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  1. Jamesinashby

    Great Android App To Watch Live Football

    Yes, reading your post, I downloaded it and watched on that one. I now have both on my tablet. Thanks. COYS
  2. Jamesinashby

    Don't Laugh At Arsenal

    As far as, last gasp equalisers go, that must be close to the record. I feel sorry for Palace as I think they probably deserved to win with that 2nd half display. It reminds me of Arsene Wenger's reign when the chant was, "Lucky, lucky Arsenal". COYS
  3. Jamesinashby

    Don't Laugh At Arsenal

    Me too and watching on the App Borodin put us on too. COYS
  4. Jamesinashby

    Great Android App To Watch Live Football

    I loaded this when you first told us about it - it has been brilliant and, I don't want to tempt fate, but it has never let me down. Also, there has only been one time that none of the options were with English commentators. I have passed this on to other footballing friends at the gym who support other teams. COYS
  5. Jamesinashby

    Is A Top Four Place This Season Realistic ??

    We are 5th and have it to lose. Our next 3 games will indicate if we have a realistic chance for 5th against the other 2 or 3 clubs who are also feeling 5th is possible. 4th place is a different matter. We don't just need Utd to continue losing, which with their squad is far from a certainty, but we also need Leicester, and West Ham to falter and to stay below us, and we have them to play. We have got back to winning ways, but we have to maintain it against the top clubs considered our rivals. For me, it is just great we find ourselves in the position where we are still in the hunt for 4th and 5th after those 3 losses where we conceded 9 goals. It is so nice feeling confidence oozing back into my veins. COYS
  6. Jamesinashby

    Come on PSG come on Poch

    Please, please let it be that PSG finish the season top of the league. COYS
  7. Jamesinashby

    OGS Looking Increasingly Vulnerable At Man Utd

    Bringing in Sancho and Ronaldo and then the team collapsing like it has, I think it may have signed his death warrant. The only hope I can see for him is that currently, there are no suitable replacements in the wings to replace him. It seems odd these bad games have cropped up, and there may be time for the team to put things right. Perhaps just a glimmer of hope for him to cling on to? COYS
  8. Jamesinashby

    ECL Vitesse Vs SPURS Thursday 21st Oct 16.30pm

    Pre-match this season is a guessing game so I will just hope that we play well and get a result. I can't remember who, but someone on here put it would be great if THFC were the first team to win this Cup, and I have now come around to agreeing. If we are to win a cup, let it be this one. None of the teams are the best in Europe so, presumably, not necessarily better than us. That tells me we are in with a chance. In the 2 domestic Cups, we could get one of the top 4 or Leicester or West Ham away. If that happens, theoretically, they may just prove to be the tougher. COYS
  9. Jamesinashby

    PL Newcastle Vs SPURS Sun Oct 17th 16:30 KO

    I reckon Bruce got his tactics all wrong. If he bothered to look at some of the Spurs games when we struggled to score, it was we were quickly pressed and closed down as soon as a player received the the ball. Newcastle gave us yards of room and plenty of time to think. After their opening flurry and early goal, they changed to a more defensive style. We managed to take advantage but probably missed a chance to improve our GD. Yes, we won comfortably, but it was as much how Newcastle gave us the room to play rather than we forced them into it imo. I will happily take the the win and not look for negatives, but I refrain from leaping to conclusions that it indicated we showed we can play like we did when we take on West Ham next Sunday. COYS
  10. Jamesinashby

    PL Newcastle Vs SPURS Sun Oct 17th 16:30 KO

    In the 40s and 50s, there was only a tiny fraction of what is available today. It was easy to live a frugal life in those days. In this modern era, especially in European and North American countries, the standard of living has reached such a fantastic level for the ordinary working man, it has made people selfish and constantly demanding to retain what they have and still asking for more. Right across the board in these countries, far too many ignore the rules and what is best for the majority. Unfortunately, we can't stop it nor change it so we have to live with it. COYS
  11. Jamesinashby

    Man Utd Fly 100 miles To Leicester

    With all the European competitions, with this year a 3rd one added, plus all the internationals, I think it safe to say that those who organise these games don't give a toss about saving the planet. The fans that that fly to the matches can be said equally be guilty. We all want it, but hoping to implement ways to ensure it happens are pissing in to the wind. Stopping using coal in industry and fuel for vehicles and planes would pitch the world into economic turmoil. Luckily for me, at my age, I will be looking down and watching from afar. COYS
  12. Jamesinashby

    Premier League Salary Quiz To Try

    Not being a masochist, I think I will avoid the pain of visiting this site showing me to be a bit of a dumbo. COYS
  13. Jamesinashby

    PL Newcastle Vs SPURS Sun Oct 17th 16:30 KO

    Whilst many of the players in this squad are half decent with a handful being very good, the depth is somewhat lacking for the EPL. We need some luck in avoiding injuries and players getting Covid to our important players as their cover bench players have not been stepping up to the mark. The other problem in too many games this season is, for some, is their attitude on the pitch, when they fail to show the energy and fight which is essential. I think this game will reveal whether we have started to regain our mojo after the Villa game, as Newcastle are likely to be up for it. COYS
  14. Jamesinashby

    Premier League Salary Quiz To Try

    I didn't check, but probably got it wrong as I put Son & Kane - the obvious choice to me. I thought it could be a trap, but couldn't decide which of the other 3 seemed likely! COYS
  15. Jamesinashby

    Premier League Salary Quiz To Try

    9/20 - 45% All were guesses so almost getting 50% with a 1 in 4 chance shows my luck was in. COYS