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  1. Tonto911

    PL Everton Vs SPURS Friday 16th April 20:00 K.O.

    I think it is only 4, plus the Europa league winners (so woolwich won't qualify as Europa runners up), I don't think that Man Citeh winning the CL will make an extra place either....
  2. Thanks again, that's an incredible stat.
  3. Good work. Bobby Charlton and Rooney might be up there with Internationals. Maybe Jimmy Greaves as well ? Also, oddly, I noticed whilst looking at that site you gave me (thanks) that Jimmy Greaves didn't take pens for England.
  4. Got it, he has scored 13 for England at Wembley
  5. It's the internationals that are tricky...
  6. With regard to the match, and specifically The Kane. I'm wondering if he holds yet another record... It was stated that his 10th successful penalty last evening and is a new record. I'm pretty sure that he must also have scored more goals at Wembley (total for both stadiums) than any other footballer ? Internationals, CL, Prem, (finals)....
  7. They all do at citeh. Coached by the master of football's 'black arts' as well the good parts... How many times have we seen/heard the commentators and pundits (ha!) creaming themselves over how good citeh are (true sometimes) but they never criticise their players for diving when it suits them. This season Gundalin (?) and in previous seasons sterling, de bruyne and gabriel... all against us. Only just behind the bindippers imho when it comes to cheating, all over the pitch.
  8. Tonto911

    woolwich coming up.....

    Five years ago today.....Probably The Kane's best ever goal against the scum... Great closing down by Dele, then backheeled nut-meg, give to The Kane and..... BOOM !
  9. Tonto911

    PL Fulham Vs SPURS Thurs 4th March 18:00 K.O.

    That's the badger ! 'Moderately' good research. ;o
  10. Tonto911

    PL Fulham Vs SPURS Thurs 4th March 18:00 K.O.

    Can anybody remember which game it was (last season IIRC) when Lucas was lying on the ground in the penalty area, and a defender's clearance hit his arm and rebounded to another of our players, who scored, and we had it disallowed for exactly the same reason.......??
  11. Tonto911

    PL Fulham Vs SPURS Thurs 4th March 18:00 K.O.

    The only "fool" is you. Scotty Parker has done an excellent rebuild with this team, and I'm sure that they will stay up. I hope so, I love going to their ground, and hopefully next season I will be able to.
  12. Tonto911

    PL Fulham Vs SPURS Thurs 4th March 18:00 K.O.

    We keep giving the ball back to them....
  13. Tonto911

    PL Fulham Vs SPURS Thurs 4th March 18:00 K.O.

    He can't cross a ball......
  14. Tonto911

    PL West Ham Vs SPURS Sunday 21st Feb 12:00 k.o.

    Right on the ball again. You're a genius...