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  1. Spot-a-tea-guvnor

    Hello from Atlanta

    Welcome from Chirac !!!
  2. Spot-a-tea-guvnor

    Would You Be Happy If...

    Would be awesome , don't think the Gotze deal is happening though ...
  3. Spot-a-tea-guvnor

    Welcome Victor Wanyama

    Great signing !!
  4. Spot-a-tea-guvnor

    Transfer Window News (Next One July 2017)

    Voetbalkrant (me neither) , are reporting the Spurs are close to completing the signing of Michy Batshuayi
  5. Spot-a-tea-guvnor

    Your Caption Please......(1)

    "Look Jose , Mata is already heading out the gate "
  6. Spot-a-tea-guvnor


    Not to these fucking yanks it's not ...
  7. Spot-a-tea-guvnor


    Fucking hate Monday games , it's 2pm here when the game kicks off and i have to fucking work , next 3 Monday's too !!! fuck it !!
  8. Spot-a-tea-guvnor

    One more season?

    Just like his prediction for Sunday's game with united !!!
  9. Spot-a-tea-guvnor

    Transfer Window News (Next One July 2017)

    Townsend ? :-)
  10. Spot-a-tea-guvnor

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Manchester United

    Maybe you might try swallowing them next time , instead of via you're Rectum , i'm sure you have trouble telling which is which .. seeing as equal measures of shite flow from both !!!!
  11. Spot-a-tea-guvnor

    Just joined

    Good day mate !!
  12. Spot-a-tea-guvnor


    Don't knock it till you tried it !!!!!
  13. Spot-a-tea-guvnor

    Europa again??!!

    If we play the same way we did against Fiorentina , then we should fear no one ! thought we was superb , is there a more cultured centre half in Europe than Alderweireld ! i think not ..
  14. Spot-a-tea-guvnor

    FAC: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Crystal Palace

    Is it on TV ?
  15. Spot-a-tea-guvnor


    Opinions time folks , not sure about you guys , but i am having a serious , serious problem trying to understand why Jack Wilshere is even being mentioned about a return to the England squad for the upcoming Euros , he has not played a single minute of the season thus far , his projected return is April 2nd , surely , that is not anywhere near enough time to force his way into the England squad , besides , even when he is fit , he brings nothing to the England table that we don't already have .....