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  1. Mr8ball

    Amazon Import Duty 25% !!!!

    Funny ,,,I brought a wanking machine many years ago ,,,kin hell ,,I ended up with blood blisters all over my do dah lol sorry it’s funny
  2. Mr8ball

    Amazon Import Duty 25% !!!!

    Lol get a pump mate lol
  3. Mr8ball

    Amazon Import Duty 25% !!!!

    Get the sex stuff from another site lol joke joke
  4. Mr8ball

    Most blatant offside ever not given

    It’s corrupt simple sky and bt only want city ,,Utd ,,
  5. Mr8ball

    Kings of white hart lane ,,,,,,

    Very much a any age group game ,,bowls ,,it’s really good fun
  6. Mr8ball

    Danny Ings Rumour Persists

    Would be great ,,,but does he want to be a back up for Harry Kane ,,,at 28 years old ,,,vinny knew the conditions when he arrived and he is younger,,I like vinnys attitude
  7. Mr8ball

    Kings of white hart lane ,,,,,,

    Our players can’t be tiered
  8. Mr8ball

    Are we supposed to give a damn?

    It’s gonna go very wrong tomorrow if the officials do not keep control of the 74 million hill billies in the USA that are all carrying all sorts of weapons. one lunatic that’s been waiting for this shite to happen is all it could take ,,,
  9. Mr8ball

    Kings of white hart lane ,,,,,,

    Magic goal from the keeper for Newport
  10. Mr8ball

    Kings of white hart lane ,,,,,,

    Big game tonight,,aud ,,,Southend vs the mighty amber army lol
  11. Mr8ball

    Invisible Kit

    White kit ,,,orange kit ,,,orange football lol
  12. Mr8ball


    My boss showed me a trailer for a film called songbird ( or Covid 23 ) even he said this should never be realsed due people’s mental health conditions at the moment,,it’s really kin fucked ,,, I am so pleased that I don’t have an iPhone or that entrance into the shite that is on the internet,,,lots off people struggling are listening to a load off absolute crap ,,and cos off no interaction with family’s and friends,,they are going into there shells .its kin horrible
  13. Mr8ball


    Having the choice ,,,one taking my family to watch spurs,,,watch England play cricket.at lords or even at fenners in Cambridge to watch the cricket,,,or to be able to go horse racing at Newmarket again would be awesome,,,play 8 ball pool with my family in the club ,,darts in the pub ,,cribbage in the pub ,,,to go fishing ,,,getting seriously bored with work go there ,,go to Tesco’s on way home that’s it .i know it’s the same for everyone,,,but we all need the sun and warmth ,,,even to sit in the garden would be nice
  14. Mr8ball


    I would pay mate ,,,it’s gonna make my family’s life a lot better ,,,if only for a year ,,,,to be able to go to the battle cruiser,,,a restaurant and have a sit down meal ,,, everyone will need that card to do anything soon ,,,going on holiday ( not bothered about abroad now) to the Norfolk cost line ,,,nice caravan,,,club house ,,fishing ,,football,,drinking,,meeting different people blah blah great fish and chips can’t go wrong