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    FAC: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Leicester City

    Mihai - bit off topic, but I don't know how you can be so negative and pessimistic all the time! On what basis is Njie a 'lost case'? This is an exciting 22 year old Cameroon international who joined us in mid-August from Lyon and so missed most of pre-season. Since then his game time has been limited and he's had a bad injury to get over. We've seen countless foreign players who take time to adapt to the Prem so he was never going to be the finished article this season. Whilst most of us would have preferred to have bought a proven PL striker to complement Kane (and still would!) this doesn't mean we should write off Njie for the future. He signed a 5 year deal and is here for the long-term. I back our current coaches to spot talent and Njie will develop and improve at Spurs alongside our other younger squad members and academy graduates. He will only get better, so writing him off as a 'lost cause' immediately seems unfair. Will he become a world star like Eto? I don't know about that - but for the £8m fee it's well worth finding out!
  2. BlockFeet


    A good effort by the lads at the end of a long sequence of competitive matches. We were a lick of paint away from beating a decent Everton side who typically start picking up lots of points in the second half of the season. They are dangerous and will beat many sides, we controlled them for most of the match showing our solidity. Certainly no need to bitch about Caroll, the lad is improving all the time and I'd much prefer to see an academy player given time to develop under our fantastic coaches. I agree our subs were just not effective today. Our subs did not make a difference or improve us - their subs clearly did. That's the biggest disappointment for me. I'm usually happy with Son off the bench who brings energy, and it's good for Onomah to get minutes and experience. Chadli looks completely off the pace though. I don't think he is suited to our fast pressing style at all. Slows the game down and looks out of sorts. Assuming there are other options out there, I would sell him (and Townsend) and get at least one in.
  3. BlockFeet


    We've played better this season and drawn or lost the match, so I'm very pleased with 3 points today away against an in-form Watford side. I don't get all the negativity from some people here. We've won and the lads will be absolutely buzzing. COYS
  4. BlockFeet

    January window

    I think Poch is a fantastic young manager who is making huge progress, growing and developing alongside his team and our squad. I'm prouder than ever to support Spurs. Ok, so we lost a few matches, perhaps he made some tactical mistakes or didn't prepare effectively. Or maybe just the players played badly once in a very competitive league. It's sport - it happens. WOW - quick sack the manager and get someone else in. Utter stupidity.
  5. BlockFeet

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Newcastle United

    If only we could have brought on strikers and attacking subs who could make such a difference. This was a golden chance to take the step into the top 4 and we've absolutely blown it. So annoying and disappointing.
  6. BlockFeet

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Newcastle United

    Yeah bit scrappy. Need to kick on and nick a second to make it safe.
  7. BlockFeet

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Newcastle United

    Yep - he's calling our decent tackles/pressure as fouls and not penalising them for some rash challenges
  8. BlockFeet

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Newcastle United

    GOAL! Get in Dier. First good set piece we've managed today. It's been coming though...
  9. BlockFeet

    January window

    I refer you to my short and long response in my earlier post ;-)
  10. BlockFeet


    Definitely a 'must not lose' match, but also one I'm confident we can win. We have been playing better than Chelsea all season. Hungrier and fitter players, rock solid defence, improving attacking play, superb team spirit, attitude and work rate. A Spurs win and Mourinho is slap back under pressure! COYS
  11. BlockFeet

    January window

    Loads of stories in the papers today about Chelsea bidding for Kane and Dembele in January or the summer. Short response: Fuck off Long response: Fuck right off Of course they would be keen on both, but this is just the usual made up shit designed to try and destabilise our in-form players before a match. It won't work. Our lads are made of stern stuff this season. COYS
  12. BlockFeet

    Too Many Fouls ??

    Fouls are part of the game. The type of fouls we are making when pressing hard are not especially dirty or violen, they are not professional 'red card' fouls and they don't particularly 'hurt us' by giving away set piece chances in dangerous places. We do need to watch that it doesn't become a massive problem, but for now I say crack on lads - we can deal with the odd suspension. It just gives another young dynamic Spurs player a chance to play in the next match!
  13. BlockFeet


    They may have nicked a point but honours were NOT even today. COYS
  14. BlockFeet


    I utterly hate Arsenal.
  15. BlockFeet


    Well played Lamela, right time to come off too. He's upset Arsenal all match. Some good touches, some bad touches, but overall a good performance.
  16. BlockFeet


    Very good 45mins. Pressed them all over the pitch and stopped them playing. Nothing's won yet though - keep it up lads. COYS
  17. BlockFeet


    Royce - is Rose fit? If so I'd personally go with him at usual LB position. Interesting to see if playing Rose on the wing would work, but I'd play players in usual positions for this one! I'd also stick with Lamela. His touch is on and off but he does press well and will annoy Woolwich. Let's hope Son and Mason get a lot of game time tonight so both can pick up where they left off! COYS
  18. BlockFeet

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Aston Villa

    They definitely are. Also the fact they wear the same kit as West Ham. Shitters
  19. BlockFeet

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Aston Villa

    They definitely are. Also the fact they wear the same kit as West Ham. Shitters
  20. BlockFeet

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Aston Villa

    I do too. I don't know why really. Just always have. I'm indifferent to several teams, but I hate Villa.
  21. BlockFeet

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Liverpool

    I'm just glad the Klopp media wankfest is fucking off somewhere else now. Ignore the one sided nonsense... We played ok. We should have won. We are becoming a very hard side to beat. COYS
  22. BlockFeet

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Liverpool

    Can you imagine if this happened to Kane? Tough luck for Ings, although Liverpool have Sturridge, Benteke, Origi and probably others who will come in. Still a tough match due to the Klopp factor - but one we can win. COYS
  23. BlockFeet

    Liverpool match!!

    I believe the match is at WHL not Anfield. But either way it's a tough match made tougher by the positive bounce impact that Klopp will bring. I do think we can beat them as our form has been good and the undeafeted run builds confidence in our squad. However, we need to get our best starting 11 fully fit with no more injuries over the international break!
  24. BlockFeet


    Son apparently has a foot injury. Agree with resting Kane but maybe we need to put Chadli upfront and give Eriksen more pitch time in behind. Either way it definitely shows we need another striker!
  25. BlockFeet

    Baldini gone

    Hope one of our rival clubs hires him!