mexican Jungle. Porto bought him 2 years later for 5 million and sold him for 30 to Atletico. Atletico sold him to China for 40 million. That makes me believe, that one of our main problems is the scouting. Our scouting is shit. They won’t recognize a talent infront of their eyes. Lukaku, Tadic, Fekir, Draxler, Aubermeyang..... But I also think the decision making is bad, when its good to keep or sell a player! We could easily made at least 250 up to 300 mill for Christian, Dele, Rose, Verts and Toby. 2 of the 5 left and are not playing. The others are gone for far less we would have get for them. Back to the DOF. Although I think Baldini have great contacts, have a good reputation and did a great job, (he get all the players Levy and Boas wanted and also get rid of the ones who failed and still give player recommendations like Cengiz Ünder), he was made the the scapegoat for BOAS disastrous management! End of DOF part one Mitchell came with Poch and with Wany, Toby, Trips, Dele and Dier we had a cheap and well functional lot. And what really happened behind closed doors, we don’t know, but Levy had the last word and Mitchell part ways. Now he is one of the most successful DOFs in the german Bundesliga in the services of RB Leipzig End of DOF part two Will there ever be a part three? Dunno What I know, if I would be chef scout and not only the last boy scout, here in the forum, we had won the fucking title. At least six times in a row. Im sure Levy would have let me kiss his bald head!
  7. Spurfect

    PL Newcastle Vs SPURS Sunday 4th April 14:05 K.O.

    Im ambivalent. On one hand I tried to stay positive when Mourinho arrived, On the other hand, Mourinho to me is and was (even with his titles) one of the most overrated managers ever, whos tactics are outdated. 1) There may have been a time, his system was efficient, but the tactics have outlived their usefulness. Even the Italian have changed their way of playing in the recent years. 2) „Mourinhos players“ would defend better!? Don’t know. Cause smaller clubs have no other chance but defending and stand firm and hold a 0:0 for 90 minutes. So I‘m not sure if its only the fault of the players!? 3) What ambitions do we have? Poch was signed to form a team out of mediocre but promising players, who were far away from the professional status they have today and don’t forget, it was Sherwood who introduced Harry. Poch had a vision, his „philosophy“ that brought us the success. Mourinho was signed to put us on the next level, but if that is only possible with big investments, its the money who won him the titles not his tactics. Im afraid he also lost his reputation and bonus in football. No respect from commentators, (former) players and managers. There was a time we wanted to build on our academy, but it seems the ides died. But what was the development of the academy good for, when the young are not given a chance. Next if you want to build on the young, you must establish a system, similar to Ajax where the academy players can easily slip in, when seniors are sold! 4) Anyway, academy players like Winks or Rose were never good enough IMO. Rose had one good season and a screamer against Arsenal, but how long was Bostock carried because of his long range shot. Also Ben, was average, but that wasn’t been noticed. Example, I personally suggested Trippier, who IMO worked well for us. We had Walker and to me Trippier was a great sub. Same for Dier, he worked well, but Levys transfer policy destroyed the solidity in the team. The 2nd choice become 1st choice out of a necessity. We had aging defenders and haven’t react. We had injuries and haven’t react. We had sold keyplayers and haven’t react. Winks may be more talented than Mason, but the truth is, both of them only shined because of others. But nevertheless, despite of Harrys, Sonnys, Christians and Deles outstanding performances, at the end it was the performance of a well trained and working collective under an ambitious manager. Excuse me, I mean „coach“. Poch had nothing to say and to me it would be interesting to know, how strong Joses word really is? I blame Levy and Enic, but at the end it was Pochs own EGO who blinded him, I guess! 5) I believe Jose. I‘m convinced he is glad to be back. But this guy hasn’t learned to lose. He was always priviliged, supported, but also spoiled. He has won with Inter when Juve, Napoli, Milan, Florentina were charged or relegated. He won with billionaires clubs and at least for one of the clubs I know, they have bought the title. And who watches the spanish league knows what I mean (just watch the Monday match, Barca vs Valladoid for example). Fact is, Levy probably hasn’t paid the football association for „a favour“, or was given donations or other presents as the sheiks do for example. But this is how it works. And why we always end up with players we don’t need? Is a question we better ask „Fat Sam“! 6) Don’t know if our lads have an psychotherapist, but I would wish them a mental coach of the kinds de Bruyne and Mahrez have. And instead of Carlos (45 million) I would rather sign Tammy Abraham! Yes, Mourinho would miss out to play charade in portoguese, but Tammy is the better option IMO and english! Ps. I personally don’t find, Sam Allardyce is that fat. And surprise surprise, he is back in „buisness“. Its said, the internet never forgets, but people do. terrific
  8. Spurfect

    PL Newcastle Vs SPURS Sunday 4th April 14:05 K.O.

    Tbh, when I watch Sonnys attitude and behavior, I see someone who gives a fuck!!! Sonny, Moura, Lamela, Japhet, Carlos, Dele, Dier, Winks, Gio none of them played in the qualifiers. Ndombele played 80 min against the world conquering Kazachstan and so did Sissoko who came for Tanguy and played the rest of the 10 minutes of the match. Harry should have been the only one who need to be rested. But it was his highness Bale who sit on the bench. That doesn’t surprise after what he said, but I doubt he would have made a difference. Mourinho had almost the whole squad to train with. But I guess, he rather played with his willy while he was fantasizing about his titles.... Anyway I come off the topic - again! Sonny is elsewhere with his head and thoughts. I personally think he already had a deal made with another club! Tbh I would really want to get rid of all of these overpaid shitheads, lower the expectations, give the young a run, loan some promising and ambitious players and start from the scratch, cause this fraguile bunch of mimosas is not a team, its a freak show! btw... Say hello to my old self FUCK YOU LEVY (cause at least it was him who has brought us in this situation)
  9. Spurfect

    PL Newcastle Vs SPURS Sunday 4th April 14:05 K.O.

    So was Poch, Crom and he turned out to be our best manager! I also like Rogers, but I doubt he will leave Leister. Especially when they finish above us! In addition to that, Leister has a better scouting network. Their players came cheaper and earn less than our bunch of overpaid douchebags. And Leisters players seem to give a toss, in contrary to our players. Especially Gareth Fail, who can honestly lick my arse after I took a dump. From hero to zero. He betrayed all of his fans who welcomed him with open arms but the false snake gave us shit in return. From the beginning of his arrival my intuition told me something is fishy, cause his attitude changed. He is not only looking like an ape, now he also behaves like one! I really don’t know what happened with the team. Apart from the disastrous defense, its the decision making from the players and of course the manager. We had our chances, but once again we haven’t seized it but couldn’t defend our lead either. But to be fair to Mourinho. He is absolutely to blame for the line up against Zagreb, but for this match the players are to blame to a very high level. Too many errors!!! Japhet is not a right back. Sanchez and him are not working. Neither Reggie and Joe. Hojberg is getting worse with every match IMO. Maybe the reason why Bayern released him instead to keep him. He may have a fighter attitude, but thats all. Technically he has nothing to give. Wanyama isn’t and wasn’t worse than him IMO and Soucek is 10 times better. But unfortunately Im not your scout. Same for Lucas. A lightweight who has absolutely no impact in physical matches. He is like a ghost! Ndombele had a good eye, but only for Harry and shows little defensively. Hope Skippy can give the team a boost when he comes back. I would really want to see Gio and Tanguy side by side. That would be interesting. Although I think a 433 would suit them better. But how will Ndombele feel when the board get rid of Serge in summer and Sissoko will be sorted out!? Hope Skippy can give the team a boost when he returns and that irish lad. Troy something..., forgot his name, so for the rest of our talents who will nevet get a chance under Mourinho! Why exactly? The way the seniors play the young could easily replace them! Oops... I came off the topic. I also think Nagelsmann could reform our style of playing. If Klopp has to leave and there is a chance to sign him, l guess he would rather join the german national team than us. He is straight forward and not an arse licking opportunist Mourinho is and probably would tell Levy and Enics transfer policy to fuck off!!! I also find that Ancelotti is a good manager, but same as for Rogers. And the fact that they are about to sign Dybala shows me how ambitious Everton are. In contrary to us. They are upgrading their team. We are downgrading the team. I think its hard to find a good manager, but every manager would be better than Mourinho. Even Moyes or Bielsa. Cause they would start with less expectations than the special ego. With another concept, playing the young, Zidane would be great, especially when he brings us two or three prospects from Madrid. I also think we should loan more players. We could easily had Lukaku if we had another chairman. Anyway, I would give Kovac a go. He turned Frankfurt to a top team and now he does brilliantly with Monaco. IMO he was also successful with the croation national team, but unfortunately we played Brazil in the first match in the world cup, that have decided the group stage. A manipulated match btw. Before you ask, the japanese referee who blew the match was fired, because of the many mistakes he made in that game. What a coincidence??!!! With Bayern Munich he wasn’t successful. But it is said the team played against him, cause Kocac didn’t want to play Müller. He is of course a controversial manager, but I think, he is a manager who is able to rebuild and revive a team. And he was a player in contrast to Mourinho. So I guess he wouldn’t treat players like shit as Mourinho does!
  10. Spurfect

    Poch Wants Harry Rumours Already

    Thank you James. I really appreciate your compliment! ;)
  11. Spurfect

    Poch Wants Harry Rumours Already

    Lets be honest the 2 years of indolence broke our neck. Not earning money from the overpriced stadium tickets during the Lockdown(s) is karma. Btw thanks for the english mutation, you can dearly keep it to your own! :D We lost our best manager and missed out on fat monster deals, including 60 million on Tobey, 50 million on Rose, probably 60-100 for Dele, 80-120 for Eriksen, 80-120 for Sonny, 25-30 for Stinks, 30-40 for Lloris, 30-40 for Verts, 30-50 for Lucas and so on. But if you don’t invest, you will always be left behind. Also because players like Eriksen, Trippier and Wany have gone for a cut price and people call Levy a good negotiator!??? I really don’t no why? At the moment its only Harry, who could bring money in. I don’t want to lose Harry, but my feeling tells me, if we don’t sell him, the same will happen to him - a big value decrease. Clubs were ready to pay 200 million, but after the season it will be less, except he scores for England in the EUROS. But even 150 million were enough to build up a new team and that’s necessary tbh, cause many of the lads have lost their fire, so as their confidence. But the money must be spend wisley! If kids from England please from the academy who will fight for the club or prospects from lower tier clubs, who wont cost us a fortune. The real reason why everybody is signing foreigners. England destroys their own youth with the ridiculous price tags the clubs put on their talents. Unfortunately we have sleepy heads instead of scouts, but I personally would watch Scandinavian, North- and Southslavic players so as players from Turkey, especially with experience in Germany. The price is right, and more important their attitude!!!! Fuck these Allis, Bergwijns, Depays and Neymars, just to name a few, who are more interested in their fucking insta account than in training. I wont be spurfect, if I wouldn’t blow my own trumpet. But I was always suggesting Ward-Prowse, especially as replacement for Winks. He is valued 28 mil, but had a contract till 2025, so I think Soton will demand something between 45-65 million. The player I suggested to replace Eriksen, is Buendia. We have scouts watching Aarons, but nobody noticed the Argentinian!? Btw he already scored 10 goals and has 13 assists. Argentinian for Argentinian. Sell Lammy but nevertheless Gio will remain happy! Fuck, aint it embarrassing, when an average guy like me points out more talents and prospects than any single offical scout at Tottenham? The sad truth they get money for their poor work and I got only shit matches and Mourinho in return!!! Anyway, shit happens, but maybe there is hope. If the rumors are true we are again linked with Botman. Unfortunately he signed a contract with Lille in the meanwhile, so he will be more expensive. But he could be the missing link to our defensive problems. He is from the Ajax academy and no matter who is playing, Tobey or Sanchez, he would immediately click with both. The lad is a left foot. Happy easter, folks! Dont forget to color your balls!
  12. Spurfect

    EPL Dinamo Zagreb Vs SPURS 18th March 17:55 K.O.

    Sorry for the big letters. I have lost my glasses
  13. Spurfect

    EPL Dinamo Zagreb Vs SPURS 18th March 17:55 K.O.

    Check the CL match, Sevilla vs Dortmund. Just an example. Cakir was the ref. The same who blew the whistle in our favor against Citeh in the CL. Or watch Juve vs Milan and the controversial handball from Bonucci and the resulting penalty given 5 minutes after the „incident“ happend! Wtf? Check „the guardian“ who wrote two interesting articles about match fixing in february 2021. Don’t know how trustworthy they are, but the guardian states match fixing even increased during COVID19! Check, I mean google match fixing in Spain. And add Ander Herrera. Especially the articles about VAR are interesting. I always found it strange from which ankle they showed the onside/offside situations. You will find clubs who will tell you the same and describe the verification system anything but fair or exact. Here an example; https://4wavegroup.com/digital-match-fixing-red-flag-mediapro-criticized-by-spanish-football-federation-rfef-for-handling-var-goal/ Next, VAR is used arbitrarily. When anything, it should be used in every controversial situation. Against Arsenal, we as consumers and the audience saw the replay on the tele. But Oliver not even tried to put his ass into it to watch the controversial penalty scene on the screen. Refs also can influence the game by only disturbing the game flow. Referees so as players and sometimes both are involved. Even the staff and the board. Best example the 2:2 in the Sweden vs Denmark match that led to Italys exclusion from the World Cup. Not to forget Lampards goal against Germany in 2010. Or should I say no goal. I guess you all know which goal I mean! So tell me, wasn’t that match fixed? They even had co-referees next to the goal!!! Match fixing started from day one, when the FIFA organized the first world cup in Uruguay. Oh wonder oh wonder, Uruguay has won the tournament. What a surprise!? Btw check what people, players and managers say about Michael Oliver, Mike Dean and former referee Clattenburg according to match fixing. You will be surprised! There is to much money in the game to stop corruption. I don’t want anybody to convince, but match fixing is a fact and thats a sad truth
  14. Spurfect

    EPL Dinamo Zagreb Vs SPURS 18th March 17:55 K.O.

    Nothing new. You better listen to your mate, Spurfect. He is faster than his shadow. Especially faster than the english press. I already told you ... “But the new board was criticized, because in recent times they have started scouting foreign players to cash in on them. Best example Olmo who signed for Leipzig last year. Maybe a change in their concept, cause the former chairman was known for money laundry with young croatian talents. Especially in Spain and Italy. But that changed, now Mamic (former chairman) has been arrested.“ ;)
  15. Spurfect

    EPL Dinamo Zagreb Vs SPURS 18th March 17:55 K.O.

    I agree. Also because the ground quote for Zagreb went down from 8 to 3.5. That’s fishy!? You know me, I believe that the football associations across the world are corrupted. So against all expectations, I go for a higher draw. Similar to the LASK task and it will be anything but easy! 2:2 3:3 for me With Lammy and Sonny out ruled I also fear a defeat or draw against Villa, because of the double burden. Lets hope Im wrong. But usually its not over till the fat lady sings, so... COYS