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  1. Adrian ***t Durham says that Man Utd should approach Conte, and that they are big enough to persuade him that yanited are the better short and longime bet for success. The way I see it is that DL is far more to committed to delivering for THFC than the weird Glazers are for just one of their franchises (which is all yanited are to them).
  2. Tonto911

    SPURS Vs Leeds Utd Sunday Nov 21st 16.30 KO

    I can understand Rodin being left out, but not Rodon... The former is probably too preoccupied with his sculpture, that and being dead also..... https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=The+Thinker&stick=H4sIAAAAAAAAAONgFmLXz9U3KE_PVeIEMYwNcrLKtPgdi0oyi0tC8oF0eX5R9iJW7pCMVIWQjMy87NSiHayMAKHqQH44AAAA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjrnLHp66n0AhVKDuwKHXXmAiEQxA16BAhFEAU&biw=1920&bih=918&dpr=1#&tbs=kac:1,kac_so:0
  3. My apologies, I had only read that post that I referred to. i have now read the others.
  4. Oh dear, has it come to name calling and other ignorant (anti semitic) insults. I thought you were better than that. Jealous of somebody who got a good education, and made enough money to buy into his favourite football team, and try and make them a force again ? You don't even know how use a comma ! Have the mods not seen this post ?
  5. I agree, and in the first half on Thursday it was clear to all that there was a renewed enthusiasm. Now he'll get them all fit again (double sessions again ? why did they ever stop them ??) Everton is going to be interesting. By the way, I have not seen any negative "he's an ex chav manager" comments, I think it's recognised that he is a top top coach. I am excited, and really looking forward to our next 'performance'.. COYFS
  6. would you ;listen to you, if you were the one who had built the club up to this level ?
  7. Actually it is 5 titles at 3 clubs Juve, Chavs and Inter.....
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out he has been shopping for Conte's players all along.....
  9. Tonto911

    The Antonio Conte Thread

    Just a typo it should be CHAVS...........
  10. Tonto911

    Nuno Sacked

    Dier had some good games, Tanganga also... it all went wrong at Palarse. Dier's injury, the introduction of Davies (who has not had any good games this season), and then Tanganga getting stitched up by Zaha (who did the same thing to Laporte).. Nuno didn't seem able to deal with the situation thereafter. We didn't 'bounce back' in the following big games like we needed to do. Two good wins against Villa/Newcastle (both in poor form) gave me some hope, but nah, Nuno wasn't up to the job.
  11. Tonto911

    Nuno Sacked

  12. Tonto911

    Nuno Sacked

    and yet I noticed a distinct improvement in the performances of Sanchez...
  13. Tonto911

    So ... who's next?

    Or maybe a deal was done then, in the meantime give Nuno a 2 year contract, and Conte takes over early if he messes up ??
  14. Tonto911

    So ... who's next?

    R back four Royal Romero Rodon Reguilon
  15. Tonto911

    PL SPURS Vs Man Utd Sat 30th Oct 17.30 KO

    What is your problem ? " fall in love with Daniel " and " You and your mate can continue your love in." Why do you continue to make yourself look childish with such puerile comments, and other nonsense. Try to keep it football based and not just your personal abuse. 203 posts against 3152 posts says it all. I think you will find that Cromulentmart is very well respected on this forum.