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  1. Jamesinashby


    Hopefully they will all be fined the new £800 fine. You have put a thought into my head. It would be good if the parents of under age children were deemed responsible and fined for not keeping control of their kids. Also to punishing the miscreant children by making them follow the isolation rules for 2 weeks with their mobile/tablet taken off them for the duration. Of course it will never happen. It is more likely the kids will be sent for counselling when the need for behaviour good will be explained to them, as 'educating' them will be deemed as the appropriate answer. The kids will leave laughing while holding 1 or 2 fingers in the air and planning their next rave. Thankfully, most of school age are being brought up to be more respectful, it is this minority which young people all tarred with the same brush. COYS
  2. Jamesinashby


    With my unfortunate situation in being deprived of having kids and grandkids, I am very vulnerable when it comes to using the Internet. I have no young technological savvy family to help me. This forum has been useful to me and helped me out many times with basic problems. That is why I got rid of Facebook and have never joined Twitter or use these social media apps. I am happy in my archaic approach to modern living and will continue to ignore all attempts to drag me kicking and screaming into this modern way of living. I just wish someone could sort out the forum problems. COYS
  3. Jamesinashby


    I am a dinosaur when it comes to modern technology. Although I am very limited as to what I can use, the Internet makes it easy to set things up. Anything can be set up and passed to 400+ people in minutes. Kids today are very cute at deceiving their elders and have been gifted the way to do it using the Internet. I suspect that someone spotted people arriving and alerted the police of a possible illegal gathering. I also suspect there are many illegal gatherings that escape being caught. I know I always harp on about the 40s and 50s, but then there were strict rules regarding behaviour with severe punishments. Today the young are encouraged to believe they are adult enough to do their own thing. They know, by and large, they will get away with things and there is no fear element to stop them. I have learned over the years there is a lot of truth in the old adage, 'You can't put an old head on young shoulders'. However, as the young seem to have taken over and they pull the strings, it is something we law abiding folk have to put up with with no control over. This is modern day Britain. In 50+ years time, these young people who have no respect for the law will find out the hard way that the beliefs they held when young were rubbish, but we cannot turn back the years to put things right. COYS
  4. Jamesinashby

    Kings of white hart lane ,,,,,,

    4 years ago I had 6 lessons and played a couple of games. Having been a swimmer, track and cross country athlete, played cricket and hockey, 7 aside rugby, tennis, badminton and and tennis, I found the games boring. Playing 11 ends meant I only rolled 22 Woods, in some 2 hours so it was not for me. I enjoyed the actual rolling it trying to get the wood to where the skip wanted it. It was the standing around watching the others I found boring. Consequently, it was a sport I found too sedate and never took to it. COYS
  5. Jamesinashby

    issues getting on daily

    As you know, Asc, in both my stints a Moderator, I have encouraged and cajoled for more to join in. I used to to PM new members and regularly accused people of using the forum as a newspaper and cajoled them to post even occasionally. As the saying goes, 'You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. The sad part wth this hiccup to the forum, it is even losing those who only read as well as reducing the number of posts from the regular members. This very necessary strict lockdown isn't helping. We have regular posters having to spend time with homes schooling. It is going to be a long 2 or 3 months made more irksome by losing so much from this life saving forum. COYS
  6. Jamesinashby

    issues getting on daily

    I think you are right, Asc. I haven't bothered at time if I felt it was playing up. Also, with this heart problem bothering me I have had other things on my mind. Of course you can add to that only 5 or 6 seem to bother outside of match days when perhaps another half dozen join in. COYS
  7. Jamesinashby

    Kings of white hart lane ,,,,,,

    I have just had a phone back conversation with my Doctor regarding the report from the cardiologist's following my echocardiogram test. Not the best of news. It appears that the blood virus I had that gave me pneumonia plus having had Covid-19, there is as yet unknown problems, to my heart!! More CT scans are needed but I have no idea when that will happen. Starting today I have been put on 5 different prescriptions to slow my heart rate and to bring my blood pressure down. also I will have an inhaler for when the chest pains start. In February of last year I was a living legend. At 81 I was playing badminton and holding my own with the young lads in their 50s and 60s. In the gym on the lat m/c I was pulling down 65KGs and bench pressing 60KGs. On the exercise bike and rower I was doing high intensive interval training (HIIT) - 40 seconds at a moderate pace followed by 20 seconds flat out doing it for 10 minutes on each m/c. Thanks to a totally unexpected twist of fate, I am now an old man. Oh well! I can't say life is cruel as I have had a bloody good innings reaching 81 and being in the top 0.5% of people my age. Que Serra Serra - what will be will be. COYS
  8. Jamesinashby

    issues getting on daily

    I have just come on so I'll reply to this to see what happens. As you know I have been have a lot of problems for weeks now. COYS
  9. Jamesinashby

    Harry Confirms Jose's Instructions :

    When I was in the Army and moving up the ranks to the more senior ones, it became a responsibility to pass on all orders from those senior to you as those orders had come from you. There was no, 'so and so said we must do this'. When the top man, the Lt Col, says what has to be done even down to LCpl must give the order as though it was from him. Poor managers tend to say, 'so and so said to do it'. It is quite possible that JM is not solely behind the 'falling back and defending he lead tactics' and not just Harry saying it. However, it still begs the question, 'Why is JM not sorting it'? When things go wrong, the fans and media look for blame. That's human nature. But the crux of the matter is that we have thrown away 10 points from winning positions. In the Army the Lt Col was the one where the buck stopped and ultimately he/she would carry the blame. Being an Army man - especially as on officer - I took the blame for those I commanded. The buck stopped with me. I was the one that gave the orders and was responsible to see they were carried out. In football, when the performance of the team plummets, it is the manager who gets sacked. Even if it is mistakes by defenders giving away goals, those picked to create and score to goals failing to do so, injuries to important players, bad referee decisions etc, That is how management has always worked and always will. If JM achieves all we crave for then the plaudits, quite rightly, will pour in. If he doesn't, regardless of why, he will be criticised and lose his job. During his time in charge when the team wins he'll get as much credit as the players. When the team under performs, his shoulders have to be broad enough to at least share the blame. Just a military way of looking at things when it comes to management. For me there is a real skill in managing people and getting the best out of them. There are those on here who think he is pretty good at it and those who think there are areas in which he isn't. We will only know some time in the future, ultimately, how he is viewed, and that will depend on what happens on the pitch. COYS
  10. Jamesinashby

    Kings of white hart lane ,,,,,,

    I tried removing the forum app and reloading it. It has made the situation worse!!! Now when I click on the shortcut, it says I have 181 notifications!!! If I click on that rectangle with the X filling it, it just brings up a picture of it spinning around and that's it - it doesn't bring up the unread notifications. The page it opens at must be some 4 or more weeks old. It is even harder to move to get to the browse forums and the unread content. I can only get to a current page using a laborious method of clicking through the 3 little boxes on the top right hand corner. Even then it only brings me to the up to date notifications. if I click on an old one of these, it gets me into that one thread which is often irrelevant!! I am sure I must be missing most of the posts that are being made and I have absolutely no idea how to solve my problem. Being rubbish with this technology it is unlikely I will be able to use the forum as I once did. My only hope is that the solution to put things right will be found. Until it is, I shall only look in once or twice a day and if things are not back to normal, unless I have stumbled on something that I can reply to, I am sorry to say that this important lifeline to me during this pandemic appears to have been snatched from me. COYS
  11. Jamesinashby

    Mourinho Caught On Video

    Your attachment has been removed in response to a report by the copyright owner. I haven't been able to actually listen to it. For me just another example that suggests the fault of dissent is not always attributable to the players attitude. Gareth has proved he has been right up there with the best. For that reason, no matter what the problem is with him not being given game time that may be pissing him off, that is no way to speak to him nor to any player imo. COYS
  12. Jamesinashby

    PL 20/21 Sheff Utd Vs SPURS Sunday Jan 17th 14:00

    Not only that, they had a big bit about the rivalry between the 2 clubs prior to the our match which I thought was wrong. How many Utd & Liverpool supporters would have been watching what should have been about us and Sheff U!!! COYS
  13. Jamesinashby

    PL 20/21 Sheff Utd Vs SPURS Sunday Jan 17th 14:00

    It's the old man again, M8. What does Lmfao mean.? COYS
  14. Jamesinashby

    PL 20/21 Sheff Utd Vs SPURS Sunday Jan 17th 14:00

    I am not saying who should have got it, but it seems it goes to a goal scorer more than a defender. COYS