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  1. SMD

    Marine (WHO) V Tottenham Hotspur Sunday BBC1 17:00

    To be fair Gedson doing ok. Nice to see Dele creating from middle we miss that.
  2. SMD

    Marine (WHO) V Tottenham Hotspur Sunday BBC1 17:00

    Why Gedson?
  3. SMD

    Spurs v Brentford Semi Final

    Are we still in the dressing room?!
  4. Don’t know where to post this one. WBA 0 Leeds 5. WBA 0 Spurs 1
  5. Nothing gone right for Sonny tonight.
  6. Not Ndombele take Winks off
  7. SMD

    20/21 EFL: Stoke City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    COYS We need you step up Gareth :)
  8. I can’t believe wasting time v Brighton
  9. Is it me but do we look like the away team?!
  10. Too many long balls apart from Bale goal.
  11. Take Lamela and Ndombele off.
  12. I hope we win and play well as I’m paying to watch it! We must start with intensity in our game and take our chances, the slow extra pass does my head in! 3-0 :)
  13. SMD

    20/21 PL: Burnley v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    This is awful.
  14. SMD

    20/21 PL: West Ham United v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    We stopped attacking second half!!!!