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  1. Royce 71


    Stan was a prominent member of the forum and I enjoyed a few years agreeing, disagreeing and having a crack with him over that time. I would like to send my condolences to his family via one of you guys please. RIP Colin Stanmac.
  2. 2015-2016 Season. Leicester 1sst 81: Arsenal 2nd 71: Spurs 3rd 70: Man City 4th 66: Man Utd 5th 66: Liv 8th 60: Chelsea 10th 50 2016-2017 Season. Chelsea 1st 93: Spurs 2nd 86: Man City 3rd 78: Liverpool 4th 76: Arsenal 5th 75: Man Utd 6th 69: Two season Totals: Spurs 1st 156: Arsenal 2nd 146: Man City 3rd 144: Chelsea 4th 143: Liverpool 5th 136: Man Utd 6th 135: We were there lady's and gentlemen. Top of the shop and on our way! 2017-18 Season: Man City 1st 100: Man Utd 2nd 81: Spurs 3rd 77: Liverpool 4th 75: Chelsea 5th 70: Arsenal 6th 63: Three season Totals: City 1st 244: Spurs 2nd 233: Utd 3rd 216: Chelsea 4th 213: Liverpool 5th 211: Arsenal 6th 209: A 3 season average saw us second only to the wealthiest club, possibly in the world by only 11 points. A club with silverware and success. But more importantly we are 17 points clear of our nearest rivals. Previous premier league champions and multi cup winning team Man Utd.. 20 points clear of 2 x Premier league winners and again multi-trophy winning side Chelsea. 22 points ahead of the current premier league and champions league holders Liverpool!! What a platform! And what do Enic do? FUCK ALL!! For those of you who can understand and forgive this, I envy you! Because it tears me apart every week. I'm getting better, it use to be every day! Never will I.... Set foot inside The New Lane again! Line the pockets of Levy and Lewis! Nor make the effort to post on this or any other forum, Until Enic resign their interest in my beloved club! Keep Safe All. Royce 71
  3. Royce 71

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Manchester United

    Kane, Son, Dele, Bergwjin, Fernandes, Moura, Le Celso, N'Dombele, Lamela, Sessengnon, Young Clarke, even Sissoko. A fair bit of flair and attacking talent, with goals in them and we sit behind the ball and invite teams on!! Jose will stifle and burn these players out! Dogs and Peacocks! To simplify... The dogs play in their half of the pitch and the peacocks in theirs! Most of the above are Peacocks. We have plenty of Dogs (Dier, Skipp, Winks, Aurier, Davies, Foyth, Japhet, Sanchez and of course Toby and Verts) to do the chasing, harrying, snapping in the first two thirds of the pitch and sure a peacock can take on the form of a dog, just make sure when he does it's in the right third, his third of the pitch. Anything else is a contradiction! COYS! Ps: Anyone suggesting perhaps we should have Dr Dolittle as our next coach, I won't laugh!!
  4. Royce 71

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Manchester United

    Spot on James!
  5. Royce 71

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Manchester United

    Good Post James!
  6. Royce 71

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Manchester United

    Fair enough Neo, but I think we know what it's likely to look like, now, tomorrow and next season.
  7. Royce 71

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Manchester United

    Tactics, Smactics Neo! Did you enjoy watching it?
  8. Royce 71

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Manchester United

    Get use to this "stagnant" style of play ladies and gents under JM. Sitting back against any 2020 PL side is poor tactics, as these days even teams in the bottom 3 are physically fitter than a decade ago when JM and his style was at his pomp and potentially more effective. Teams/squads these days (including the likes of Norwich, Villa etc, still have the energy and drive to put in a shift to the 95th minute, meaning any team playing against us with a 1 nil deficit will always have a chance! We will finish 6th or 7th this season, so why not finish 7th or 8th and play with flair and have a go!! Sorry for sticking my nose in but this style of football under JM is why I removed my nose in the first place!
  9. There could not have been a more poignant period backing on to our run with Poch and our appointment of Jose to show me just how unimportant and self-gratifying football and those directly involved in it have become! Unfortunately I can no longer tolerate the fact that a large percentage of people (footballers/managers and owners) who are at best average at what they do are rewarded to live the life of kings. An we (supporters) are no more than their slaves/servants who work very hard to be able to support them! I will no longer be culpable in furnishing these frauds. My values and attitudes have changed dramatically for a few reasons. 1: I have been made aware of a number of these multi, multi millionaires flaunting their wealth and disregard towards this pandemic that has seen many lives taken. 2: The lack of empathy resulting in no action by a large number of players/chairman towards staff at there "beloved" club who have been furloughed or worse. 3: An returning to my very first point how people who are at best average at what they do continue to recieve rewards above and beyond their ability and significance which for me has now been exposed! Absolutely I am a hypocrite! I would have crawled over hot coals to have kept Poch at THFC, because in this self-obsessed industry for me he showed a glimmer of honour and respect for what goes on outside the club and it's affairs and he used that to build something and his efforts and demands were dismissed when he challenged the hierarchy, who then chose what they thought would be the quick (silverware) fix and increase the TV glamour and money revenue of the club. This past 4 months has shown overwhelming actions of selfless bravery, honour, respect and morality. Very little, if none has come from the football world. I'm done!
  10. Hello Gary,

    Hope all is well with you and yours!

    Apparently we will resume on the 17thof this month? For all of my previous negativity I can't help but begin to feel a vibe again for our beloved  club. I agree (sadly) with you that it seems our chance of becoming one of the elite has now passed us by with this ownership. But football is football and my un-denying love for our club will never wain as I previously suggested (due to "activities") it might. I will always have an opinion driven by my love and passion for THFC. Opinions I hope to share with likeminded supporters like yourself Gary. On that subject, I have looked in on the forum on several occasions and it gives me no pleasure to see and read what can only be described as a soulless "effort"!

    Keep Safe,


  11. Mate! I have not been as active on the forum as I once was so have only just become aware of your loss.

    You seem a very decent man and obviously you were a wonderful son. Your mother was lucky to have you there for her until the end.

    My condolences.

    Antony (aka Royce 71)

    1. Paxton


      Hi Antony,


      Thanks very much for your kind words. I don't know about a 'wonderful' son - a pretty decent one maybe? We got on very well and until quite recently she was up to speed on all things Spurs.after she had the stroke she never really recovered and it was a blessing in the end and she was a great age at 94.

      Like you I read the Forum but until Mourinho goes I want no part in participating into something that I feel betrays Spurs and what it stands for and means to me.

      Also I believe we are the only two on here who think the same way politically. Audere ( who used to be mjb on previous Forums) is clearly an intolerant man whose racism rises to the surface quite often and yet can be smart & humourous and loves the Forum.

      Asc3 I actually think is a bit mentally unhinged! In a quiet way. I've upset him in the past and he sulked and then came back to the Forum and has taken to posting pro Boris stuff and anti - Harry & Meghan stuff and it's like reading the Daily Mail.

      He is clearly  insecure and keeps referring to how his posts aren't being responded to and recently said 'he;s anxious' as to how his posts are going too be seen - this is a man in his 60's and ex military and he is a such a wimp.

      having said all that at least these people are posting and they have every right to say what they want unless it's offensive.

      It's noticable that although Hastings rarely comes on here - neo doesn't, stanmac doesn't and I don't and we're the 4 moderators!

      God knows when the season might resume - so you can win the Prediction game!

      I'm close to retiring from being a postman - any week now - currently off sick with an arthritic joint in my left foot  - which is okay but not if I try and do my job. And I want to play a fair bit of golf in my retirement so i have to look after the foot.

      Today was the end of doing all the practical stuff re: my Mum's bank & bills and applying for Probate & other stuff so that's a task over with.

      My wife only works Tues, Weds & Thurs as a Finance Manager but for the last few weeks this has been from home  - but we are rolling along okay.


      Anyway, keep well mate.


    2. Royce 71

      Royce 71

      Hello Gary!

      From commiserations to congratulations mate. Retiring!  I see I am 4 years (born 1961) behind you but I am lucky enough to be receiving a reasonable enough pension pay out next February that will allow me to semi-retire. 29 years punching a Taxi around the streets of London and I can't wait! Uber and over a decade of austerity has knocked the life out of my trade and the b***ocks out of me!

      Don't worry mate I am not your stereotypical, Daily Mail, Sun, Express reading (unlike Asc3, Agree) cabbie. When I do buy a paper it's always the Independent.

      A far as the Forum goes it's become a little "juvenile" for my taste. I have posted (Treading Water) a topic fairly recently, but it was once again to express my frustration and dislike for what has gone on with our beloved club these past months.

      Talking of having The ball's knocked out of you this is how I feel after what's gone on down at The New Lane. I arrived on this earth in February 1961 a significant year for us and with the surname of Nicholson and a older brother called Bill, I like to think I was born to be a Spurs supporter:) But it breaks my heart to tell you Gary in all my 52-53 years following (got seriously interested around 7-8) the club, with all what's going on (Corvid 19) at the moment, I have not only not missed watching us, I have not missed watching football full-stop!!

      Anyway my friend, I hope you and Mrs Paxton:) have a plan for when you retire, but what ever you decide I wish you all the best mate!

      Keep safe,


    3. Paxton


      Hello Antony,

      Thanks for your reply. I bet you can't wait for next Feb to come around!

      Yes, 'juvenile' is a good word for the Forum and a lot of the posts are knee jerk.

      I'll post a longer piece next week about how I feel about football and Spurs.

      I'm in West Norwood - whereabouts are you?


  12. Royce 71


    We are going nowhere fast! Asc3 suggested (slightly tongue in check) I had a hatred for Enic/Levy and JM. He might be right! I know I am like an old record but I cannot get over just how close we came to becoming an elite side only to return to the mediocre because what was more important to the owners was to please the share holders and balance the books. Glory, Glory Tottenham Hotspur? I think not!
  13. Royce 71


    Ego's! I like the "potential of N'Dombele a lot and like most talented players, especially those from abroad, they have and ego. The only problem with that is when they come across a manager (they have already crossed swords) who has a bigger ego, remember Pogba! For me this is a recipe for disaster but unfortunately this time the player will leave!
  14. Royce 71


    Best post of the season Taz:)
  15. Royce 71

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Wolverhampton Wanderers

    It's Roycey, not Boycey!! I know you now:)