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  1. SMD

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    Do not want Gattuso an awful person.
  2. SMD

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    I would rather have Benetiz than the others mentioned.
  3. Once again with other teams around having wobbles we go along with them and have ours! The season when we should have one the League we let Leicester in! I need a rest from my beloved Spurs although I have renewed my Membership!!! COYSX
  4. We are doing our best to encourage H and Sonny to leave!!
  5. I’m not one to say get rid of one of our own but we must sell Sanchez!
  6. We must NOT let H go
  7. Terrible defending
  8. Lo Celso hasn’t passed to his own team mates yet!
  9. Thank God for Moura
  10. Not impressed with Ndombele
  11. Lamela awful this half!
  12. Uninspiring match. Our body language is awful.
  13. Disgusting booking of Lamela!!
  14. How do we get first card?!!!!!!