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  1. coleraine spurs

    Carabao Cup Final SPURS Vs Man City 25/4/21 16:00 K.O.

    after yesterdays shit show i look at son and i believe he has 5 games left for us,hes gone,he wasnt good at all,just looks like the fight has left him. we defended pretty well considering the last couple of months and the crap they were playing like,it was definately the front 3 that was the problem ,son uninterested,kane too slow and not fit and moura did try but is just too lightweight, there was just no desire in them, couldnt string 3 passes together,at this level its absurd. i know laporte should have walked but we dont get those bits of luck. i actually thought the more the game went on we ,with just a bit of quality we could have nicked it, instead what was ryan mason thinking bringing on that utter clown sissoko, hes non league at best, a complete waste of time, we were in a cup final and he brings on someone who is way out of his depth,past his sell by date for sure.i know some on here would disagree but that is 2 cup finals he has cost us because he is clueless,other managers see this idiot and poune on it. need a real good clearout and a reboot this summer and see where that takes us because we cannot carryon like this, its humiliating . when the stadium is back to full voice this team would need to buck up their ideas, when the paying fans are buying the hefty pricetag to go and watch this ,we will want better than that in return. win lose or draw we will follow.COYS.
  2. coleraine spurs

    20/21 PL: Wolverhampton Wanderers v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    i agree with you guys about winks, not near good enough for our first 11, but is sissoko, in my opinion no way,bergwin, not good enough either, lucas moura,not good enough. far too many of our 11 cannot pass and move into the space hence the stand stock still and just defend, too slow does not help matters, i think jose knows this, if we havent the talent to pass and move and break teams down with fast, really watchable football what is his only option- batten down the hatches and hope for the best. i think theres more on this forum who would agree we have far too many players on our books who are not producing and when that happens theres a break in the chain, why would son pass to sissoko when he knows im probably not getting a killer through ball, he will turn and pass it back to dier, then he will try his luck and its lost once again. demoralising. dead wood is dead wood,its not going to get any better, cmon jose open your eyes and take a good look. i think we are sitting stagnant and its worrying. sorry guys for ranting.
  3. coleraine spurs

    20/21 PL: Crystal Palace v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    we all agree that second half was absolutely ridiculous, when our talented players are quiet then what happens is the numptys try and play with the ball[sissoko and aurier and dier] why oh why do we sit back and sit back and sit back trying to protect a 1 nil lead, im flaggergasted, its crazy. palace sat deeper than what a bigger and more adventurous club would do and we hadnt a clue, as i said sonny and kane were quiet today and i still dont know what berquin brings to the squad,hes terrible. we unfortunately and sadly made palace look like a fantastic team in that second half, we play like that we will win a big fat zero. i hate moaning but we stupidly lost 2 points today...
  4. coleraine spurs

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Wolverhampton Wanderers

    in response to usspurs, I don't think wolves are a better team but I do think their attitude is far more positive, they really enjoy what they do for a living, our guys mope around with their head down like spoiled brats as if the world owes them something, they need to man up and get on with it. they need to realise that what they do for an hour and a half on any given weekend brings either joy and happiness or pissed off dejection to the Tottenham faithful. basically they need to give a fuck and consider the implications of what they do. Do that and weve a chance.
  5. coleraine spurs


    if any of us was paying a workforce for the good work they had done for an hour and a half and they did you proud, yeah ,happy to pay. who the fuck would in their right mind would pay those primadonna prats in a white shirt today. how in gods creation does that waste of time winks even get an England shirt,he is so so above his depth its unreal. we,as a team unfortunately are way way not even near good enough, the summertime needs a MASSIVE clearout and hit the reset button. im so pissed off after that, I deep in my soul hate those rentboy scumbags, =weekend fucked. was going to say COYS, but whats the point....
  6. coleraine spurs

    PL: Norwich City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    I do think we will/should win this, im like Royce, im am completely over the moon, doing cartwheels here that, that arm waving, finger pointing idiot sissoko is not on today. waste o fucking time in a white shirt, my opinion. ndombele im hoping will be fit enough to play, we will not win and dominate games playing with mediocre defensive midfielders, so we have got to use our strengths,we have damn decent players going forward so go forth and score goals. win games. if, and a big if, we play the correct forward minded team we should win this 4-1, at least. COYS.
  7. coleraine spurs

    PL: Manchester United v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    I agree the whole team was completely pathetic last night, absolutely clueless to what utd was throwing at us, they had more desire in every department. the pundits keep harping on about this Tottenham side being a great team,great players etc etc, well im sorry ,they most certainly are not. great squads win games comfortably, and if in trouble can adjust to get them back on track, gel together, cohesion,trust each other,and enjoy being successful. we have a few damn good players but we are carrying far too many useless pieces of crap, ill start with the obvious sissoko, every single game he fucks up somewhere, so what outweighs that-his amazing goalscoring ability-his sleek passing-his great mind to read the game, bullshit, he is absolute fucking rubbish, I do not know what it is he is supposed to be doing, what is his role, I just don't have a clue why, a club of this magnitude are giving him aurier winks dier and a few others contracts and wages. anyway,what do know, but do we expect to win any game playing winks and sissoko in the middle of the park, just not good enough. was harry even on last night, the distinct lack of interest is quite frankly unbelievable. I agree ndombele has got to start, he is far too good a footballer to shine the bench. why is sonny putting in shit performances, listen I don't know the answers but its breaking my heart at how inept and disinterested these guys can be in our beloved white shirt. im just ranting and raving and for that im sorry guys. on to the next one. COYS.
  8. coleraine spurs

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Bournemouth

    very good summary gary, I got over to the game and thought for the most part we did everything well. took the goals well,got into a commanding lead , think ndombele is an absolute class act, but, and theres a but, again just being picky ,kane should of laid of the SIMPLE pass when he tried a shot from an impossible angle , a couple of simple easy passes and 5 up would have meant no fightback. I saw a miracle happen when sissoko scored[ he nearly missed it] I listened to nearly 60000 sing his name in glory, im going to upset a lot of u guys and girls, I didn't sing his name,i didn't even clap him, it would have felt too hypocritical of me. I just have my own opinion so don't trample on me here, I just believe he costs us more goals than he scores[ok Saturday was 1-1] I just cannot pinpoint how he is an asset in a positive winning way,maybe I just don't get it, he is better suited to defending although most games he usually fucks something up, and by the way the champions league final has learned him nothing, he was still pointing and waving like a fucking basketball player on Saturday. and nobody has mentioned that saving tackle from jan, omg, I thought we had fucked it up, I looked to the skies, I was convinced but brilliant tackle but at 3-0 up we all know it should never have got that far. I noticed that gaz between the sticks does not perpetrate a lot of confidence, this needs to get better, defence obviously needs to improve but at least now we can all agree that this will happen under mr Mourinho. don't want to sound doomy and gloomy ,maybe im just looking for perfection but then deep down aren't we all . onwards and upwards COYS.
  9. coleraine spurs

    Poch sacked

    the change has happened sooner than I thought, I honestly thought poch did a damn good job of it all considering a lot of things,wembley,lack of funds , difficulties in getting rid of the dung in the team etc etc. the divorce although, was inevitable, whether it was poch or the team to blame I don't know and you know what,. I now really do not care. that book is now closed, thanks poch, farewell poch, if you mr pochetino want to drown in your own misery, fine, do it on your own but thankfully your not going to ruin our club with you. now, not so much new chapter, but a whole new book gets started as mr Mourinho takes the helm, our success I think will depend on siphoning any blue rent boy blood outa him [man u couldn't] hit the restart button ,make him believe this is by far the best football club in the world. because it is! I do hope and pray our season gets back on track and we can start getting back up that table, who knows but things have gotto change for the better. by the way when toby was informed last night after his international I could of swore I saw him trying his best to hid a grin. whats the betting on when we play Bayern away on 11th dec, poch wont be Bayern munich manager. should be a fun kinda night... anyway onwards and upwards New Book. COYS.
  10. coleraine spurs

    PL: Westham Pikeys v TottenhamHotspur

    hi folks, im just getting around to writing on here again,im on the laptop because for some reason I cannot write replies on my phone. anyway, first of I would like to say how damn good it is that gary jones has made a comeback, sometimes I wonder if it was only me that wanted to rip someones head off everytime we got stupidly beat by a supposedly mid table team[which obviously we are now]. I have played a lot of football in my younger days, its been in my blood coming outa the womb and I,like gary, just says it how it is. we differ a little in who to blame for this period of shit but we are venting our frustration generally in the same direction. this page is about who will win on Saturday- I hope we will but that's just hope and nothing else. if we could get our flow,cohesion and a bit of swagger back then this is the game to do it, I, like a helluva lot of u hate, and I do mean hate these pikey scumbags. this is perfect to get the season going on a more positive note. I know gary u put most of the blame on poch,fair enough, I do think hes too slow to change things when they need to be changed, but I put the blame on these so called stars of ours,slow pathetic morons most of them, a big blow is Eriksen not performing, he was our only supply chain that linked everything and now hes not bothered the rest of the lazy superstars haven't a fucking clue.. I know a lot of you like sissoko- I absolutely do not- he offers absolutely nothing of anything to that team, how can deli make runs in the other half when you see its sissoko attempting a pass- pointless. a 30 million pile of shit[ that wanted to play basketball in the champions league final and literally hand the bindippers the game] they all look far too slow and inept to play at this level, more aggression needed,more passion needed and if they don't want to play for Tottenham hotspur f.c, then I so wish they would fuck off and leave it to the loyal ones who want to play. I do also believe kane and son need a mane/salah fall out and make up session, because their individual greed is costing us big time, the simple pass is nearly always the better option. 3/5/1/1 gaz,foyth,sanchez,tangu,verts,rose,lo celso ndombele,sessingon,ali and kane. after all that all we can do is hope. myself and the oldest daughter is going over next weekend to the Bournemouth game, again hoping for a good display. COYS.
  11. coleraine spurs


    hi guys, I keep reading all these arguments for and against poch, I believe he is definitely not perfect but we are in a better place than we were 10 years ago,just my opinion and nothing to do with facts. yes we can blame the manager or/and the chairman, I don't, I blame the overpaid primadonnas we have as a squad, at some point over the last 2 years they started to believe they were all better than they actually are, and at that same period[we can point the finger at the bloodsucking agents] these same primadonnas fell in love with money more than they loved the game of football. when we get back to getting a team together that loves football once again, we will start to see the difference in a much positive manner. and by the way guys- just my opinion. I cant be at anymore than 3 or 4 games a season for obvious travel reasons but believe me I live and breathe spurs every waking minute of every day. its hard to be upbeat just now but a bit of togetherness for our one hotspur and onwards and upwards...COYS.
  12. coleraine spurs

    PL: Brighton & Hove Albion v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    losing to munich midweek was so so painful but I have to say this brighton fiasco was probably worse,if at all that's possible. I say this because simply after the midweek game everything needed to be ramped up to full capacity , passion, energy levels, desire to win, eradicate the shame, prove to the world that I can play professional football, and as this club has been so could to me I would go through a brick wall for it.... did we see any of that,certainly not. why. I believe they have all got far too comfortable, whether they win or lose ,try or not try, they still get sorted financially, no punishments, really they just look like a group who don't give a damn. I said it last year, we still have too many ok players, mid table players who collectively got lucky last season.[ and some wont like it but I do include sissoko]. most of them panic, where is the simple pass that we are so used to seeing, if they are that good the game should be second nature, why are we all so completely inept at scoring simple chances, are they living in fear? lloris is now out until the new year at least, ok hes injured, but it might be a blessing in disguise, has the wine sozzled his brain. the team seriously needs a young Graham Roberts, we aint got a Graham so whos dishing it out on the pitch, my vote is danny rose, responsibility might be the thing he needs and I don't believe hes to worried if he offends any of those pansies. lets face it ,the only way is up...COYS.
  13. coleraine spurs

    CL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Bayern Munich

    ive gone for a hard fought nerve jangling win.2-1. if we can perform as well as we know we can, speed and be clinical it should be fine, if not,struggles ahead. if lamella,deli and lucas would just use the simple pass things would be so much easier. common sense required=job done.COYS.
  14. coleraine spurs

    CC: Colchester v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    hi all,absolute shambles, I do not blame poch or levy, those overpaid useless primadonnas is solely to blame. the match although I did not see it must have been shocking to view, they all believe they are brilliant players, arrogant lazy overconfident bullshitters. even at the end when supposedly world class premier league players cannot even score fucking penalties kinda tells us all that they don't give a toss. don't know what it is but something is starting to stink and its feels like it will get worse before it gets better. everything is sooooo lethargic compared to every team we play, good slap around the ear might help but I doubt it. have they all fell out among themselves, no cohesion. im rambling because I don't know what else to do. bit like that team I suppose. please please coys.
  15. coleraine spurs

    CL Final: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Liverpool

    weve got to be so disciplined in this game, mane ,salah and firmino are all fakes when they get in the box, if you glane sideways at mane hes dropping, its laughable but not funny. keep their fullbacks in their own half and we reduce the threat. if sissoko stays in his own half and mops up in front of the defence ,perfect. then we go at them with no fear and get ripped into them, we come out as victorious. COYS.