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  1. Asc3


    I thought I seen a report that it was 400 plus....but how is it possible to have so many stupid people in one circle of family,friends or organisations. How was it possible to book it,administer it,supply it, arrive at it and even have prior knowledge of it. I cannot believe it was not common knowledge in the local area weeks before the event. What a perfect opportunity for the Police to have Convoys of vehicles parked around the corner to detain every individual, transport them to a pre arranged court, fine them and let them walk home. A great opportunity to send out a message to the minority of numpties in the UK that don't follow our rules and aren't even made to by our majority compliant society. A country that does not follow the rules will eventually have to face the music. We will end up like France who end up with fire on the streets most weekends because they won't face their problems. This post may sound extreme but nothing like Audere would have done to them. Lol.
  2. Asc3

    Kings of white hart lane ,,,,,,

    You play?? I thought it was a game for fit oldies who have a sharp analytical mind!!!
  3. Asc3

    issues getting on daily

    I must be lucky. Other than Topics not being updated on the Index page and therefore you can't see new Posting .My only inconvenience is having to click into each subject individually to then see if individual threads have any new posts and then click on them. The main frustration for me is repeating that process a number of times a day only to find no one has posted. Most individual threads have no new posts for days. As James said we still have a small core of regulars which is added to on match days. It's better than it was but disappointing that Posters don't post on a more regular basis.
  4. Asc3

    issues getting on daily

    I understand there have been problems for many weeks now. I don't think I would find it difficult to post on any thread on the forum even though there is no updated front pages to confirm a new post has been posted. Everyday I go through all 8 subject pages to see if there have been new posts. In the last week I have found very, very few. Maybe people just can't be bothered with it at the moment which is a shame seeing as it has been revitalised in recent months. The reason I asked if anyone was posting is I use most of my IPad knowledge up by switching it on and being able to use Capital letters so don't understand why the forum has come to a standstill. Maybe different individuals using different iPads/computers/phones have different problems. Oh well we will just have to wait and see.
  5. Asc3

    issues getting on daily

    Is anyone/ has anyone tried to post on this forum in recent hours???
  6. Asc3

    Danny Rose To Turkey ??

    Good Riddance. Another attitude slip sliding away to the waste of the end of his career....but he will squeeze a few bucks out of it until he returns to a Championship Club...if he can go bovvered!!
  7. Asc3

    Ozil Finally Leaves Arsenal .....

    I see Mo Salah is the latest to request No!!!! Demand a new contract. A lesser degree Danny Ings the same but at a lot lower level. Salah has started the decline from Top player and is now on the slippery slope and Ings represents the clubs that are always desperate for goals. Their form seems to diminish at the point that they believe all the status about themselves. Because of Covid Footballer values have dropped about 50 Per Cent. So should their current contracts. Either that or send Audere around to visit them with a sharp stick telling him they are die hard Chelsea's fans!!!!
  8. Asc3

    Harry Confirms Jose's Instructions :

    Yes!! Certainly my biggest validation yet! I have been on the Forum for Five and a half years and very often have found myself in the minority opinion side of the discussion. My personal reputation has suffered even though I have been aware that many times my opinions of today, dismissed by the majority then resurface at a later date when they have been proved right!!!! I didn't feel it necessary to crow at these times but I have found justifying Jose's appointment and subsequent decisions more difficult to convince members of this forum. Now that "One of our own" Mr Harry Kane has completely, totally validated my views it is probably time to stop crowing. It is not in my nature as many on the forum will know. Lol. And many Lols to all my friends.
  9. Asc3

    Harry Confirms Jose's Instructions :

    The Truth Shall Set You Free.....
  10. Asc3

    Harry Confirms Jose's Instructions :

    AHA!!! No longer do you need to listen to your Sage ...Asc3 who has been telling you individually and repeatedly that any bus parking or lack of momentum in the 2nd half of games was due to the players and not the direction or Orders of our still new World Class .Mr Hary Kane ( A top footballer at the Club) confirmed this and refuted all of the minor irritations that have been aimed at our World Class Manager as being baseless. Of course it still will not do because as Mr8ball's Dad says you can't put Brains into a Cocunuts and I don't expect the Jose haters will have the style to say they have been wrong but are very likely to come up with other mythical minor points on which they will not/cannot be moved. AHA!! Apologies if I crow just a little having spent so much time justifying my position for hours and hours to posters on this forum. Realistic and Right that sounds good. Now I am not sure if the forum is quiet for a day or two until all that "Humble Pie" is eaten and fully digested. Or the clamour to validate " Mine and my mate Harry's statement of fact causes the forum to go into overdrive. Lol. In case I hadn't mentioned it, Lol, once again it is wonderful to have ones previous disputed views validated. I will continue with my realistic pearls of wisdom in the coming days. Cmon Jose. Onwards and Upwards. Post...just a little over the Top???????
  11. Asc3

    Ozil Finally Leaves Arsenal .....

    Ozil's name immediately gets my blood boiling. With Adeboyer,Bale,Ozil , the twat that didn't play for Utd and no doubt others. Individuals blessed with skills that made them multi-millionaires at a young age. Over privileged lifestyles that made them arrogant and when offered exorbitant length of contract and weekly wage they obviously had to accept. The Clubs Bad!! I hope top clubs are learning the lesson. If I can accept the foolishness of the contract system I cannot accept that following a disputes they all stick to their rights and shaft their clubs, often when their clubs had supported them in the past and as the contracts would confirm hold them in a position of esteem. I accept the Club are totally at fault but these individuals disgust me with their actions and I can only wish on them a future that they deserve. Their actions may be lawful but are not morally right. The 5 year contract currently being utilised should in future assume some protection for the club.
  12. Asc3


    Can they take a lot of people from this forum with them????? Lol.
  13. Now I'm not a tactical genius but what I do know from watching ifootball for decades, the modern Manager makes Subsitutions in the last 10 minutes of a game " to see out the game". Additionally when winning 3-1 and having an easy game he would often decide he does not make Subsitutions at the 60 minute point. We could have scored more and It was a comfortable win. In 3rd place despite hiccups in the last few games. Onwards..and Upwards...
  14. I agree. Good job we have a world class manager to make the right team selection, tactics and player management to keep progressing up the premiership league table.