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  1. aimanished

    Young talents

    Yess pritchard! Talented lad. Hopes he recovers quickly
  2. aimanished

    Young talents

    Considering townsend to be send away to newcastle on january, im sure poch would like a new young talent to challenge lamela for that right flank sooo im looking at 19 tear old prodigy leroy sane from shalke. Very good. Have that genius football mindset, loves to dribble and works hard for the ball. Would be nice to get him first before other clubs comes in sniffing around. Thoughts?
  3. aimanished

    Vill match review

    Available for derby match* hahaha sorry typos.
  4. aimanished

    Vill match review

    Wait son is for for the derby match?!?!?!?
  5. aimanished

    Vill match review

    Whats nld?
  6. aimanished

    Vill match review

    Walker was so damn good today. Dembele was fantastic. The rest of the team is great but dele alli looks tired but scored a nice goal though. Everyone's great except for LAMELA . He's getting back to his old ways in losing possesion. He's talented no doubt about that but he needs the guy that makes clever run, son to play by his side. But we all now loves dembele right? So where can we put lamela so that he can play with son to get that form of his? Lloris Back four Dier alli Eriksen dembele lamela Kane Surely we would put kane there. He's on form right now. Dembele deserves his place. Eriksen is a magician. But lamela? Either he's back to the europa league squad or he gotta buck up and get that form without son. Thoughts?
  7. aimanished


    Its CM..btw yeahhh i know but would really like to see kane playing CM. He would be dominating the park with hus crazy work ethnucs. Mason is good too but kinda prone to injuries requires alot of time to get back to his form.
  8. aimanished


    I know its very early to post this thread but its really going to be an excitibg match, both teams are in form except for our striker kane who is really out of it but its going to be an entertaining match. Considering they killed bayern 2-0 just now morning and we're going to emirates on 9 nov( 13th is my bday hahahaha kk sorry) THIS IS A MUST WATCH MATCH!!! spurs ourself have really improve our defence and midfield. Well they destroyed our stadium so... LETS DESTROY THEM!! im thinking of 3-2 spurs win with son scoring 1,alli 1 and maybe eriksen 1. Formation hopefully is Lloris Back4 Dier/dembele kane Eriksen alli lamela Son/njie #COYS
  9. aimanished

    Chadli Out

    But if he plays lw,where would eriksen play considering everyone is in full health condition? Lloris Back4 Dier/dembele kane Lamela/townsend alli eriksen Son/njie
  10. aimanished

    Applying manager's job

    Im just curious how people actually send their resume to apply for a manager's job. For example i saw someone on twitter ttook a pic of him getting a reject job from lfc to take over brendan rodger's job. And are they (someone from spurs headquarters or something) are even reading these threads?? Just curioussss.
  11. aimanished

    Positioning of players

    Yeah i didnt really like walker but he seems to be there whenever we need him so it should be alrite even though i personally love those through balls and crosses from trippier. Maybe trippier needs more time to settle in and be a better defender.. he kinda screw up during the qarabag match, made a rackle which resulted in a penalty(i think it was this match. Cant remember ) polish those skills and we'll see him on the starting 11
  12. aimanished

    Positioning of players

    that is actually ab interesting line up. Having alli and eriksen playin cam. 4141 seems really nice.
  13. aimanished

    Positioning of players

    I believe that kane would be better off playing an cm(mason's position.) He is similar to mason,always get into those dangerous positions, high work ethnic, very technical, can dribble better than masin and is better in terms of shooting compared to mason. Well we have to agree he isnt doing well up front but you woildnt want to waste a talent on a bench either so putting him on cm seems like the best option. In fact, whenever he plays, it looks like he was playing cm(honestly) yes iknow his role was the completeforward thing. His current situation is the same as rooney before soo i think its better for him to play cm for now until he gets his scoring boots back. For dembele, he's a good DM so that dier can be ratated with him every few matches. Hence this is my formation Lloris Walker toby vert rose/davies Dembele/dier kane Lamela/townsend alli eriksen Njie/son
  14. aimanished

    We need a new player!!

    Hmm fair enough. We are seen as a mediocre club in epl so having good epl players coming and playing for us like toby is rare.
  15. aimanished

    Dembele To Leave ??

    Dembele is a very talented man. At 28 years old is currently in his prime years so i reckon that we stick with him but if he still doesnt perform thn wanyama would gladly come over. Lamela too is performing quite well but worries is on kane. Maybe a formation of Lloris Back 4 Dier dembele Eriksen alli lamela Son Would be a decent team since mason is injury prone. BUT if he doesnt perform, this is our chance to get as much $$$ as possible. But i have faith in him. He's good in dribbling and holding the ball. He may not have pace but i dont see the need of having fast players in cm although it would be a nice and fast counter attack but its not really necessary. As for bentaleb i think he should go for a loan. I mean its better that he gets playing time other thn sitting on a bench. Plus wanyama is likely to be coming over soon. We only have about 2 events if im not wrong? Europa and fa cup i think? And prem league. Rotating dier and wanyama is nice. Same goes for mason and dembele.