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  1. Tonto911

    Is Kane Staying ?

    I wonder if The Kane would stay if Roberto Mancini was to be appointed..... He would be my first choice. Maybe that's why there is a delay. If you haven't read the DL interview on THFC.com, do so, you might find it interesting.
  2. Tonto911

    Is Kane Staying ?

    I think that you'll find more people laugh at woolwich. For a start all of us do, and most of their own fans and ex players too. DL tried with maureenho to buy a quick fix, as we all hoped would be provided, but M is a busted flush, and thank goodness, sent on his way. I'm sure there will be good news on the manager front soon. I think the new DoF will be good for us. COYFS
  3. Tonto911

    Kane and trophies.....

    Be positive... we need to lose hart, aurier, sanchez, sissoko, winks, (Doherty-today was his only good game for us), bergwijn, vinicius (? not convinced) Lamela (very reluctantly) and dier (worn out) Hopefully we will have revitalised Skipp, Sessegnon, Gazzaniga, Foyth, several promising youngsters, and a couple or three marquee signings.......... Its been a tough 'journey' this season, but they are my team, club and love of my life (football wise)....
  4. Tonto911

    Kane and trophies.....

    Ok, there you are Harry, your third Golden Boot trophy. So, now STFU and get on with your job for England at the EUROS and THFC next season, and please no more Golf with that squeaky voiced stirrer at the 'pie in the sky storytellers'. All sorted in one glorious comeback... 2-1 down to 4-2 up.....
  5. Tonto911

    Leicester City Vs Spurs Sun 23rd May 16:00 K.O.

    Actually Doherty is looking good, his best game so far, good to see. Good contribution for our gaol.
  6. Tonto911

    Leicester City Vs Spurs Sun 23rd May 16:00 K.O.

    Toby left his foot there, Vardy put his foot in... is how I saw it..... Not the first time but after several viewings......
  7. Tonto911

    Players that should go ?

    Reeked of unnecessary panic because The Poch appeared to have lost it... We were continuing a bad run of results - something had to be done.................... They are not going to sell the club after all the investment in the infrastructure, have you not seen the recent statement from DL ?
  8. Tonto911

    Players that should go ?

    One bad season.....after a bad appointment (JM), and we still got to a final..its not that bad I've witnessed much worse over the years since I started in 1962....
  9. Tonto911

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    Yes, he 's done a great job at Burnley, but nobody ever praises him for his style of play, at least 'arry redknapp was known for attacking football. I think that we should look seriously at getting a winning manager, even if its just for 2 seasons, forget about the long term. Lots of other clubs do it.
  10. Tonto911

    Is Kane Staying ?

    nah, £100m plus greenwood
  11. Tonto911

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    How about this for a (positive) conspiracy theory. DL is negotiating, or has already done the deal, for a new coach. So, to distract the rubbish journos/skywank etc sniffing around and finding out before the end of the season, he allows a (false) rumour to circulate that The Kane wants to leave. Its just a matter of who it is .. My preferences are the Ajax guy, to come in and do a similar job to The Poch, building a team of young talent some home grown and some maybe from his Ajax experience. Second choice Conte, with a load of money for experienced players (Skriniar, etc) and a mix of youngsters inc homegrown..... He will sort out the defence for sure.
  12. Tonto911

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    DL took a huge gamble when he appointed The Poch, don't forget that. they worked well together then maybe The Poch peaked just too early......
  13. Tonto911

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    Rodgers has won 'nothing' already at Bindippers, why would he want to win 'nothing' at Foxes, and then bring a 'Bottler' reputation to us ?
  14. Tonto911

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    Hansi Spursy has a nice rhythm to it....
  15. Tonto911

    Don't Laugh At Arsenal

    If it goes through let's hope all non woolwich fans dump Spotify, and see how he likes that !