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  1. Sorry to bug ya ,,,why can’t I do any reactions or likes ?????,,,what’s changed??? I can only quote or edit ??? i can see everyone’s reaction’s ,,,but I can’t do any myself ..
  2. Mr8ball

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    Who question had heard of Sancho before he played in Germany??? We offered £20 mill before he went to Germany ,,,,so I think Bryan Gil is a punt or long term investment if it works out happy days ,,world class players are there ,,,sonny £22 mill easy money
  3. Mr8ball

    kings of white hart lane

    Got another party Saturday at my club ,,for a great mate of ours the nugget,,,him and his wife a retirement party before they move for good to Spain ,,,the nugget should have been a top pro dart player ,,smashed everyone playing darts ,,and a true yid supporter and I mean true lily white running through his veins ,,,,I will cry tomorrow night when me the wife and kids say our farewells to one off my best mates ,,if ya look at this post nugget and Angie I love ya always and for ever ,,,,come on the gingers lol
  4. Mr8ball

    kings of white hart lane

    And to make it worse there all Arsenal or chelsea supporters ffs
  5. Mr8ball

    kings of white hart lane

    Lol don’t really wanna go mate tbh ,,,my other side of the family are all lovely lunatics,,,there are loads of them ( I call them the breeders) ,,,it’s either gonna be great or all the women will have a punch up ,,social media is a nightmare,,,it’s good to see my aunty Ellie,,she had 4 kids ,,they had 24 kids ,,,the others haven’t stopped lol relentless breeding,,,I don’t know half of them lol
  6. Mr8ball

    kings of white hart lane

    Well tonight is the 1st time me and the wife are going out to my cousins 40th wedding anniversary at the Cambridge Utd supporters club ,,should have been in July but got cancelled cos of Covid-19,,,,should be a good craic lol all English lol
  7. Mr8ball

    Is our sonny staying

    Sonny has signed a new deal happy days ,,,here till 2025 ,,he is all ours
  8. Mr8ball

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    Apparently it’s nearly done ,,,he has done his 1st part of medical and is now in London doing the 2 nd part of his medical,,,£39 mill plus add ons,,,5 year deal
  9. Mr8ball

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    Mr levy might have had a conversation saying that you can leave if spurs get the right offer ,but reading this morning there hasn’t been an offer for him .
  10. Mr8ball

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    This fella would be a great signing mate very solid centre back
  11. Mr8ball

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    Can’t do any likes fella ,,so I am not ignoring any posts,,just not quoting all of them sorry
  12. Mr8ball

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    So the only money spurs have spent on a new player is Bryan Gil £25 mill ,,,we got £13 mill for foryth so that pays some of that . if Kane is leaving we need a striker pronto and I hope it’s not Ings ,,we don’t need another midget up front ,,,
  13. Mr8ball

    Is Kane Staying ?

    Barca and Madrid are skint mate
  14. Mr8ball

    Is Kane Staying ?

    Lol city and spurs have said they are surprised by these strange reports ,,,,