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    OGS Looking Increasingly Vulnerable At Man Utd

    I like the guy, but with the purchases made in the summer and Liverpool being considered the 'Derby' game, I think his only life line is to win several EPL games on the trot to remove the sword of Damoclese hanging over his head. It can't be ruled out, but does seem to be highly unlikely. As you say. it is a real headache for the Board with no replacement in the wings. A caretaker manager rarely if ever works, and Scholes may have been a brilliant player for the club, he isn't guaranteed to be a successful manager. They tried with Ole and it came very close, but that is beginning to look as that will fail. COYS
  2. Jamesinashby

    Is A Top Four Place This Season Realistic ??

    Sadly, he was another of those who said he was not interested. It's worrying to think that proven top quality players don't see Spurs as a big enough club to want to manage. COYS
  3. Jamesinashby

    The Joke Thread (Keep 'em Clean !)

    Or. What is the difference between Nuno and a Eunuch? There is no difference neither have the balls to take tough decisions.. Boom, Boom. COYS
  4. Jamesinashby

    Winter Transfer Window 2022 (Jan 1st-21st) OUTGOING

    A very good point. As these rules apply to all the clubs in each European country, it looks as if all the plaudits showered on Paraciti when he arrived may have been premature, as he should have kept an eye on this ruling. Add Harry to three, where is Paraciti going to get 4 half decent English players from. At this rate they will be 4 from the Academy who won't even be half decent bench players being so inexperienced. That puts us in an even worse situation than I thought we were in. Oh Well! At 82 I still have 18 years left as I intend to live until I am 100, so there is still time for me to see the success I have been yearning for for over 3 decades. COYS
  5. Jamesinashby

    Winter Transfer Window 2022 (Jan 1st-21st) INCOMING

    We all feel the same pain Spurfect. It is even worse as we are helpless to take the action we would like to see taken. But Nuno, DL and the players who are letting us down are not THFC. The clubs history and we the fans are the club. For some 3 decades now, the club has fallen well short, but we have kept following through thick and thin, and we always will. Clearly we are in a dire position with little hope on the horizon of getting back to being top 4 for some time. It is heart breaking, but we are Spurs supporters and for the club we will remain so. Keep posting as you know more about players in Europe than any of us and we need your knowledge to keep us in the picture. Cheer up mate. COYS
  6. Jamesinashby

    OGS Looking Increasingly Vulnerable At Man Utd

    It is a very difficult decision to take on sacking him too quickly with no top manager to replace him. Any care taker manager will be at least as big a risk as keeping him. If we beat them, I suppose there is a real chance he could go and that really would make a good article in the sports sections of Spurs being the final straw of a manager being sacked. COYS
  7. Jamesinashby

    Substitution Coaches Next ??

    I don't really follow the logic here. To me it smacks a bit like managing by committee. If the manager has specifically practised the tactics with the players on the practice ground, and has in mind what he wants them to do, when it isn't working, surely he takes the decision of when to change things and who to take off and put on. Sometimes he might ask one of his coaches for ideas, but no more than that. I don't accept it was obvious that someone coming straight of the bench to specifically to take a penalty would definitely miss. All good penalty takers have one saved at times because the goalie went the right way. Had he scored, they would have been greeted with what a wonderful decision. Too often hindsight is used as proof to back an opinion in my view. COYS
  8. Jamesinashby

    PL West Ham Vs SPURS Sunday 24th Oct 14.00 KO

    A good analogy which fits the situation. I think Nuno was only meant to be temporary unless he achieved outstanding results such as winning the Mickey Mouse European Cup and finishing 4th. My recollection of his tenure at Wolves are his sides were more attack minded. It is sad to me that he has become so defence minded. I can only think that our very unreliable defence has affected his confidence. When you think in the 1st 6 EPL games we struggled to score with a dodgy defence and a Harry Kane struggling, and with no real depth in the squad, he may well have been pushed into becoming so defence minded. I accept all you say, but I would add that this unrest in the dressing room has been around for many months and is not a simple task to sort. We have players like Dele and Winks as examples, who think they are better than they are and throwing their toys out of the pram when they are not picked. That doesn't help. For me, there are many different problems among this squad and not a lot of real top class talent. There are too many players unhappy for different reasons. We are not taking our chances and still making defensive mistakes giving away goals. When you look at the squads of the current top 3, and compare them to ours, there is a massive gap. Nuno has definitely not managed to find the best way to deal with all the problem. But he has a squad with some dysfunctional members and with a distinct lack of top talent. To be fair, very few EPL managers could have taken over this club in the state it was in and done significantly better. We were 5th before Sunday's loss and doing well in Europe, so he hasn't, as yet, been an utter disaster. He is just not playing the type of football that we Spurs supporters demand. I try not to make long term prophesies after single games, so I will wait until January the 1st before forming an opinion on on Nuno's tenure. Just me sitting on my fence. LOL COYS
  9. DL comes in for a lot of stick, and sometimes deservedly so. As far as Nuno is concerned, his tenure at Wolves strongly suggested he could be a more than reliable stand in coach. I think a very difficult problem that DL had, was that with Spurs having finished 7th, we were not exactly an attractive prospect for successful top managers - they are not necessarily interested in building a club, more wanting to keep winning trophies. I am not trying to stick up for him, but offering mitigating circumstances regarding Nuno - especially as results this season defy explanation. COYS
  10. Jamesinashby

    Our Next Captain ....

    This topic has been discussed on a few occasions in the 7 or 8 years I have been using this forum. The general response seemed to be strongly in favour of having a strong outfield player who would kick arse/encourage on the pitch for those players who were hiding or not getting stuck in or needing help. My preference is for a centre back or midfielder, but definitely not the goalkeeper. I like to see face to face giving encouragement or a bollacking. It also has to be a guy who plays every week and rarely, if ever, has a bad game. For me, that would rule out Dier as he is prone to gaffes. The same goes for most of our midfield players and defenders. Hojgberg would certainly be a contender in the respect he plays regularly and is fairly consistent. Whether he would actually get a grip/encourage players, which is the most important part of the job, I don't know. Too be honest, top notch captains are a rare commodity. I am not sure from what I have seen in this squad that there is a stand out candidate. Kane constantly harasses the ref, but I haven't noticed him chivvying the players, but he may not stop with us. Son has done his military National Service, but whether he would chase the malingerers, I don't know I know very little about the personalities of the players, so I wouldn't know who to choose. COYS
  11. Jamesinashby

    PL West Ham Vs SPURS Sunday 24th Oct 14.00 KO

    To be honest, the approach to the game throughout the match left much to be desired. West Ham players were really up for it and ours just didn't show the same desire. It would appear to be something is wrong in the dressing room, and we can only guess at what that is. It baffles me, as there seems to be nothing jumping out that we can say specifically what is causing these dismal displays. COYS
  12. I am beginning to wonder if Fabio is part of the problem. I am getting the impression he has too much to say and what he is saying is undermining Nuno. It may be leading to the players having little or no respect for their manager. Something is wrong and it is too simplistic to pile the blame on Nuno's shoulders all the time. Some weeks ago I read of discontent on the bench with Fabio's men screaming out from the sidelines. Perhaps one or even both need to go - after all, the manager should be left free to do his job without interference from the DoF. Just a thought. What do others think? COYS
  13. Jamesinashby

    PL SPURS Vs Man Utd Sat 30th Oct 17.30 KO

    With Utd having slipped into the race between us, Leicester and West Ham for 4th place, we MUST win this one. If Nuno continues with the game plan he has started playing to, then that worries me. I would like to go for a win, but I'm discombobulated as to just how the team will play. I will be happy if we get a draw. I will be so disconsolate if we lose this game. COYS
  14. Jamesinashby

    PL West Ham Vs SPURS Sunday 24th Oct 14.00 KO

    Nuno was partly right. We were the best at aimless passing in our own half and clueless at getting through a disciplined defence leaving no space to exploit. I didn't bother to watch any of the post game interviews. This team is showing no real desire, and I think that has a lot to do with Nuno's defensive based approach. It was almost as though he was trying to come away with a draw with the hope we may just sneak a 1 - 0 win in the manner of those 1st 3 games. I never feel he is telling them to have go at them searching for a win. We have replaced JM with a like minded coach. COYS
  15. Jamesinashby

    PL West Ham Vs SPURS Sunday 24th Oct 14.00 KO

    For me, our tactics are all wrong. When we get the ball in our own half, we are static. We were rarely pressed but, apart from Skipp who starts moving forward looking for someone in front of him, all the rest just stand there. They pass sideways and eventually turn to face their own goal and pass backwards. In one instance I counted 11 passes that finished with Hugo who booted it upfield giving possession away because a West Ham player got to it. While all this was going on, the West Ham players strolled back to their defensive positions and not bothering to press our guys passing among themselves. We had 62% possession, but only 7 shots to their 13. All the clubs know we play that way and don't bother to press when we have position outside of their third of the pitch. They know we struggle to score with packed penalty areas and sit deep to negate our strength of through and over the top balls. Until we become adventurous, I can't see us becoming a real threat for a top 6 place. Forget the top 4, we have to be beating and getting above Leicester and West Ham this season. To day was a must win match, but we have lost and those 2 won. We have Utd next game - lose that, and if the other 2 win their games, and 7th place starts looming on the horizon. COYS
  16. Jamesinashby

    PL West Ham Vs SPURS Sunday 24th Oct 14.00 KO

    It's on a knife edge as both sides have created chances. Here's hoping We are the one to find the net. COYS
  17. Jamesinashby

    PL West Ham Vs SPURS Sunday 24th Oct 14.00 KO

    Sky were showing the pundits at Utd beyond the 1.30 start time only talking Utd, but has now switched to our match. COYS
  18. Jamesinashby

    PL West Ham Vs SPURS Sunday 24th Oct 14.00 KO

    The bench is unexciting, so here's hoping that 1st XI can pull it off. COYS
  19. Jamesinashby

    Don't Laugh At Arsenal

    If we win, I think that will be the impetus to put the drive and energy back into the squad. The team Nuno has been starting with lately is certainly good enough to take on West Ham but it will be a close thing. COYS
  20. Jamesinashby

    RIP Jimmy Greaves

    I think it wonderful all those great players from the past were invited - it shows how much he was respected and loved. He, for me, was the greatest of all the legends in the sport. RIP Jimmy COYS
  21. Jamesinashby

    Steve Bruce sacked

    Not that huge a salary in the EPL.Possibly a care taker manager with a not too big a pay off if sacked? Or, no top class proven manager prepared to take on a building job? I will be very interested to see how Newcastle's future goes. I still think available top managers would choose Spurs over Newcastle. COYS
  22. Jamesinashby

    Winter Transfer Window 2022 (Jan 1st-21st) OUTGOING

    I think that Fabio is already looking for homes for Winks and Dele along with Davies, but I wouldn't put Davies in the same class as the other two. He may not be up to the standard we need, but I don't seem him as a passenger as I do the other two. COYS
  23. Jamesinashby

    PL West Ham Vs SPURS Sunday 24th Oct 14.00 KO

    I am getting quite excited - a win puts us 4th and in the driving seat. I am defrosting the humble pie I keep in the fridge to eat tomorrow, and composing my letter of apology to Nuno. COYS
  24. Jamesinashby

    ECL Vitesse Vs SPURS Thursday 21st Oct 17.45pm

    Despite Lamela being injured a lot of his time, and his over zealous tackling, I think he was a real asset and won us matches. I was sad to see him go rather than a few of those we are stuck with now. COYS
  25. Jamesinashby

    PL West Ham Vs SPURS Sunday 24th Oct 14.00 KO

    Sadly, Alonso, I think you are right about Nuno's defence based tactics. We have the players to attack, but we don't allow them to do it. Sitting deep leaves the opposition so much time and space, they can stroll through to our third of the pitch. Even if we somehow can keep a clean sheet, we will reduce the number of breaks offering the opportunity to score while we are doing it. With our propensity to gift goals with defensive errors, and our dismal record of so few number of shots with very few on target, being defensive against a rampant West Ham, to me, does not seem to be a sensible idea. We should be pushing them back to defensive positions. I shall have to get my prayer mat out in the hope that it gives Nuno a sudden rush of blood to the head, and he shocks us all with a team selection picked to attack and he let's our forwards, wing backs and midfielder, cross the half way line into enemy territory. COYS