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  1. BlockFeet

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    Might as well get behind him - he does seem a decent bloke unlike Jose. 2 year deal so easy enough to extend contract if going well or replace him if it doesn’t. Let’s hope he brings some of the talent from Wolves. I think that he is well connected too via that parasite of a football agent whose name I forget, although we have Paratici now so maybe that’s not important now. i hear he tends to bring a big entourage with him but I’d hope that some of the staff stay in coaching roles - Ledley king, if not Ryan Mason.
  2. BlockFeet

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    Have Everton signed a new manager yet? Don’t think so. It’s taking them ages too. Slightly different situation of course where their ex-manager walked out on them suddenly, but it does show it must be a complicated process. Palace are still manager-less too. At the very least, you’d think some potential candidates for Spurs would also want to look at the Everton job to consider pros/cons of each, so I guess that’s not helping the process. Still taking an age though.
  3. BlockFeet

    Happy Fathers day

    Ha ha well my two lads have just turned 4… yes they bicker and fight all the time, then best friends again afterwards. Just like me and the wife ha! They’re a bit young to follow a full match, but I’ve fully indoctrinated them about Spurs so they can name most of our players… great parenting! Yep Bale was awesome the other day, but I also think Davies and Rodon have been very solid too. Defo get behind Wales today.
  4. BlockFeet

    Happy Fathers day

    Well said! My dad is coming round for Sunday lunch at ours and after I’ll be taking my twins to a bike track and play area in Skipton. Timings are all designed to ensure I can be back at home watching Wales play Italy with a beer in hand! Happy Father’s Day all!
  5. BlockFeet

    Is Kane Staying ?

    Some good points here, but on the occasions when he has got the ball he’s been strangely terrible at the Euros! Simple things he does perfectly for Spurs aren’t working at all - poor first touches, simple passes going astray, weak shots or miss-hits. He also just looks slow and jaded. I’m a huge fan of Kane, absolutely love him, but he’s having a shocker so far! I fully back him to come good though. Plus if he’s had some of the easier chances that others have squandered, he’d have scored for sure.
  6. BlockFeet

    Is Kane Staying ?

    He doesn’t look worth much more than that based on the Eng vs Sco game tonight. Had a bit of a stinker! Still, can surely only get better though.
  7. BlockFeet

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    They haven’t announced anything. They don’t need to. It wasn’t true.
  8. BlockFeet

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    Please can people stop believing all the nonsense click bait media bollocks about every manager. Just because someone reports something in social media doesn’t mean it’s true!
  9. BlockFeet

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    Exactly. Media speculation and made up nonsense. People are being spoken to. Enquiries and interviews will take place. A formal job offer will be made to someone. When an offer is accepted it’ll be announced.
  10. BlockFeet

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    FFS I’m going to have to ask my mate who works at Spurs again to tell us what’s happening. I mean he knew sod all last time, but that’s as much as anyone seems to know at Spurs.
  11. BlockFeet

    England get win

    Kane seemed to be ok at making space for others and I guess he always occupies defenders, but he really wasn’t great. I’m sure he’d say he didn’t get much service though. If Kane plays shit at the Euros or (heaven forbid) gets injured then he might not get sold after all… or would it just lower his price tag?
  12. BlockFeet

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    We’ll He’s not impressing me at all.
  13. BlockFeet

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    Has it been announced? Where? Not who most (all?) of us would have wanted when this search began. I expect the players too (especially Kane and Son) will be underwhelmed. Let’s hope he comes in and does an amazing job, although I’m not hopeful - too many unknowns. I’ll get behind him and the team though. The worst part is the shitty negative PR around it. Appointing the guy who was sacked for Mourinho is just utterly embarrassing. Levy has overseen a disastrous period and this is the lowest I’ve felt about Spurs for years. Might not come into this forum much until after the Euros as I’m just fed up with many aspects of my club.
  14. BlockFeet

    Is Kane Staying ?

    He surely won’t be staying if Paulo Fonseca comes in.
  15. BlockFeet

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    Scotty Parker incoming