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  1. Borodin

    Kings of white hart lane ,,,,,,

    The woods are biased and many believe that this means one side is heavier than the other but it's not true. They are actually 'egg' shaped if you can imagine that. So when you bowl across the green with the narrow side towards the centre of the green it goes virtually straight but if you wish to use the slope then you turn the bowl over so that you bowl it up the slope and it will curve back round. (known in the game as pegging a wood). You have two woods each and score a point each end for everyone of yours nearer the jack than your opponent, first to 21 wins and winner of each end gets to deliver the jack. The bias side of the wood is marked with a dot and the bowler of the jack normally shouts "thumb" or "finger" as he delivers it to indicate which part of his hand is touching the bias. The game's fascination is the variation in length you can bowl the jack, minimum of 19mts but no maximum. You will see someone battering their opponent by playing very small lengths and then suddenly the other guy will win an end and launch the jack from one corner to the other, a distance of over 60mts. So as a bowler you need to be versatile and able to bowl all lengths. Around the green is a ditch and if the jack is bowled into it then it is returned to the other player bowl and 'set the mark'. If woods fall into it then they are deemed out of play whereas in flat green if a wood touches the jack and ends up in the ditch it is 'chalked' and still considered in play. (Ludicrous to us crown green bowlers ) Same as everything else, practice makes perfect and you needed to know every lump and bump in your home green in order to maximise the advantage of playing there. I loved my time playing and have many great memories of my father and I bowling for the same team on a Saturday afternoon.
  2. Borodin

    Lots of 21's

    Tonight at 9.21pm saw the 21st minute of the 21st hour of the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century. WOW !!
  3. Borodin

    Burnley beat Liverpool...

    Incredible result and an end to a 68 match unbeaten home run....we are one point behind with a game in hand. COYS !!
  4. Borodin

    Kings of white hart lane ,,,,,,

    That's flat green and I totally agree. Crown green is completely different. Just two players with two woods each and the jack can travel anywhere across the green but it must go a minimum of 19 mts, no maximum. Game decided by first to score 21. Much, much more skillful and enjoyable.
  5. Borodin

    Eir Sports Gold

    Just watched Eir Sports episode of "Saint and Greavsie" during the start of the 1990 World Cup Italia. Interview with Bryan Robson saying how upbeat the England squad were and looking forward to playing Jack Charlton's Ireland in the group stage (1-1 draw). Little did they know of the penalty shoot out heartbreak that awaited them and Gacoignes famous tearful farewell. Greavsie talking about Scottish goalkeepers was hilarious and then the Scotland manager Andy Roxburgh responded by saying there was many a footballer who would "give their right arm" to be a Scottish goalkeeper Priceless..... Great memories....
  6. Borodin

    Kings of white hart lane ,,,,,,

    I played from when I was 14 but in North Wales it was crown green bowling and not flat green. This meant the highest point of the playing suface was in the centre and on some greens could be up to 9" higher than the edges. It was the one game I seemed naturally able to play and represented my county (Denbighshire). I was fortunate to become Under 25 Welsh Champion (many,many years ago). I stopped playing in my late forties simply because I could not devote the time required to play at the level I used to enjoy. Strange but it was the one sport I never had any enjoyment out of just 'playing'. I was fiercely competitive and friendlies held no interest. I've tried flat green and even indoor 'carpet bowling' (that was interesting), but always found the crown green version the most challenging.
  7. Borodin

    Amazon Import Duty 25% !!!!

    At my age I get tired just blowing the doll up . It was this actually https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07ZHMGG16/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I must have had the last one as they are no longer available.
  8. Borodin

    Amazon Import Duty 25% !!!!

    Few days ago I ordered an item from Amazon UK. They didn't ship to Ireland so I had to use Addresspal where they post to a UK address and they then forward it on to me. The item cost €120 (free delivery to UK address) and then it was €6.50 to have it sent on to me. I have just received an E-mail charging me another €30 import duty on the item (That's 25 % !!). What a complete rip off that is. I have discovered that because the Republic Of Ireland remains in the European Union I should have placed my order with Amazon.DE (Germany). That would have cost me €120 plus €14 delivery direct from supplier to my front door. Lesson learnt but remember it also applies to people in the UK ordering stuff from Europe. Just thought I'd post a heads up and try and save you all a few bob.
  9. Borodin

    Kings of white hart lane ,,,,,,

    I remember my dear old mum being told that she was terminally ill. The family gathered around her hospital bed and she looked at all of us and said "It is what it is and we deal with it accordingly". That is exactly what happened, she valued every moment from then on and no sad faces were permitted, even at the funeral no-one was allowed to wear black. Her attititude was one of acceptance rather than bitterness and it allowed her to cope much better I'm sure. As you quite rightly say James, you've been very, very lucky regarding your health. Now is the time to just take it all a bit easier and swap the exercise bike for a jigsaw and the badminton for a short leisurely walk. Let's hope the forum is soon back to normal and we can all post a bit more in here
  10. Borodin

    issues getting on daily

    I've posted a couple of threads recently but the response is indicative of the current problems with signing in and checking unread content. Something needs doing quickly...been like this for some time now. @Hastingsyid Any updates mate ????
  11. Borodin

    Eir Sports Gold

    Being a technophobe I was determined to install Eir Sports onto my firestick rather than have to mirror it from my mobile. It's taken me two hours but I've managed it. My reward is they are currently showing the 2008 Carling Cup final against Chelsea. What wonderful memories it brings back. Woodgate heading the extra time winner. Pure gold.....
  12. Borodin

    Danny Ings Rumour Persists

    It's a story that doesn't want to go away. https://www.eurosport.com/football/transfers/2020-2021/tottenham-transfer-news-exclusive-spurs-lining-up-summer-move-for-southampton-s-danny-ings_sto8074524/story.shtml Thoughts ??
  13. Borodin


    Totally agree it's disgusting to try and profit from something that still has the World on hold. To make a film about this now is beyond words.
  14. Borodin

    Danny Rose To Turkey ??

    http://sportwitness.co.uk/tottenham-danny-rose-trabzonspor-transfer-january/ Let's hope this is true and the lad decides to give it a try..best for everybody.
  15. Borodin

    Harry Confirms Jose's Instructions :

    Exactly, as I said before you can literally see the shutters start to come down as the game progresses. It's totally understandable but so dangerous. 1-0 after 10 minutes then just keep applying the pressure but as that becomes the 60th / 70th / 80th minute then the temptation to just cling on to your slender lead becomes more and more tempting. The major problem is when an equaliser is conceded and there is still time for another goal. The tempo of the game has changed dramatically and the opposition are positive and confident after drawing level, we are jaded and demoralised and at risk of letting in a second and not getting a single point. I will be bitterly disappointed if we lose this title because of 5 games in which we were leading but conceded equalising goals in the last ten minutes. (West Ham game still gives me nightmares). I can remember many years ago watching my hometown team Wrexham playing Crystal Palace at home. We needed just two points from our last two games to clinch promotion to the second division. It was 1-1 and we were surging forward looking for the winner and battering them. Suddenly we got the goal and it was 2-1 with about six minutes left. Immediately our manager was out of the dugout, waving his arms and shouting "Get back, get back". The team dug in and the attacks stopped. Palace produced wave after wave of attacks. Three minutes later they equalised and in injury time scored the winner. We lost 3-2. I was gutted and everyone blamed the manager. Strange how all these years later Mourinho was accused by the media and some fans of adopting similar tactics with Spurs.Huge thanks to Harry Kane coming out and accepting it was the responsibilty of the team for switching to a more defensive approach rather than them following direct instructions to do so from the manager. We need to put these things behind us now and launch a serious title bid. Liverpool look vulnerable and there for the taking at the moment. That would be a massive confidence boost for the squad. City looking dangerous now and Utd have really come good the last few games. Leicester cannot be dismissed either. The second half of this season will continue to have shock results but not so much with the likes of Man City who seem to be imposing themselves again. We have Liverpool next at home, then Brighton away, after that Chelsea and WBA at home before we face Man City on February 13th. We are capable of extracting 12 points from those four games leading up to the City one and anything less will only convince me more that we are simply a potential top four side. There really is a title up for grabs here with half a dozen clubs capable of winning it provided they display the consistency of performance needed. Let's make sure we are in there fighting. COME ON YOU SPURS !!