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  1. Borodin

    If Kane Asks To Leave This Summer......

    I think they'll give him another season. It was only January 2nd he was appointed. Neymar has announced he is staying but Mbappe is yet to commit. I think he may well leave in which case PSG could use Poch as the bait to sign Harry Kane to replace him. I am sure CL success or failure will determine the fate of some of their players but I think Poch is safe for 21/22 which will be his first full term in charge. Definitely be interesting to see who comes and goes in the transfer window.
  2. Borodin

    R.I.P. Prince Philip

    Therein lies Harry's problem. She obviously wears the trousers in the relationship and should he ever be invited back but without her then Meghan is certain to say "If I can't go then you don't either, make your choice me and the children or them". Whichever he decides one thing is certain, the marriage is doomed. There will be books, TV series, films and a fortune earned by the two of them, all at reputation of the Royal Family's expense
  3. Borodin

    R.I.P. Prince Philip

    Meghan apparently has stayed home for health reasons on the advice of her doctors. They told her "You go back there and they'll kill you"
  4. Borodin

    PSG Suffer Shock Defeat At Home ...

    Great game to watch too. It was a good overall result but once again PSG showed that vulnerability at home and scraped through on the away goals rule.
  5. Great, I know it's been a pain for you but thanks...if you can add the old ones to this lot that would be great ...can't give you a thumbs up but cheers.
  6. Top 10 world's most valuable football clubs Club Valuation Barcelona $4.76bn Real Madrid $4.75bn Bayern Munich $4.22bn Manchester United $4.2bn Liverpool $4.1bn Manchester City $4.0bn Chelsea $3.2bn Arsenal $2.8bn Paris St-Germain $2.5bn Tottenham $2.3bn Link : https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/56725539 Somebody ought to tell Daniel
  7. Hang on though mate...I cannot see the old ones now...(no thumbs up just a thumbs down)....These are all the ones I can see now
  8. Borodin

    Big Game Tonight...

    Chelsea entertain FC Porto tonight and have a 2-0 lead but I'll be watching the PSG vs Bayern Munich match. It should be a cracker with Poch's team holding a 3-2 advantage from the first leg. The Frenchmen have been a bit dodgy at home in the league and I'm sure the Germans will pile on the pressure. Mauricio really cannot afford to lose this one if he intends holding on to his job. Really looking forward to watching this.........
  9. Success... Don't ask me why but I deleted Firefox and re-installed it and then tried .... I strongly recommend to anyone experiencing emoji problems with Firefox that they google "How to refresh Firefox" then follow the instructions and see what happens.
  10. Totally agree but 'just go for it' and José Mourinho do NOT go together. We will be gung ho for the first 20 minutes and hopefully snatch a goal and then you just know exactly what will happen. The longer the game goes on the deeper and deeper back we go until they equalise and carry on to annihilate us. I know I'm a miserable pessimistic bastard writing this but all I can see is at least 1-3 defeat. I absolutely hate myself for having this negative stance and blame only one person for destroying any hope I had for this season, the manager.
  11. Checkout this link : https://streamable.com/hwinm6 Now I don't particularly like Keane but he does 'tell it like he sees it' and I am inclined to agree with his remarks. Yes we have had some great sides as Jamie Redknapp points out but we've had nothing to show for them. I've watched us play over the last 40 years and the 'softness' he refers to has been noticeable. The author of the article then writes : Given that Roy Keane and I have both been watching Spurs play for the same number of years, all I can tell those that are struggling with his claim that Spurs have been soft for forty years, that he’s right – well – nearly right. We had something about us in the 1980s. Those were amazing times to be a Tottenham fan. But even then, we weren’t title contenders. The FA Cups went down a treat, but when we won the UEFA Cup, it just about blew everyone’s mind. It shocked few when ‘normal service’ was resumed. I take a view that we had a great opportunity to become something special under Birkenshaw and Pochettino, but ENIC is no more interested in Spurs being a success on the green stuff than Irving Scholar was. Further, I’d d suggest some fans stop using any other metric other than trophies. As I’ve made the point before; professional sport only works one way. If that weren’t the case, golf courses would have no holes and racecourses wouldn’t have a finish line. Keane is right. Listen to him, and stop making ‘short’ excuses, like blaming this that or the other. Spurs’ malaise is bigger picture stuff and unless atypical elements such as Birkenshaw or Pochettino are occasionally thrown into the equation, there is no hope of meaningful change. Redknapp thinks winning is …err, not quite winning. Presumably, Jamie’s mind must also use phrases like almost a genius and, a little bit pregnant. Full link : https://theboyhotspur.com/listen-to-roy-keane-talking-about-spurs-and-listen-well/
  12. Time for the match thread to be opened. As supporters will now be allowed to attend, here are the official details for ticket application. https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/news/2021/april/carabao-cup-final-ticketing-details/ My thoughts at the moment on this game are that we will hopefully come away with a respectable defeat. It would take a change of astronomical proportions for Mourinho to lift the current squad morale and I just know he's going to 'tinker' with his team. Strange really when all he has to do is two simple things : 1) Pick your best players available 2) Play to their strengths Let's just hope player/manager relationships are put to one side and the squad allow their pride to motivate them in putting on a performance worthy of this magnificent club. My heart says "We can do this, if Harry can get a goal or two" but my head unfortunately brings me back down to earth. My prediction is Spurs 1 (Kane) Man City 3
  13. Borodin

    If Kane Asks To Leave This Summer......

    This is just a scenario that occured to me at 11.30pm and after a couple of large red wines. It's the end of the season, we've finished 8th and Daniel Levy is sitting in his office with his head in his hands and totally regretting his decision to appoint Mourinho. Maybe he regrets the sacking of Poch too. There's a knock on his door... it's Harry saying that next season he would like to leave and play for PSG and he would hope that Daniel would respect his wishes, especially after all he has done for the club. PSG then make a formal bid of £130m (proceeds from the as yet unannounced sale of Mbappe). Under those circumstances if I were Chairman I would shake Mr. Kane by the hand and sincerely wish him every possible success with his new club, then go and give José the boot...would you ??