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    Great News For Everyone !!

    If you are struggling, mate - then imagine how difficult it is for me. I am too nervous to do the sort of things you describe above in case I totally bugger up the only way I know how to get in. Sometimes it takes me to unread posts I haven't seen before and sometimes to older posts that I have seen. When it works I continue posting. When it plays up I often give up. Since the so called 'it's back' claim which worked for a bit, it now plays up worse than before. It is very annoying for me at the moment as I am still getting things sorted with the surgery DR over the pills I have to take causing side effects. Also the hospital regarding waiting for this echo CT scan on my heart that should determine if the chest pains I get are heart related and if there is something that can be done about it. On days when I am suffering with fatigue and pain, it makes me quite tired and and fed up up and I can't be bothered to post. It would seem that things getting back to normal and the sort of life I had 13 months ago is not necessarily going to be July as It will. hopefully, be for the rest of the country. I may well still be struggling with the health problems which became more severe with the wretched Covid. It seems to be the long Covid variety and I have good days and bad days. I am coping well enough, but I can get grumpy as you may have noticed by my more negative attitude to Spurs effort on the pitch. If they think they have problems, they should try living with mine. COYS
  2. Jamesinashby

    PL Fulham Vs SPURS Thurs 4th March 18:00 K.O.

    Well, we did win thanks to a Fulham OG and a Fulham goal ruled out. That is all I have to say about the game. COYS
  3. Jamesinashby

    PL Fulham Vs SPURS Thurs 4th March 18:00 K.O.

    I have just looked in as it looked like Fulham had equalised and I was curious to what others were thinking about the game so far. Luckily it was ruled out. I am feeling very nervous as Fulham are playing very well. At this stage I will settle for a 1- 0 result. COYS
  4. Jamesinashby

    It's Not As Bad As It Looks....

    The reasons for optimism described as you have done come across as plausible if not quite realistic. I wouldn't go against them. I certainly hope our season, from the springboard of the last game, soars onwards and upwards, and eventually ends up with a finish that sees us in the CL with some silverware and the squad is bubbling with no one wanting to leave. That said, those reasons could also apply to some 7 other clubs. discarding City. If that is true, to put it in more simple terms, it means we have to win 4 or 5 games more than at least 5 of the chasing pack for a 4th place finish. Basically it still relies on at least 5 clubs to do worse than us. If that doesn't happen we have to win the EC. In the 6 years I have been using this forum, to steal your phrase, I have seen too many 'false dawns'. I would love to be more hopeful but no longer have the confidence to raise my hopes too high without evidence. By that, I mean the the sort of commitment and football we saw in the last game over 10 or a dozen games on the trot . I will continue to hope but with the codicil it is just as likely not to happen. That way the disappointment and hurt won't be as deep. COYS p
  5. Jamesinashby

    Possible New Keeper Lined Up ?

    As much as that? Wow! When I was rebuilt, I was known as the thrupence and three farthing man. And most people thought I had been over valued as I couldn't even snap a matchstick! I thought that as unkind as I was only 2 weeks old. COYS
  6. Jamesinashby

    Great News For Everyone !!

    In my case, I am absolutely back to the worst it was for me. Aggravating but copeable. Hopefully, it won't stop us all chatting through the game tonight. COYS
  7. Jamesinashby

    Do you think Jose will be sacked? If so, when?

    I agree with your reasoning. All I would add is that any half decent manager with the current squad should be able to play great attacking football and may well have had us in a better position to where JM has guided us. COYS
  8. Jamesinashby

    Possible New Keeper Lined Up ?

    Brilliant. Lee Majors - it is all coming back to me now. For me, these oldies are far better than the garbage churned out now with CGI making them ridiculously unbelievable. COYS
  9. Jamesinashby

    Is Bale Back Or Just Being Crafty ?

    It is a load of rubbish, if you ask me. JM would have to be on it to deliberately deny him game time. Not only that, it would be implying Gareth is a little shit not caring about Spurs. His first love is THFC even above Southampton who he also loves. He was badly treated at RM and responded as any of us would. That led to making enemies ow spreading unfavourable rumours about him. COYS
  10. Jamesinashby

    Possible New Keeper Lined Up ?

    We'll have to explain this to young Liam who probably has never seen this series. For Liam, This was a series where £6 million was spent on him to repair his smashed up body and he become fantastically strong like a superman. He was known as the £6 million dollar man. He went along doing fantastic things sorting out the ad guys. It is so long ago I have forgotten much of the detail of it. COYS
  11. Jamesinashby

    Heads Up On This Scam....

    Last week I watched Derby v Forest. There was very little shirt tugging, tackling from behind, nor much of the cheating and claiming fouls that we see in every game in the EPL. The trainers were hardly called on for players cheating by feigning they were hurt. It seems to be a Premier league sickness that needs addressing. COYS
  12. Jamesinashby

    Dr Seuss Gets Banned ...

    The Woke lot are ruining the country for the sake of a few. COYS
  13. Jamesinashby

    My Idea Of A Hero

    Your attitude to your circumstances proves just how much of a hero you are. You and your family has our deepest sympathy and it is probably harder for them knowing you have to look after them. However, it is great you have come up trumps for them and I really admire you for that. it beats anything I have done in my life. COYS
  14. Jamesinashby

    Great News For Everyone !!

    Me too The positive, if there is one, is at least we know Neil is on the case. COYS
  15. Jamesinashby


    After Jose got my letter, he unfriended me on Facebook. All I put was, 'ffs, look in your coaches manual and read the section on playing attacking football'. COYS
  16. Jamesinashby

    My Idea Of A Hero

    Have you noticed that there have been several of those with real disabilities in the news this pandemic for raising thousands and thousands of pounds for the NHS and charities? It seems to me that these unfortunate souls, either born with tragic disabilities or through accidents, never moan but face up to making the most of their lives. All those healthy people bemoaning their restrictions due to the pandemic should take a leaf out of their books and should toughen up. COYS
  17. Jamesinashby

    Police Make Arrests At Barcelona

    And about time too that Barcelona got their comeuppance. It will be interesting to see what, if any punishment is handed out to the club itself. COYS
  18. Jamesinashby

    Six Nations Rugby 2021

    It is a reasonable assumption and I think it could finish up a clean sweep for Wales. COYS
  19. Jamesinashby

    Europa League Full Draw Last 16

    I said is was a nonsense. Hopefully DL complained explaining about no fans, and the change back will happen. COYS
  20. Jamesinashby

    Great News For Everyone !!

    I think I have had enough trying to sort this for today. I shall give it a break and try again tomorrow. Many thanks for your patience. COYS
  21. Jamesinashby

    Great News For Everyone !!

    That has come up looking like yours. When I scroll down it shows in the week, you 61, Craig 41, me 40, Alonso 38 and Mr 8 as 29. Arethose figures up to date? COYS
  22. Jamesinashby

    Great News For Everyone !!

    I don't have to do that, when I press on the icon it opens up straight into the forum opening page. COYS
  23. Jamesinashby

    Great News For Everyone !!

    My phone looks nearly the same. It differs it says Forum News and not just Forum It also has an arrow icon with Home on it to the left of the 3 symbols in the top right. It appears I have old pages despite closing it and signing in again. COYS
  24. Jamesinashby

    Great News For Everyone !!

    My page shows 3 Horizontal lines, a magnifier symbol and the symbol to tap for unread posts. It doesn't show the it down the side as yours does. I have to scroll down the opening page to see that. COYS
  25. Jamesinashby

    The Dier Problem ....

    It's an enigma. At his best he is very good, that said, he too often is the one who blame is attached to with some of the goals conceded. He is not alone as the same can be said of Sanchez. We have been having a poor run and it makes me wonder if those 2 weren't so accident prone would we be sitting comfortably in 2nd or 3rd if they had been more like Van Dijk. The more I see posts on here about these 2 the more I think I may have been too harsh blaming JM. COYS