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  1. He was about 9 and he looked like he was crying H there too.
  2. I think I jinxed them they have more now!!!!
  3. Have they got more players out there than us?
  4. I like Reggie but what does he do successfully?
  5. Ignore message above was trying emoji still can’t!!! Great to see 3 ex Spurs players in BT studio. COYS My son convinced me to buy tickets for Leeds match, grudgingly I did,( he’s my baby still at 33) now I’m really looking forward to going. Contes first home league game. :)
  6. SMD

    PL Newcastle Vs SPURS Sun Oct 17th 16:30 KO

    We were not committed enough in 2nd half to get more goals!! Why oh why!
  7. SMD

    PL Newcastle Vs SPURS Sun Oct 17th 16:30 KO

    Skippy brilliant
  8. SMD

    PL SPURS Vs Aston Villa Sun Oct 3rd 14.00 KO

    I was at the match and boy he looks worse watching him live. He strolls about adds a small jog and that’s it. Much better from them today good atmosphere at the ground. COYS
  9. SMD

    ECL SPURS Vs NS Mura Thurs Sep 30th 20.00 KO

    We have made hard work of this second half. I would have liked to see Scarlett stay on working with Sonny and Moura. To me Dele disappointing again. COYS especially on Sunday when I will be there v Villa!
  10. SMD

    ECL Rennes Vs SPURS Thurs Sep 16th 17.45 KO

    I would drop H into midfield to create, Sonny as striker.
  11. SMD

    ECL Rennes Vs SPURS Thurs Sep 16th 17.45 KO

    Need to just keep the ball getting a bit overrun in middle.
  12. SMD

    PL SPURS Vs Watford Sun Aug 29th 14:00 KO

    OMG if we WIN v Watford we will be 2 points clear! :):)
  13. SMD

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    Do not want Gattuso an awful person.