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  1. Jamesinashby

    Is Kane Staying ?

    Only Kane and DL know what has gone on between them. Anyone who believes that there has never been any discussions between them is naïve. It is probably in both interests to remain quiet for different reasons and they are both sensible enough to play it that way. Even City are keeping stum. Just my view. COYS
  2. Jamesinashby


    I have just read that Lewis Hamilton is claiming he is suffering with long Covid. Utter bullocks as you never know until you get up how bad you will be feeling that day - you just can't plan for the future. He is just looking for sympathy and making excuses because of all the booing. One of the effects that virtually affects all who suffer, is Covid fog. It affects memory and concentration - there is no way he could concentrate for that length of time or take split second judgements travelling at the speed those cars get up to. He was a hero of mine, but this is the final straw, I now have no time for him. Also, there is a an England woman footballer in Japan (I can't remember her name), and she is claiming she has been suffering from Long Covid. She claims it has made her very tired and difficult to train. She then said an examination showed she had an infection of the lungs and that was cleared by given antibiotics. Again, in my opinion a load of bullocks. She had something like pneumonia that brought on her tiredness on and it probably came on after she had recovered from a mild dose of Covid. With Long Covid any form of vigorous activity puts you on the flat of your back, you would pass out from the extreme dizziness. Apart from that, the extreme fatigue in the muscles means you don't have the strength to do it. Last week I was in the gym not training but just for a social with friends there). I was sitting on a very low bench talking to a lady friend, and when I went to leave her, I couldn't get up. She had to pull me to my feet. That is long Covid - you can get about but only very carefully and slowly. If they really do/did have Long Covid and was able to play football at International level, and drive a F1 car in a race, I wish the would share the secret with me and the over a million of others who have it. COYS
  3. Jamesinashby


    This morning has started as my worst day ever. It took me until 10.30am to work up the will power to get up. My leg muscles, especially the thighs, ached as though gravity was pulling them down. My lower back is so stiff and painful. I am so breathless that even in bed had to breath through my mouth with deep breaths. My whole body feels exhausted and just slowly walking downstairs makes me gasp and feel dizzy. I just have absolutely no idea what to do. The only advice I have been given is to take it easy and not to push myself. What the hell does that mean? I couldn't do much less than I did yesterday. Walking around the house occasionally into the kitchen to make a drink or to the downstairs toilet, and a couple of times upstairs to my study to use the laptop is absolutely no exercise at all. I also went to the pub - a walk from the car to pub about 100 yard. To do less than I did all day would be lying in bed all day!! Over the last 6 weeks I have, if anything, found the very bad days getting worse. Being told that my body, health wise with all my results showing I am in excellent condition that a 60 year old would be pleased with, just doesn't help at all. This wretched Long Covid somehow overrides everything and cannot be controlled. On the 10th of August I will have my first appointment with the Covid clinic which is by phone where I may get some tips. Sorry to go moaning on, but 9 months on with the light at the end of the tunnel moving further away instead of nearer, it is now getting a bit tedious. COYS
  4. Jamesinashby

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    Having spent a week not looking at journos gossip, I have just read an alert on the Romero saga. It suggests Spurs have made an offer of £43 but Atalanta don't want to go ahead until they have a replacement. Nuno wants the player for the opening game v City. Apparently City want Grealish and Kane for the start of the season and DL is pushing for Kane not to play against Spurs. Not an ounce of certainty in any of this gossip, so why print it. I shall revert to not responding to any of these alerts again as they wind me up something rotten. A curse on all journos. COYS
  5. Jamesinashby

    Nuno could be the answer

    That's the sodding 'j' being above the 'n' and a tired brain being unable to control an index finger. COYS
  6. Jamesinashby

    Is our sonny staying

    Doubly so after his showing in the last friendlies. He may also be the encouragement Harry needs to remain with us. COYS
  7. Jamesinashby

    Nuno could be the answer

    Many of us have been saying this for years now - we need a midfield captain along the lines of Dave McKay. There are a couple of contenders I think we have in the current squad, but stripping Hugo and Harry of their roles will not be straight forward. That said, I think Juno is strong enough to impose his authority. COYS
  8. Jamesinashby

    Response Icon Review Perhaps ?

    No confused eh? I wondered why you hadn't been responding to my posts lately. COYS
  9. Jamesinashby

    new members

    Hello and welcome. We are a friendly cantankerous lot on here and look forward to reading your posts as the season progresses. For me the most enjoyable part is after each game. We have all watched the same game, but we finish up with half a dozen different views! COYS
  10. Jamesinashby

    Programme Collecting

    My very first Spurs programmes were a single sheet of very thin paper folded in half and cost me tuppence - less than 1p in today's money! When I first started going to pubs in 1957, I would go out with 10 bob (50p). I'd buy a packet of fags, have 5 or 6 pints and then fish and chips when the pub closed, and not have spent all of it! That would cost me around £30 plus today. All those pay rises over the years didn't really help, all it did was to bump up prices! My first house, a bungalow cost £7,500. That same bungalow would be over £350,000 today. Some of you young guys, by the time you reach my age (I was 82 last Wednesday), you will be living in houses that cost ove £1 million pounds - being a millionaire will mean nothing!! COYS
  11. Jamesinashby

    Is Kane Staying ?

    I haven't followed the news this week. That said, if there has been no talk of him handing in a transfer request, the more it looks as though he seems happy with what he has seen since Juno arrived and may not push for a move and is secretly negotiating a new contract. We can live in hope. Mind you, with Lucas, Sonny and Dele popping them in, he may not get back into the team! LOL COYS
  12. Jamesinashby

    Joe Hart To Celtic ?

    You would have though having just lost their crown to Rangers, they would be looking to shore up there now leaky defence! Do they not follow English football in Scotland? COYS
  13. Jamesinashby

    MK Dons Vs SPURS Friendly Wed 28th July 19:45 K.O.

    A very assuring performance. I know it is not EPL standard opposition, but the attitude of the players is something not seen for many months. The finishing of those goals scored - including those ruled out for offside - was top drawer. It is nice to see attacking football again. COYS
  14. Jamesinashby

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    I have taken a sabbatical not just from the forum, but from all things football except from watching Spurs on Wednesday. It was great being away from all the daily rubbish rubbish regarding transfers. I am getting very irritated by these wild guesses that say one thing supposedly happening one day to read that talks have broken down the next. I am getting irritated, after all the hype of Paraciti being so good with so many contacts, sod all of significance is happening. Some 2 weeks to the start of the season and and not one fantastic signing to suggest we are finally going to put football first. Even worse, we give away 32 year old Aulderweirald for 3 million (our most reliable CB last season) before we have bought his replacement. Talk about 'same old, same old', nothing has changed. The only light on the horizon, for me, has been the response on the pitch of players badly treated by Mourinho. With Juno's new approach to how we play and the enthusiasm of the players, my hope and enthusiasm for this coming season remains high despite the disappointing transfer window. Also, if Harry should leave, although I would be sad, I am encouraged the hole he leaves is no where near as big as I once thought. COYS
  15. Jamesinashby


    This virus is a nasty cunning cruel little swine. After 7 consecutive days of making me feel wretched, it allows me a day where I feel completely free of it. Then, bang! It has hit me with 2 days far worse than it has ever been. It makes me feel helpless as I have no control of things any more. I am damned if I do and damned if I don't. By that, I mean if I rest it buggers me up, and if I force myself to be active by going out, it buggers me up. 24/7 I have no energy and little desire to apply myself to doing anything. I am getting bored with doing puzzles, playing back gammon and mahjong on my tablet, and I have never been one to watch programmes on TV, an hour or 2 of it and I am fidgety and wanting to be actively engaged in physically doing something. I need face to face interaction with people. I need physical activities, but sadly, I no longer have the strength to do it. Worse still, the Brain Fog can be so bad, these days I can't remember the names of half the players in last seasons squad. I can't recall the results of last season or who we played in the the various Cup competitions. It makes me wary of posting in case I get picked up for getting things wrong or appearing stupid. If you don't mind, and Hastings allows it, I will be taking a back seat for a while as my get up and go has not just got up and gone, it has disappeared out of sight just lately. COYS