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  1. Bigsy29

    All Is Not Well

    I was referring to Ade, do you honestly think I would write a bit that long and in such depth and get such a basic fact wrong that most of our junior spurs club would know ha ha , cheers for the feedback though. ha ha I was using Ribery and Robben as an example of how our play is not up to scratch and standards, I must be more careful not to be using Bobby Smith as an example just in case you tell me he is dead. I don't know what happened there to be honest, total communication breakdown and sense of humour bypass i reckon. cheers and all the best coys !
  2. Bigsy29

    All Is Not Well

    Not having a go at Lamela , I do think he looks incredibly weak for the prem for a lad with so much reputation, but we will have to see how that one develops because I have a gut feeling it will end up with him going elsewhere in search of sunshine and a young smile back on his chops again, I am more frustrated at how as a club we don't seem to be catering to their needs, we could sign Robben and Ribery but if you set up with an approach of playing narrow and don't feed them the ball what is the point of it all. Chadli I agree 100% but how often is he played in behind full backs ? he is always given ball to feet and told to beat 3 men from a deep starting position.
  3. Bigsy29

    All Is Not Well

    Morning All. A pleasing result but that is where it ends, I can't help thinking that Vertonghen is playing half heartedly, his head appears gone, his attitude is not that of the Super Jan that joined us and he is now starting to get frustrated and looks like he is heading for the door if this tactical mystery continues, The question is what is going on behind closed doors ? Spurs have made numerous signings and whilst it was fair to say Eriksen proved us all right in being selected it was far from a top notch display, he is still drifting in from the left ? is this some kind of sick Arshavin Tactic that failed so miserably up the road ? In fact for me the only real shining light from last night was Fryers, I thought his arrow like distribution was superb, his positional play was outstanding and ok he gave the odd pass away but nothing like Dawson who continually chips the ball upfield for the opposing defenders or back tracking midfielders to gobble up, I cannot understand for the life of me why Soldado, Eriksen, Chadli, Capoue, Lamela, have not worked out, Soldado will come good I am convinced of that his link up play is superb and he is bang there where he needs to be, his luck will turn he needs to work through it and he is. But this lack of width is really concerning me, we have got to be coaching better than this, any fool can see that forwards need service and we just don't get around the back, jesus I even found myself agreeing with Tony Pulis last night, why oh why do we not get down the flanks and deliver quality ball ? it is all so narrow ! if Eriksen is slung out wide and allowed to roam then we are basically saying we have no danger down the left flank, Townsend cuts inside more often than not so how do you ever get that dream ball laid back to you as a forward to run in on ? the club has had width in it's play for our entire duration, sorry Tim Tim nice but dim but if you are going to come out "arms waving and punching" can we adapt our style of play to suit our players ? is it any wonder Chadli, Lamela, Soldado, look shit at the moment ? we don't play to their strengths, Is it any wonder Capoue, Eriksen and Paulinho are struggling for consistency, Dawson hammers it over their heads .. Sit down and have a proper look at where this is going wrong Tim for christ sake ! Mr Zeki Fryers tick a boo son , it is not easy drifting in and out of the team when so much chaos and pressure is going on around you and expectations are high but you handled it well, well done the former Gooner and Naughton well I still think my hose pipe idea is the best one yet ! COME ON YOU SPURS !!!! I have edited this a little bit because it looks like a stinging attack but it is merely meant to be stating and I am wrong to assume everyone sees it, that I wouldn't mind if we looked solid and nicked the odd goal, but it is alright oojanickabollokov running clean through as Dawson misjudges a flighted pass but Suarez or Sturridge, Eto or Hazard would kill us for it, Jan and Dawson were in seperate postcodes for their header, John Terry and Ivanovic will not need that type of invitation either, so yeah let us all be pleased we won but we must be realistic and look at what March and April means to the club and I am very concerned on last nights defending and lack of chances being created due to narrow play, not moaning I hope but just see it as being realistic !
  4. Bigsy29

    Our prayers are answered

    Perhaps it is a tad harsh but it seems to me we allow hundreds of people to wear a shirt that aint all that good and they seem to move on and do little, Stalteri, Ifil, Jackson, and perhaps the biggest one of all ended up playing with me at Barnet .. Peter Guthrie !!! come on let us please have a proper player in these roles to start with, some very fortunate people get to run out at the lane and they bloody well shouldn't , in 3 years time Danny Rose will be at a club like Watford and then disappear, you mark my words
  5. Bigsy29

    Our prayers are answered

    I lived in Norwich for 15 years and they hated him when he was there, so If you are asking me as a Spurs fan what I would do with him I would shove a hose pipe up his dirtbox march him to epping forest insert some barbed wire until it touches his kidneys and pull the hose out, have some of them apples you useless twat !
  6. Bigsy29

    going forward

    Install this man now !
  7. Bigsy29


    When Van Gaal comes in I would expect to see Wesley Sneijder in that midfield role, he is still only 29 and we should have signed him when we had the chance last season, if anyone can get him it will be Van Gaal. precisely why toss pot Sherwood needs to be slung in a skip somewhere, he is incapable of attracting anything decent other than Bentalebs Mum.
  8. Bigsy29

    Is Levy hiding ?

    Who hired Baldini ?
  9. Bigsy29

    Is Levy hiding ?

    Do you know what mate, I think Levy has a real problem with anyone being more popular than him I really do, I know it is a totally different era but can you imagine telling Brian Clough who he was signing ? I honestly do think we live in a time now where everyone wants a piece of the spotlight. Karren Brady is all over the media telling us how great she is, since when have senior members of the board done this ? Levy is like some sort of transfer messiah, it pains me to say it but I think a David Dein is the evidence of how to do that job and doesn't it show since he left them lot, hell even referees and ex referees want some of the spotlight these days.
  10. Bigsy29

    Is Levy hiding ?

    well 700k if we are going to be precise but I entirely take your point. ha ha
  11. Bigsy29

    Europa Cup: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs FC Dnipro

    Torn on this one because I am a firm believer that all this group nonsense is all about TV revenue anyway, the Champ League is no different, I see no point in anyone finishing outside of 1st place in the league, back to the old days please. Champ League - League winners only I am in the minority but I can't see what all the fuss is about making top 4, it is the players who have forced this ludicrous situation by insisting they play in it. Lets be honest I could enter the World Cliff Diving Championships but if I can't win is there any F*cking point ? F*ck chmp lge football.... win me a league title !!
  12. Bigsy29

    Van gaal

    Yep a lot of truth in that mate, look at last season the writing was on the wall, Gareth Bale could play until he is 100 and never hit them heights again, he was scoring 30 yarders in the final minute week in week out, now he is scoring at Madrid but not in such last minute dramatic fashion as then, anyone with half a brain knew we were a struggling outfit without him. the luck was with him and us that season, Let's hope we get a lucky manager in, but you know as well as I do that is not easy at Spurs because we boo and create if we don't play Brazilian style Football and moan when we concede silly goals doing it. Impossible !
  13. Bigsy29

    One footed wonders

    What a cracking point this one is, I entirely agree with players turning into trouble and shuffling across to the favoured foot, arguably the worst one I have seen was Wayne Bridge he would let the ball roll across his body in order to receive it from the keeper let alone turn inwards all the time, our very own Ekotto liked to come inside after feigning to go down the line, cor this point has touched a nerve with me, good god don't anyone start on corner kicks please or I will explode, quite how a man can be paid 100 grand a week and be incapable of doing the equivalent of chipping a ball into my back garden is beyond me. I could go on the piss all day, go home and put my wellies on and still take a corner better than anyone at the lane.. dear oh dear
  14. Bigsy29

    Players & Champions League

    I would have probably been hung a few years ago for suggesting this, but given the latest 'chant a former gooner like he is one of ours' I would hot foot it straight down to Seven Sisters rd and sign Vermaelen, he would link up alongside Vertonghen sweetly and be yet another Belgie at our club, I suspect half of his injury problems are down to accepting he is out of favour, I don't think you go from the best defender in the prem to an idiot that quickly. Vertonghen and him clearly understand each other and if we accept the fact that we have a muppet in charge at the moment a decent manager will recognise that our squad is bursting with players from the best nation In Europe.
  15. Bigsy29

    Is Levy hiding ?

    There is Football talk and Football talk, I find most fans just like to discuss team selections, moan about a few who have been rested and hope we win, in fact I reckon the vast majority wouldn't even know who our ref is on match day morning, so I feel this post is likely to get a response on a forum like this where Spurs is all that matters. I am going to boldly accuse Daniel Levy of hiding , yep hiding behind layers and layers of bubble wrap that he has installed around him, imagine managing Spurs in 2014, The Fans are putting increasing pressure on you to be successful, lets face it we have waited over 50 years whilst our main rivals have cleaned up domestically, and latterly the lot from SW have conquered Europe, The Manager at Spurs cannot possibly be in control of his players when Levy has a door down the hallway that is always wide open, can you imagine wanting to sign a player yet the bloke above you 'director of football' doesn't. Can you imagine having a fitness coach and sports scientist who wire the players up every Thursday to a Tablet/Ipad after training and tell you that 5 of your players are entering the danger zone and need to be rested. (was Eriksen one of these last weekend) Levy has created a nasty environment where nobody feels safe, The Director of Football must feel like he is a barrier purely there to deflect any fan pressure on Levy, it is always easier to blame the 'DOF' rather than himself when over 30,000 fans are chanting for you to fall on your sword,(like last season without one) the fitness team won't have Sherwood go against their expert opinions or they will run to Levy demanding to know why they are in existence if they are being ignored. The Director of Football himself has a direct route to Levy to stab the manager in the back as he sees fit, yet still feels insecure about his own position, Sherwood is unable to control, dictate and set any guidelines and barriers because the players can all knife him in the back by going to one of 2 people immediately above him, (I am convinced Vertonghen is already on this route) so this causes mini groups trying to derail others. The problem at this Football Club is Daniel Levy, we all know his hard line and no nonsense business brain has almost made him a cult figure in the game, but as fans we have added to the pain by using terms like 'you've been Levyd' can you imagine spending a week at work where you have been bullied left right and centre and have no outlet only to have the media, forums, local pubs and work places buzzing with the name Daniel Levy, Sorry but it is time Daniel went, yes he has an incredible business brain but he has caused confusion, chaos and insecurity right throughout our club and the added bonus you get with him is 90% of clubs in Europe detest the man and won't do business with him. perhaps it is a risk in losing a man like Levy but (and this bit hurts) if Arsene Wenger can control finances within his own squad and rebuild a team and the club a stadium and still stay above us, is Levy that good anyway ? Take away the layers Daniel and stop hiding or accept the next offer for our club !