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  1. Spurfect

    PL 20/21 Sheff Utd Vs SPURS Sunday Jan 17th 14:00

    They worked against Sheffield. Against Liverpool we will concede 5 goals minimum. Only Joey convinced me for his working rate
  2. Spurfect

    Danny Rose To Turkey ??

    At the end, Trabzon is a club who can pay their players selaries. Wish him the best, despite the fact that the turkish league is one of the worst. Players get worse not better, full of football pensioners in a match fix wonderland. Our players were not lucky. Janssen broke his leg and Nkoudou was booed from the own fans. Hope Rosey has more luck! Good luck
  3. Spurfect

    2021 Winter Transfer Window

    It took our scouts 3 years to notice Barellas talent. If we should really get him, I will clean Levys toilet for a year. Im not joking!
  4. Spurfect

    2021 Winter Transfer Window

    Im a fan of Harvey, but the lad need more training on shots from the range. Against the marines his shots looked like he has a diploma in astrophysics and tried to reach the stars
  5. Spurfect

    PL 20/21 Sheff Utd Vs SPURS Sunday Jan 17th 14:00

    I would have rest Son. Stevie is better on the left. I don’t mind that Lucas came on, he is Sub material, but tbh Bale must have more playing time. If hes not fit, why is he sitting on the bench! Tbh Bale can also play behind the striker, if he fails send him back to Madrid. And why the fuck is Vinnie coming on for Son. Mourinho is an idiot IMO
  6. Spurfect

    PL 20/21 Sheff Utd Vs SPURS Sunday Jan 17th 14:00

    Rodon is the shit. I enjoy watching the passionated lad. Hope we see more of him!
  7. Spurfect

    PL 20/21 Sheff Utd Vs SPURS Sunday Jan 17th 14:00

    Round two - ding ding!
  8. Spurfect

    PL 20/21 Sheff Utd Vs SPURS Sunday Jan 17th 14:00

    Guess, he is on the way to reunite with The Poch. Hope for England their love for each other will rekindle Dele‘s love for football. France is a thankful League, especially for PSG. Which is full of Instagram show ponies!
  9. Spurfect

    2021 Winter Transfer Window

    We avoided it James, because of Levys transfer restrictions. No player in - no player out!
  10. Spurfect

    2021 Winter Transfer Window

    The rumors about Gonzalez (Stuttgart) makes me think, they want to cash in on Sonny!
  11. Spurfect

    PL 20/21 Sheff Utd Vs SPURS Sunday Jan 17th 14:00

    Sissoko questions Mourinhos game plan. Ding Ding...! Round one
  12. Spurfect

    PL 20/21 Sheff Utd Vs SPURS Sunday Jan 17th 14:00

    Mate, I agree to most of what you say and I didn’t mean to praise Ole for his coaching abilities. I just point out that he has achieved all of what Mourinho was signed for, without winning trophies, the championship, league and international cups. He is not the special Oleson, he is just Ole. The friendly neighbor of Jane and Joe Doe! As you know we were also interested in Fernandes and we signed him, but it was the wrong one. Reminds me of signing the wrong Gilberto. On the other hand, Poch was more interested in Dybala, at the end we haven’t signed any of the the two. Shit happens! According to the fact that Eriksen was leaving it must have been a priority to sign a new and creative playmaker. Lo Celso was signed and when you remember he was put on the wings in the beginning just as Eriksen in Poch‘s system. A position he never played before! He is best as a LCM in a 433, but could also have an impact as ACM I guess. Why he is not playing, is a miracle to me. IMO Ndombele could be a reason, who Mourinho wants to turn into a 10er! Tbh having Jose in charge his compatriot Bruno would rather signed for us than Utd, but I think Levy had other plans. Beside Lamela and Gio all potential 10ers, it was Dele who was given the trust, but unfortunately he didn’t live up to these expectations. Lamela is an injury prone and Gio... where the fuck is Gio? Anyway, football is a teamsport. Bruno was definitively the missing link, but he is not alone on the pitch and not the manager! Mou only worked for Utd as long Ibra defended him in the looker rooms I believe. As soon Ibra left Pogba took over and the club and players turned against Mourinho. At least Mou was the cheaper option to get rid off. And I bet a million bucks it was Mourinhos tactics and boring way of playing he was criticized for. Although I think that Ole isn’t a top manager, he lets the players play to their advantages, while Mou is playing chess and uses players as chess pieces. So, when a bishop behaves like a knight he will get furious and always blame the players when we lose, cause in his opinion he is a master mind with the perfect strategy. Thats why I don’t like him. Cause its always the others, never him and he would never apologize for his tactical mistakes. But okay, you can interpret his behavior as confidence! Back to the original topic. I don’t know for what reason but we are lacking goals. I remember a Liverpool eleven under Kloppo in the early stages, when they conceded goals in every match before Virgin came. But they scored more than they have conceded, so they made their points anyway. To be fair, we have our chances, but we lack goals. Even the clear chances won’t go in. Thats why I hope, we can use our chances today and the goal keeper has diarrhea!
  13. Spurfect

    PL 20/21 Sheff Utd Vs SPURS Sunday Jan 17th 14:00

    Sheffield has nothing to lose. Emilio will be rested for the Liverpool match, so it will be a tough and physical match, cause they will defend with 11 men and we will have to make the game. As in previous post I think we have no creative midfielder. Tanguy isn‘t one. He needs to play as a number 8 and Harry shouldn’t be turned to an ACM even his shirt number said so. I would try Lamela in a 4231. I like him, but when he is not used why keeping him? So let him play. A creative midfielder (no real options at the moment) For what I see, we need a right wing (unfortunately we have to accept Bale is a fail and the welsh seems not to be bothered. Lucas is not a game changer and is more sub material) We also need an experienced left footed defender. That’s imminent. Not another right foot. No matter Korean, Spanish or Brazilian. Even the best defender in the world I won’t take him when he’s a right foot. Btw Rodon can’t be worse than Dier or Ben as CLB. So why not trying? This is nothing new and that’s exactly the problem. No interventions! To me Ole has achieved what Mou is only talking about. Utd reached a CL spot last season and are serious title contenders for this year. Seems it was not the players. Just saying! A must win says nothing when you are Tottenham. I’m sorry, but my prediction is a 0:0 or 1:0 to Sheffield in a boring 90 mins. Match
  14. Spurfect

    2021 Winter Transfer Window

    Hmmm... depends. To me it seems 50:50. Reggie is an amazing signing, but Bale...? Militao seems talented, nevertheless I would rather see a left foot. Its hard to predict how players from the Ligue 1 develop, but we are also linked with Botman and tbh I prefer him just because his stronger leg. Anyway, I found Joey had a decent match